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It is the age of multiscreen and multitasking. Yet, executing integrated advertising campaigns across channels and devices poses significant challenges.

Httpool is committed to change that.


Reach your target audience across channels and devices!


Increase advertising revenues of your website or mobile application!

About us

Httpool is a cross channel ad network, with 18 offices across Europe and Asia. It offers the broadest range of ad products and solutions across multiple channels and devices.

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    Croatian National Tourist Board and Httpool effectively spoke to Americans and won a prestigious award

    Ljubljana, 9th November 2015 – At this year`s City Nation Place forum in London on 4th and 5th November Croatian National Tourist Board supported by Httpool were announced winners in the category "Best usage of social media". Campaign won among strong competition as example of effective practice in place brand strategy development. The campaign became mysterious star of advertising on the American Super Bowl spectacle.

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    Httpool partners with LinkedIn in 17 markets in Central Eastern Europe

    Httpool is pleased to announce exclusive sales partnership with LinkedIn in 17 Central East European countries including Russia, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Advertisers and media agencies are now able to engage with Httpool’s teams across these markets and start advertising on LInkedIn.

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