Httpool by Aleph helped a leading brewery test a new approach to driving brand awareness resulting in a 3.7pt increase in ad recall.

Lao Brewery Company is a premier beverage manufacturer and distributor. They provide an extensive range of high-quality beverage products tailored to meet the preferences and tastes of the Lao people. With a commitment to excellence, they strive to offer the best choice of beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as Somersby, a premium alcoholic drink. From refreshing beers to soft drinks and mineral water, the company ensures a wide array of options to satisfy different consumer demands. With their focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, the Lao Brewery Company stands as a trusted provider of beverages in the country, continuously striving to deliver exceptional products to meet the evolving needs of the Lao people.


lift in ad recall overall


lift in message association


lift in top-of-mind awareness

The Objective

The Objective

Lao Brewery Company wanted to increase brand awareness and engagement for Somersby, a premium alcoholic drink brand, recently launched in the Lao market earlier in 2022. They aimed to move away from the traditional “always on” practice and test new strategies through a brand lift study. Their objectives included achieving greater top-of-mind awareness and improving message association among a broader audience.

The Solution

Reaching a broad audience

The Solution

Lao Brewery Company collaborated closely with their agency, Digital Monkey, and Meta Authorized Sales Partner, Httpool, on Somersby’s “That’s Wonderful” campaign.

Httpool recommended a broad-audience, mobile-first creative strategy combined with automatic placements, which allowed the brand to reach more people and drive the “That’s Wonderful” message for maximum impact. A brand lift study was conducted to evaluate the strategy. The strategy’s advantages, such as increased reach, diverse audience engagement, mobile-first creativity, cost efficiency, brand awareness and recognition, and potential for growth and expansion, contributed to the campaign’s success.

Targeting played a crucial role in their success. Lao Brewery Company shifted from a narrow audience approach to a more inclusive strategy, targeting a broad audience to increase brand exposure. This allowed them to reach a wider demographic and generate greater awareness. By utilizing automatic placements, they optimized ad delivery and ensured their message reached the intended audience effectively.

Prior to the campaign launch, the Lao Brewery Company and Digital Monkey had worked closely with Httpool for the measurement study and creative guidance. The recommendations from Httpool were assessed and they adjusted their approach to refine their strategies and optimize for better outcomes.

The Results

The Results

A brand lift study — measuring campaign impact from October to November 2022 — found a positive influence on ad recall, top-of-mind awareness and message association. The results, which exceeded industry benchmarks, included:

  • 3.7pt lift in ad recall overall
  • 6.2pt lift in ad recall with female audiences and a 5.4pt lift with Gen Z
  • 1.3pt lift in message association
  • 2.2pt lift in top-of-mind awareness

Working with Httpool and utilizing ads on Meta technologies has been a game-changer for our Somersby brand in Laos. Their support and expertise enabled us to create a highly impactful campaign that surpassed our expectations. The brand lift study helped analyze campaign performance and is helpful in refining our strategies for future success. We look forward to a continued exceptional partnership with Httpool in driving our brand's growth with ads on Meta technologies.

Chansamone Phongchantha, Marketing DirectorLAO BREWERY CO., LTD