Meta selects Httpool by Aleph as Authorized Sales Partner in Moldova

Meta selects Httpool by Aleph as Authorized Sales Partner in Moldova

Chisinau, February 8th - Httpool by Aleph and Meta have announced that the two companies will collaborate in Moldova under the Meta Authorized Sales Partner Program.

Meta Authorized Sales Partners are extensions of Meta's sales teams across the globe. They support advertisers and agencies to achieve their business goals by providing local assistance, strategic direction and expertise across the family of Meta products. A thorough selection and approval process ensure that Meta’s Authorized Sales Partners meet the highest level of business needs of advertisers and agencies.

Aleph, the holding company of Httpool, has been part of the ASP program since 2018 and supports not only the growth of Meta, but also the local advertising ecosystem, that is helping agencies, advertisers and SMBs to succeed in digital marketing. Aleph has a record of excellence in digital marketing and is active with local, dedicated teams in numerous regions around the world, including Africa, Central East Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  

Through Httpool by Aleph’s comprehensive understanding of Meta’s solutions, the company serves as a direct point of contact across all products, apps and services enabling advertisers to make the most of what Meta has to offer.

Moreover, with a local presence in Chisinau, Httpool by Aleph offers support in official and national languages, provides consulting services on both the strategic and optimization aspects of campaigns and enables billing in the country's domestic currency, Moldovan Leu. 

As an Authorized Sales Partner, Httpool by Aleph equips agencies and advertisers with in-market training opportunities and offers free access to programs including courses and a certification through Meta Blueprint, to help teams learn new and essential skills to maximize the value of their digital advertising investments.

“Moldova and the wider South European Region are an area of great potential and we are intensifying our efforts to support the people and businesses here,” said Bianca Vlaston, Meta Lead Balkans. “Httpool by Aleph has been part of Meta’s Authorized Sales Partner Programme since 2018. With our robust local market insights and expertise we can provide better support for business and agencies locally, helping them unlock their potential growth. Through Httpool’s presence in the market, Moldovan advertisers now have access to local currency billing”, added Vlaston.

"We are thrilled to bring in Httpool by Aleph as Meta's Authorized Sales Partner in Moldova and are confident this expansion will offer improved support for businesses and agencies locally, further supporting the mission of unlocking local growth," said Katarzyna Paliwoda, Director Emerging Markets CEE at Meta.

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About Httpool by Aleph

Httpool, is an Aleph Group company, representing leading digital media platforms in the Balkans and other over 50+ markets in Europe and Asia. 

A unique combination of access to the largest digital players, proprietary technology and expert know-how allows Httpool to support businesses and brands in maximizing their advertising efforts and drive business.

Press contact: Adam Bezeczky, Global PR Manager, Aleph

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Aleph is a leading global enabler of digital advertising connecting thousands of advertisers in emerging countries with the world’s leading digital platforms.

Aleph represents the world’s leading platforms in 90+ markets across the globe where they don’t have a physical presence, enabling platforms like Twitter, Meta, Snapchat, and nearly 35+ others to expand into new markets and enabling advertisers to take full advantage of the platforms’ advertising capabilities. Through these long-lasting partnerships, Aleph creates the opportunity for all people and businesses to advertise at a local and global level without limits.

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