Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

Calling all Halloween lovers! With October finally, here it’s time to start planning how you can boost your business this spooky season.

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

Halloween is a lot more than just a day for trick or treaters, in fact, many Snapchat users start engaging with Halloween content 6 weeks prior to October 31st. There is an awful lot of preparation involved in planning a successful spooky celebration, which therefore means there is a lot of shopping to be done prior to the day itself. 


Halloween shopper alert!

Make-up, decorations, costumes, and candies are just the basics needed to celebrate Halloween in style. Shoppers actually begin their Halloween shopping a few weeks before the big day which means it’s never too early to benefit from the build-up.

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

With 64% of Snapchatters planning on buying something new this year, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this mass shopping event. 

Snapchat users will be using their mobile to stock up on Halloween goodies this October as opposed to their desktop. An estimation of 67% of sales will come from mobiles in 2021. Use this information to your advantage and put substantial effort into creating a unique and engaging mobile strategy.

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

Celebration Cycle

Engagement and inspiration are a huge part of gaining new customers and reaching new audiences on Snapchat. The early adopters and super organized Halloween lovers plan their shopping early and start sharing their purchases on Snapchat with their friends and family, this is how to boost brand awareness and grasp the attention of potential new customers. 

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

Trendsetters are your friends!

Influencers and social media stars are not the only people who influence shopping patterns, in fact, people are also very inclined to be influenced by someone they know. 

36% of Snapchatters are influenced by social media influencers and 56% are influenced by family or friends. 


There are 23 million parents who are Snapchat users

These parents want to bring the Halloween spirit to their children this October. Parents and those aged 35+ are likely to share images and/ or videos of their children or pets dressed up, putting up decorations, or simply just engaging with Halloween activities and traditions. 

Now that we are able to socialize in person again, Snapchatters are 12x more likely to attend an in-person celebration as opposed to a virtual event. 

90% of Halloween engagement comes from those aged 13-24

These younger audiences are interested in trying out products via AR on Snapchat. Businesses that use AR are twice as likely to get visual attention compared to those businesses not using an AR strategy.  

230 million Snapchatters engage with AR on Snapchat on Halloween day

This staggering number means you will not want to miss out on engaging with an audience of this scale. Creating Halloween video content is also extremely beneficial, 70% of US Gen Z users engage with Halloween content on the discover page during the two-week build-up to the main event. 

Boo(st) your business this Halloween with Snapchat

To get involved this Halloween ensure you are creating engaging, fun, and unique content which will catch the user’s eye. Don’t skimp on your creativity and take advantage of this business opportunity!