This Black Friday, neuroscience plays in favour of Spotify ads

This Black Friday, neuroscience plays in favour of Spotify ads

Spotify has created a space where businesses of any size can effectively promote their business using Spotify ads, your business will be able to reach your customers whilst they are listening to music or podcasts which they know and love!

Talk to your customers throughout the day

Spotify users who listen across multiple devices spend an average of 2.5 hours listening to their favourite music and/or podcasts everyday. 73% of US Spotify users engage with different types of audio depending on who they are with and what they are doing.

Think about it, there are many different times of the day when you might be clicking on your Spotify app… in the morning when getting ready, on your way to work, during a workout session at the gym, entertaining friends, the list goes on!

The best way to effectively engage with your audience is to create ads which are relevant to the audio they are streaming. 

For example if you’re looking to reach an audience of comedy lovers, you are able to reach listeners who listen to similar podcasts and target them with relevant messages. 

Create emotional connections through sound 

Neuro-Insight, a leading firm in the field of cognitive research, recently partnered with Spotify to study the effects which different sounds have on the brain. 

Their research four ways in which sound can impact the effectiveness of an advertisement:

Engagement: the relevance of the ad and how reliable the information is.

Emotional Intensity: the level of emotions your audience feels when engaging with the ad. 

Long term memory: feelings or memories brought on by the ad.

Long term memory for details: the specific details and messages associated with the ad. 

And so audio ads have that extra advantage to help your brand stand out from the crowd, by engaging and creating a deeper connection with your audience through triggering emotions and memories. This leads to higher engagement and therefore higher conversion rates. 

How cool is that?!