Nestlé delivers awareness lift and lens engagement with Snapchat for the launch of ‘CINI MINIS Churros’ in Austria

As a global brand, Nestlé aims to have a positive change in business sustainability and the environment. But maintaining the top market position requires constant engagement and communication with an ever-changing audience. That is why Nestlé and their agency, UM Panmedia, partnered with Httpool by Aleph to bring the finest brand-building and product awareness strategies for social media.


Ad Awareness Lift


Product Awareness Lift

22 sec

of Lens Average Playtime

The Objective

The Objective

For the launch of their new CINI MINIS® Churros Breakfast Cereals, Nestlé aimed to build awareness and brand engagement among the hard-to-reach audience of Under-30 target audience in Austria. Nestlé wanted a fresh, creative approach in an immersive and innovative media environment, and used Snapchat to target Lenses and Videos to Snapchat’s unique, engaged Austrian audience.

The Solution

Nestlé’s agency partnered with Httpool by Aleph – Snapchat’s sales partner for Austria – to develop a custom lens and adapt video content for Snapchat’s vertical video environment. The campaign included four creative formats – Commercials, Lenses, Snap Ads, and Story Ads – to deliver maximum reach and impact among the under 30 age group for the launch. The Lens prompted Snapchatters to open their mouths to ‘Eat it your way,’ followed by one of 5 random prompts that suggest the best accompaniment to their CINI MINIS Churros breakfast. Snapchatters in the Discover tab would also see Commercials and Story Ads, aligned with the Lenses’ creative messaging, boosting reach and awareness for the new product.

The Results

The campaign reached nearly 1 million Austrian Snapchatters and drove ad awareness and product awareness lift across all formats, age groups, and genders. Overall ad awareness lift for the campaign was +34, and product awareness lift was +12. In addition, Snapchatters played with the Lens for an average of 22 seconds each, and 73% of Snapchatters who were shown a Commercial viewed the 6 second video to completion.

“Snapchat provides us with opportunities to reach and engage with Austrian consumers across multiple formats in creative ways. We are very pleased with the significant uplifts in ad awareness and product awareness and proud of the phenomenal results of our strong Snapchat campaign for CINI MINIS Churros.”

Filip Svensson, Business Development Manager,Nestlé