Aleph and Reddit partner to service advertisers in emerging markets throughout Europe and Central Asia

Aleph and Reddit partner to service advertisers in emerging markets throughout Europe and Central Asia

Aleph Group, Inc, a leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging markets, today announced a global sales partnership with Reddit, further ensuring the success of advertising partners throughout Europe and Central Asia as the platform continues to scale internationally.

The partnership will grant all advertisers, across all industries in select European and Central Asian* markets, access to Reddit’s global advertising opportunities, and thus enabling advertisers to reach Reddit users in their local markets and beyond.

Reddit is home to more than 100,000 passionate and unique communities which cannot be found elsewhere online. The platform is a buzzing network of people, all actively seeking information through the most open and trusted conversations on the internet. These dynamic communities are devoted to a vast array of appetites and interests, from gaming to fashion, and entertainment to finance. This represents an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers seeking to engage with powerful audiences, able to influence the behaviors of others, drive decisions, and shape culture.

“Our partnership with Aleph will open Reddit’s door to advertisers in new and strategic regions, helping to meaningfully connect these partners with their target audiences, while delivering on our mission to bring community, belonging and empowerment to everyone in the world,” said Reddit EVP and President of Advertising and Sales, Harold Klaje. “We are excited to work with Aleph and leverage their impressive international network to reach even more advertisers globally and set them up for long term success on our platform.”

“Aleph’s mission is to elevate previously underserved markets and support communities who have had limited access to the global digital ecosystem. This aligns well with the active participation of Reddit users who visit the platform to exchange ideas, gain new insights, and grow their knowledge on chosen topics. With this new partnership, Reddit also shares our commitment to equalizing the digital advertising industry, creating the opportunity for all people, and all businesses to thrive,” comments Gaston Taratuta, CEO of Aleph.

* European markets include Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Slovakia, and Poland.
** Central Asian markets include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.