Olymp Trade's South Asia Boost - Fueled by Aleph and 𝕏

Olymp Trade, a leading international broker, has been at the forefront of the financial trading industry since 2014, offering over 100 financial instruments. It has been recognised with prestigious awards from the KROUFR Awards, IAIR Awards, Show FX World, and others, proving its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Catering to traders across 130 countries, Olymp Trade faced the challenge of expanding its engaged user base in South Asia, amidst a digital landscape brimming with opportunities.


lower Cost Per First Deposit (FTD)


lower cost per Registration (CPR)


lower Cost Per Install (CPI)

The Objective

The Objective

The heart of the campaign was clear-cut: to escalate the wave of active users - individuals who would not only sign up but who would actively engage in trading on the Olymp Trade platform. The distinction here is important - the focus was on nurturing new, active traders, not just increasing the number of registrations.

The Solution

The Solution

Aleph Group stepped in to place Olymp Trade's strategy towards these goals through two targeted campaigns:

App Purchase Optimization (APO) Campaign: Aleph’s input refined the campaign’s focus, sharpening the metrics that mattered. By optimizing the app purchase pathway, we maintained robust KPIs and lowered the cost for First Time Deposits (FTD) - a key indicator of active user engagement.

Keywords Ads Objective Campaign: Aleph's strategic implementation of keyword-focused ads meant Olymp Trade's message reached potential traders right where their interests lay. This approach didn't just cast a wide net - it fished in the most promising waters, marrying intent with opportunity.

The Results

The Results

The campaign results directly reflected the set objectives:

Cost Efficiency: The Cost Per First Deposit (FTD) was cut by 50%, underscoring a more efficient conversion of new users to active traders.

Registration Optimization: There was a 3% decrease in the Cost per Registration (CPR), aligning the campaign costs with the strategic goal of fostering an active trading community.

Installation Success: A 17% reduction in the Cost Per Install (CPI) highlighted not just broader reach, but a smarter one - bringing in users more likely to engage.

In essence, for every dollar spent, Olymp Trade saw a greater return in user activity - the true measure of the campaign's triumph.

Olymp Trade's collaboration with Aleph was a game-changer, propelling our performance metrics beyond expectations. Aleph's expertise in 𝕏 platform's innovative features was instrumental in harnessing the power of digital marketing to achieve our goals with remarkable efficiency.

Olymp Trade representative