Privacy and Data Use Policy – Estonia

Please carefully consider the regulations and governing protection of privacy and personal information and data (Privacy Policy) that are collected by Httpool Holdings Ltd. (“controller”). This Privacy Policy applies to all the products, services and websites offered by Httpool Holdings Ltd. or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies. When accepting this Privacy Policy you give your informed personal consent that your personal information and data can be collected, processed and transferred to other Httpool entities and 3rd parties for specific reasons and under conditions as stated below. Httpool may update its Privacy policy and the use of cookies at any time for the purposes of complying with current regulations and changes in Httpool product offering.


Ad Delivery & Reporting

As part of our ad serving and reporting, we log page views and collect information for the purpose of serving ads or providing specific advertisements based on type of browser, time, activity and number of ads seen. We collect information about the type of browser and operating system of users, as well as domain name, day and time of visit, and page(s) visited.

Information provided by the user

Httpool may ask a user to submit personal information within online identification form, such as name, company, phone and e-mail. The information is gathered in order to provide requested feedback to the user submitting the identification form. For certain services it is necessary to create user account, enabling the user to use certain applications. In these cases she is asked to submit personal information and data as follows:

  • Personal information (type of user, name of the company and name and surname);
  • Contact information (address, area code and city; telephone number; fax number and e-mail address)
  • Payment information (type of payment account; number of payment account; tax number; registrar number of the company; information on the profit, submitted using special payment application filled out by user)
  • User name (Encrypted user password)

Above information is needed to provide services to users, including access to the application, display of customized content and advertising; communications with users; transfer of profit deriving from digital advertising; ensuring the technical functioning of the network; research and analysis in order to maintain and protect our services.

What are cookies?

When you are visiting a website or viewing certain advertisements on the web, your computer receives at least one cookie, a small file containing a string of characters, which can identify a “user”.

What cookies we use?

In order to deliver as relevant ads as feasible, Httpool collects data across its ad network. This enables it to identify likely consumer interest segments. All the data, however, is on completely aggregate basis. We use cookies to improve the quality of our services by storing user preferences and tracking users’ trends thus providing the most relevant ads. Cookies are also used to help advertisers and publishers serve and manage ads across the web. We use Google Analytics cookies that enable us to improve user experience on our websites. They help us understand how our users use the website and decide on the functional and material adjustments in order to show as much useful content as possible.

How to delete Cookies
  • Google Chrome – After clicking on the menu icon navigate to settings. On the bottom of the page, expand the settings by clicking on ‘Advanced’. In the ‘Privacy and Security’ panel click on ‘Content settings’ and then ‘Cookies’. You can also type chrome://settings/content/cookies in the browsers address bar.
  • Mozila Firefox – click on the ‘Menu’ hamburger icon and navigate to preferences. In the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab head to the history section and click on the ‘remove individual cookies’ link.
  • Safari – in the ‘Privacy’ menu navigation item, there is an option to ‘Block all cookies’ and to remove them all. You can also click ‘Details’ to remove individual cookies.
  • Edge – Click on the 3 dot icon and select ‘Settings’. Select the arrow keys next to the ‘Advanced settings’ on the top side. You will see an option ‘clear browsing data’ with which you can clear cookies.
IP address

When you access our services, our server automatically records your IP address that enables us to identify the location of the computer used to access certain websites. This is used to improve the quality and relevancy of our services and manage ads across the web.


Contents and Licenses

Httpool strives to provide the most relevant information on its websites and marketing collaterals and is dedicated to continuously update its contents to ensure accuracy. However, some of the contents may change frequently, providing difficulties at ensuring complete accuracy, therefore, Httpool does not claim responsibility over its contents complete accuracy. The website does not give any license to use the intellectual property of Httpool companies.

Third-party Sites and Services

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites displayed as links from within our websites and services. Third party websites, applications and services may use various means to try to collect personal information from you, which is governed by their Privacy Policy. Httpool is also not responsible for accuracy and contents on third-party properties.


Whenever you visit an Internet website/service or fill in online identification form, please always check that the Internet websites or services you visit have in place a privacy policy that protects your personal data. Httpool commits to self-regulations outlining good practice aimed at enhancing transparency and consumer control when advertisements using behavioral information and criteria are delivered.