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This Ramadan, Talk with compassion and leverage data on Facebook

With significant media budgets at play during Ramadan, and people spending more time on social media, measurement becomes vital to marketing success. With Facebook Measurement solutions like split testing, brand lift, and conversion lift studies, brands can drive success and measure their investments’ actual value.

Archana Roche, Facebook Measurement Lead, Httpool APAC: “Measuring what matters and focussing on the right metrics, rather than proxy metrics or tracking, will help ensure that the real business impact is assessed. Businesses often rely on metrics like shares, impressions, comments, and views to determine ROI, hence the term proxy metrics. For this year’s Ramadan celebration focus on what truly matters to your company. Start with aligning on business objectives and setting metrics and KPIs that are directly linked to your business, ranging from sales or conversions, to brand metrics, based on causality and incrementality. Planning will make all the difference to success this Ramadan. Before you launch your campaigns, make sure your house is in order. That means your pixel and SDK integrations are working correctly, you have built and updated your product catalogue, implanted offline conversions, developed a strategy for messenger, and established your presence there.”


Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to test and scale, learning what works, and refining marketing activation based on learnings. The 30-day period with at least two peaks of heightened shopping activity is a competitive time, and to measure the true value of your advertising savvy, marketers must complete rigorous testing. By comparing the outcomes of two different groups of people, those exposed to your strategy and those who are not, marketers are able to identify purchases as a direct result of the ad, in contrast to those who would have made the purchase ordinarily. Consumers directly influenced by the strategy are called incremental customers. This allows us to understand the direct impact Facebook has on marketing activity. With Facebook measurement, we measure this incremental impact. 

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