The World Cup 2022 has Officially Kicked off! Are you Ready to win With TikTok Ads?

The World Cup 2022 has Officially Kicked off! Are you Ready to win With TikTok Ads?

Whilst running the risk of being over presumptuous, would it be safe to assume that by now you would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard of TikTok?

Over the last five years especially, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms around the world.The platform offers its 1.5 billion monthly active users an energetic space, in which they can discover and connect with like minded communities. What may however surprise you, is that TikTok’s audience is known to heavily favor sports trends, achieving high viewership rates and exponential engagement, especially during football events. During the 2020 European Championship, 81% of users watched content tailored by brands. With such undeniable interests, advertisers have the opportunity to jump on an already moving train, feeding their audiences what they want, and building real connections with TikTokers.

This year markers have the perfect opportunity to tap into this buzzing audience and reap significant benefits to their branding campaigns, thanks to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Not to mention the sheer scale of reach that could be at your fingertips during this period, with the last World Cup connecting over 3.5 billion viewers. Audiences from around the globe will once again unite to support their national team, flocking to social media to express their opinions and engage in online activities regarding football. During the Euro 2020, over 79% reposted or re-shared football related content, and The World Cup is, needless to say, even bigger! So it is fair to assume engagements will be even greater.   

Although The World Cup lasts only 28 days, the memorable impact that brands have the potential to establish, remains for months to come. It is crucial to capitalize on these unique opportunities to build brand equity, increase recognition, and convert viewers to buyers. It is no mistake that branded products advertised in the heat of the World Cup sell better. Such an emotion provoking, highly anticipated event, can deliver unparalleled viewing rates, and when combined with the undeniable power of TikTok, your brand can rise to the top. 


Win Attention With Video Advertising Formats

TikTok’s enveloping short videos work exceptionally well for many advertising objectives. Whether brands aim to increase their product awareness or conversion rates during this World Cup, the format of a seconds-long commercial captures the viewer’s focus. 

In-feed ads are the most popular choice amongst advertisers’ on the platform. This feature is relatively affordable compared to other packages, yet it accomplishes campaign goals well enough to be a considerable force in driving purchase intent and funnelling new customers. Since in-feed ads have a similar structure to users generated content, viewers are more attentive and less inclined to immediately skip past. By the end of the video ad, brands can add a clickable call to action button leading to the product website, TikTok profile, or any other external link advertisers wish to implement. In-feed ads work similarly to Top Views ads – both aim to capture the viewer’s attention within the first encounter, but the difference lies in positioning and placement. 

Whereas in-feed ads display throughout the timeline, top view ads appear as the first video on For you feed. Such placement maximizes reachability and increases consumer recognition. To benefit from Top Views ads, brands must ensure creativity and fascinate viewers enough to lock down their focus. Such a method guarantees a wide range of impressions and engagement. With that being said, throughout the World Cup, it is essential to use different advertising styles and techniques to fully harness your campaigns potential. Undoubtedly, as you can imagine, traffic is already surging amongst fans looking for more football related content, thus positioning your brand in the middle of this conversion is sure to enrich the commercial potential of your campaign. 


Take Advantage of Branded Content Benefits With TikTok Ads

Hashtags play a crucial role in finding new enticing content on the platform. TikTok trends are known to climb to the top of people’s timeline interactive advertising formats, such as the Hashtag Challenge is sure to engage and enthral your audience. TikTok puts as much priority into consuming content as creating it. With this knowledge, brands can sponsor popular online events, such as challenges, to drive awareness, build a fanbase, and increase engagement. 

Another impactful advertising feature that marketers can use to benefit commercial efforts throughout the World Cup is a Top feed. TikTok’s feed displays up to 4 user-generated videos, after which, the branded advertisement will show. Advertisers can use the Top Feed feature to optimize targeting specific groups based on age, gender, location, and demographics. However, the most crucial attribute the Top Feed brings is the ability for brands to secure the specific stage and time at which their advertisement displays. With this method, you set yourself ahead of the competitors during the short opportunistic window of highly anticipated World Cup games. Such an advertising package leads to massive exposure to the already energized football audiences.

Top Feed gives marketers more control over their ads’ reachability and effectiveness. The ability to place your content at the peak of user activity fundamentally improves final campaign results. That is why Top Feed works best when combined with other advertising formats. Brands should not shy away from reaching into their corporate pockets and investing heavily in social media ads during the World Cup. After all, can you think of any other celebration that brings together billions of people across the globe with a single common passion? No, I didn’t think so.

Place Yourself at the Heart of the Conversations!

Initiating an advertising blend, combining at least 3 to 4 promotional formats, will help best position your brand to not only reach, but also entice viewers. What better place to do that than TikTok! The platform’s features help marketers to solve the challenges of over saturation in the advertising market, especially during events like World Cup, as the number of ads increases relative to the audience’s interests. Brands must look for unique methods to stand out. Branded hashtag challenges and top feeds may very well be the necessary solution that you’ve been searching.