#Workingmom – Httpool family

Aggeliki Mamouni is the Sales Manager of the Greek Httpool Team. Please meet her and her story as a #Workingmom!

After starting to work with Httpool, Aggeliki feels like her motherhood is now seen as a natural part of every woman’s life. The job offers her the necessary flexibility to excel both in her professional as well as family life. Aggeliki claims that such “open mindedness” towards motherhood importantly contributes to her productivity at work and keeps motivating her to achieve her goals in every aspect. She feels that global corporations, such as Httpool, are those employers in Greece that contribute to the opportunities for working mothers to achieve their full professional potential.

While her core challenge remains time management, and in particular lack of time, Aggeliki feels that nothing is impossible. Courageously, she continues to juggle time between work, baby and sleep. “But what I’ve learned through the years is that time is limited, but energy and passion are not. So, if I can’t find time, I’ve learned to compensate for it with energy!” Even if some days are more difficult than others, and her five years old son keeps finding innovative ways to keep mum at home, Aggeliki is convinced that “energy and passion are the only ingredients that I need to bring out the best of myself – to be most productive at work and the best mama when I go home.

Aggeliki believes that motherhood equips women with “weapons and competencies” that help them become even more successful professionals. For her, being a working mum is not only possible but also highly fulfilling, considering that the workplace is favourable to such a double role.