Twitter Marketing through the lens of Gen Z

Twitter Marketing through the lens of Gen Z

Generation Z is the next big demographic for consumer brands to attract, with an estimated $44 billion in purchasing power for those born in 1995 or later – a figure that will continue to climb as more and more are entering the workforce and attending college each year.

So, let’s take a look at the features of this generation of “digital natives.” Generation Z is more progressive and more culturally diverse than any generation we’ve seen before, and of course, is set to be the most educated. This generation also rejects labels, is radically inclusive, and spends time weighing all their options before purchasing.


The power of Twitter for Gen Z

Twitter reaches over 45% of people aged 16-24 globally, and 51% of these are daily users (Source: Global Web Index, Twitter Users, Global, Q1 2020 – Q4 2020. Data retrieved May 2021). But, why are they using the platform?

Twitter Marketing through the lens of Gen Z

We’ve compiled the latest research showing exactly what generation Z is looking for on Twitter, as well as how you can incorporate this data into your Twitter marketing plan.


Co-creation and engagement possibilities should be encouraged

According to a survey by AdReaction, Gen Z customers prefer businesses that allow them to take action, vote, or make a decision. Look for ways to create content and adverts encouraging interaction to boost engagement. Twitter Polls, discussions, contests, and promoting user feedback are all great ways to get people involved.

Consider collaborative product building

National Retail Federation survey revealed that 44% of Gen Z consumers stated they were eager to contribute to new business ideas. So reach out to your younger audiences when searching for new product ideas, customization pathways, or innovative twists on existing products.

Keep an eye on the frequency

According to AdReaction, Gen Z members are heavy social media users, visiting platforms multiple times a day. Keep an eye out for opportunities to attract their attention by monitoring busy periods throughout the day.

Continue the conversation

The National Retail Federation reported that 47% of Gen Z claimed that when communicating with companies on social media, they either didn’t get a response, were dissatisfied or were neutral about the responses. Here, the importance of punctuality cannot be overestimated. 

Create a Twitter customer service strategy, when your followers share your material, thank them. Be sure to respond to brand mentions, relevant hashtags, and product images by retweeting or quote tweeting. Make your company the one that replies and the one Gen Z customers remember for its excellent customer service.


Communicate product information and images

Social media influences 80% of Gen Z’s purchase decisions. Use this to your advantage, distributing and cross-promoting product videos and images via Twitter. Positive client comments and reviews should be highlighted and discounts and sales should be shared. Make it simple for people to locate you and become enthusiastic about your business through exciting launches on the platform.


Go Visual 

According to AdWeek, 44% of Gen Z customers look at product photographs, making them a very visual generation. Incorporate eye-catching pictures, videos, memes, and infographics into your strategy to give your Twitter presence a visual edge. Video is particularly effective; according to Forbes, Gen Z watches more than two hours of online video daily.

Utilise Influencer Marketing 

According to Deep Focus, 63% of Gen Z buyers prefer to see genuine people in advertisements. This audience connects deeply with influencers so look for opportunities to include real, relatable people in your material. Retweet influencer marketing content, highlight short videos from consumers, and give them a behind-the-scenes look into your company.