Kabobs Premium Kebab drives awareness with the help of AI and Httpool by Aleph

Kabobs Premium Kebab is a food-chain restaurant company established in Bandung, Indonesia. Launched in 2016, the brand has been evolving ever since and has now expanded to 88 locations all around the city. Kabobs’ main goal was to broaden their market presence by building brand awareness and funneling the target audience’s interests. To that end, partnering with Httpool by Aleph, which represents the leading digital media platform in APAC and is present in more than 130+ markets, was an easy choice.


increased CTR


lower CPC


decreased cost-per-visit

The Objective

The Objective

The main objective of the combined effort was to improve brand awareness and increase the number of customers, by targeting young adults, students, and people who frequently dine out. The campaign’s goal was to drive awareness and expand the company’s customer base. This took place over seven months in Java, the region where Kabobs has been focusing its actions.

The Solution

Criteo is one of the leading online commerce platforms and combines high-quality content with regional targeting. By collaborating with Criteo, Httpool by Aleph utilized their solution, to achieve the precise results Kabobs was looking for: evoking engagement among the target audience. Visually pleasing and engaging, the campaign helped to build enthusiasm about the restaurants, while maintaining the brand’s top-of-mind awareness.

The Results

The Results

Our campaign increased the click-through rate of Kabobs’ website by 24% and achieved a 33% lower cost-per-click. As a result, even though effectiveness increased, costs were minimized. In addition, cost-per-visit also decreased by 16%. All in all, the results exceeded the client’s expectations which is why Kabobs has chosen to set its advertising efforts to ‘Always-On’ on Criteo, indicating confidence in the platform’s ability to provide satisfactory outcomes.

“For any marketing campaign, awareness would be our first key performance indicator. During our partnership with Criteo and Httpool by Aleph, we were shown promising new ways to increase the brand presence of our company in the market. The campaign we ran on Criteo has performed exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations,”

Emil Zam Harira, Founder,Kabobs