Podravka's campaign with Vegeta united mobile players across Croatia, raising EUR 74,000 for school kitchen renovations.

Established in 1934, Podravka has gained global recognition as one of Southeast Europe's largest food companies. With core values of consumer trust, passion, creativity, and excellence, Podravka aspires to deliver tasteful products infused with heartfelt care. Podravka is also famous for actively engaging in donation campaigns, striving to provide vital humanitarian aid to those in need. This time, their fundraising event centered around Vegeta, a blend of crushed vegetables and spices that enhance the taste of any dish!






Fundraised Amount

The Objective

The Objective

In a strategic move, Podravka launched a campaign in Croatia to raise funds for the "We Donate and Renovate School Kitchens" initiative. With the backing of Httpool by Aleph and Omnicom Media Group, Vegeta aimed to reach its target audience of Croatians aged 24-60+ through an innovative mobile advertising approach.

The Solution

Through precise targeting and user-initiated rewarding ads, the Digital Turbine solution ensured a smooth app experience, presenting users with captivating video content and interactive End Cards featuring clear calls to action that highlighted Podravka’s charity.

The Solution

By employing Digital Turbine, Httpool by Aleph effectively conveyed Podravka's fundraising message, targeting Croatians aged 24+ who enjoy mobile gaming. To achieve the objective of raising awareness about Podravka's commitment to donate €0.10 from each purchase of Vegeta to renovate school kitchens in Croatia, Httpool by Aleph and Omnicom Media Group utilized Digital Turbine's unique digital advertising technologies.

The focus was on engaging the target audience through the seamless integration of video ads using the innovative technology called Dynamic End Card.

The Results

The Results

The campaign was able to help fundraise a remarkable €74,000, allowing struggling schools across Croatia to provide nutritious meals for children. Alongside other impressive media results, the campaign generated over 312.000 impressions and 287.000 completed video views.

In addition, the campaign had an impressive video completion rate (VCR) of 92% and an audience engagement rate of 30% exceeding Digital Turbine’s benchmark tenfold! - showcasing clear audience interest in supporting Podravka's cause. This successful fusion of mobile advertising and fundraising efforts was awarded “Best Campaign of the Month (March 2023)” by Digital Turbine.

"In order to inform students, schools, and other customers about the campaign 'We donate and renovate school kitchens,' we used Digital Turbine as one of the channels. With the help of Httpool by using this approach, we successfully reached our target audience and attained exceptional outcomes. Since mobile gaming is increasingly important and in constant growth, the decision to include Digital Turbine in the media mix in this campaign was excellent. That is evident by the achieved results, and all exceeded KPIs."

Nikolina Pozder,Digital Communications Specialist, Podravka