#Httpool, my first job

Alexander Vladimirov is a Digital Media Specialist at Httpool Bulgaria. Alex, 24, has been working at Httpool for 10 months now. He has known the Director of the Bulgarian office and snatched the opportunity when they were seeking a new young member to the regional team. He decided years ago that marketing is the career choice for him, but was not sure on which specific field he should concentrate. He is really glad he chose digital advertising. From his current work he states the workload keeps growing as time passes but enjoys it very much as he said: I genuinely learn something new – that is the nature of digital marketing – the platforms and channels we use change constantly or there is a new product or app that everyone is crazy about!

Working at Httpool fully satisfies his strife to learn and his addiction to the digital world. Alex also comes with a personal advice: if you want to work in this industry, you need to be ready to keep learning! Studying most definitely does not finish with university – it continues and expands as workload increases. In this case, being a fast learner definitely helps. As workload grows, he also realised the importance of being organised and proper time management.

Keep up the good work Alex! Thank you for being an employee who is always hungry for new challenges!