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“Every new heavier lift than last one, every new gymnastic movement, every finished workout with 1 sec better timing than before makes me proud as each of those took an unbelievable number of focused hours in the gym to accomplish dealing with failures and frustration .” – Sylwia Chada is saying, who is not only the managing Director of the polish Httpool but a professional CrossFit athlete and a coach. she started CrossFit 4 years ago to stay in good shape but her goals got more specific and started to train more as a pro- athlete. currently, she trains 3 hours per day, 6 times per week and participates in CrossFit competition across Europe, ranking 3rd fittest women in Poland in her age category. The secret of balance between work and sport starts from good time
organization, prioritization, and self-discipline according to Sylwia. Being CrossFit athlete helps her put the rest of the world in perspective. She believes sport can help you get ahead in your business life too: if you want to be the best in sport you need to be patient and prepared and knowing that everything worthwhile takes time, you need to be persistent – setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of the process but what is important that you are committed to chasing your goals. The key to persevering through hard times is to remain optimistic and never give up on trying again and again.

Thank you, sylwia sharing these inspiring thoughts and wishing you the best successes in both fields!

Watch the amazing video from sylwia’s weightlifting

“This is the most challenging moment in weightlifting – snatch. This one was done especially for Httpool under the supervision of my coach. I spend hours to nail this and there is still much work to do but there is always next day, next new chance. Like in business – just because you didn’t close the deal today, doesn’t mean you never will. When you lose game today, all you have left is next day. and there is a next day.” #nevergiveup