At the recommendation of Httpool, Farva Go now incorporates Snapchat into their performance marketing strategy for ‘Smiley Braces’ product. They achieved tremendous results and exceeded expectations, reaching up to 89% of the target audience, and boosting its sales by 25%.

Farva Go

When advertising a brand in a highly competitive market such as the US, it is crucial to discover the most efficient method to reach relevant audiences, creating impact, and thus resulting in purchase. When targeting younger generations, such as Gen Z or below, experts must consider the level of exposure already apparent to this particular audience, and adapt advertising strategies accordingly. This can however be a difficult concept to manage, you may be aware the adaption is needed, but not necessarily where to start or how. This is where Httpool comes in, playing a key role in building the product personforce advertising plan for Smiley Braces. Httpool was able to recommend and manage an impactful strategy for the brand on Snapchat.

Smiley Braces is a platform designed to help its followers stay ahead of the market, by uncovering the latest market trends, the latest technologies, and the earliest innovations related to braces. The Smiley Braces team effortlessly finds its user the best orthodontist in their local area.

With an objective to target new territories, the US in particular, Farva GO, the marketing agency managing Smile Braces’ digital advertising strategy, consulted with Httpool, the exclusive partner of the largest media platforms globally (Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, AdColony). Following Httpools recommendations, they together tested the performance potential of Snapchat, with focus on traffic growth and purchase increase.

Brace Yourself Farva Go

Snapchat, the camera app that has over 332 million active users daily, entered the Bulgarian market in 2020, and it’s now reaching 54% of internet users aged up to 34 in Bulgaria. Snap is traditionally famous in the digital advertising industry for its AR innovative features. According to Harvard Business Review Article ‘How AR is redefining retail in pandemic’, interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate, as they allow individuals to better connect with the product and brand. Moreover, AR can deliver almost 2x the levels of visual attention, compared to their non-AR equivalent, leading to improved memories and more powerful responses from consumers.

However, raising awareness is not the only type of campaign objective Snapchat can deliver on. Performance campaigns can also be exploited on the platform with amazing results, the Smiley Braces campaign by Farva Go, and in collaboration with Httpool, is living proof.

In order to secure a maximum impact on the target audience for the Smiley Braces ads, achieving both traffic and purchase objectives, Httpool recommended a 9 months campaign period, using a media mix.

  1. Snap Ads, to communicate the benefits of the Smiley Braces product. The Snap Ads were optimized for swipe ups and redirected the users to the Smiley Braces landing page.
  2. Story Ads, to further increase the chances for the users seeing the campaign, through increased exposure across multiple placements.

“Before our partnership with Httpool, we did not even know Snapchat offered advertising solutions. As it turns out, the platform has an outstanding ads manager function, with cutting edge features, and a good balance between targeting capabilities, and creative library for inspiration. We were able to leverage all that and more. The results have proven to be more than satisfying – a good excuse to keep testing and investing in the channel. I believe that we have not yet explored all that Snapchat can offer.” declared Veselin Ivanov, Managing Partner Farva Go.

The results for the Smiley Braces campaign exceeded all expectations, with key highlights as follows:

  • 89% of the targeted audience was exposed to the Smiley Braces campaign.
  • 0.10 eur cost achieved per swipe-up.
  • 25% increase in Smiley Braces sales compared to the previous period without utilizing Snapchat.


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The Dorito Way: Case Study

It is no secret that the mobile gaming industry is booming on a global scale. In Romania, 48.6% of internet users are reported to spend more than an hour a day gaming, not simply for pure enjoyment or relaxation, but also as brain training exercise. This gaming environment offers a great potential opportunity to brands that understand the importance of connecting with consumers in a positive mindset.

Doritos, the famous tortilla chip brand, uses powerful branding techniques to retain their memorability. The brand decided to highlight the affinity, already proven for the Romania territory, whilst also incorporating an interactive function for its international presence. They thus included a gaming component into their communication plan, targeting the 73.6% of young people aged 16-35 (targeted by Doritos in this campaign) who use their smartphone as a gaming device.


The Doritos brand was joined in this journey by Httpool Romania, exclusive partner of AdColony, the second largest mobile advertising network, and the top platform offering full screen video ad. These ads are associated with positive reinforcements, as viewings offer the user in-game bonuses.

“The recommendation of the AdColony platform for the Doritos campaign came naturally, given the focus of the brand team on the engagement goal and the fact that AdColony delivers excellently on this indicator. The history of FMCG campaigns exploited in AdColony produced excellent engagement rates of 25%” – Diana Vlad, Client Solutions Manager / AdColony Lead Romania

The campaign involved the introduction of a new game in an AdColony format. This customisable experience was named ‘Gamification End Card’ using interaction methods to complement the ad and create new opportunities for the users.

Doritos visual game

The End Card not only enriches the mobile experience in a native way but can also aid marketers to better understand consumers’ perception of the brand, interactively exemplifying the benefits, and the correct use of products, whilst also addressing potential business and communication problems.

The game was developed by the AdColony team through OMD Romania and Httpool Romania, AdColony’s exclusive partner in Romania. For an extended reach it was also implemented on the Doritos website.

What were the campaign results?
Through the AdColony Doritos ecosystem, the campaign reached over 1.1 million users. In regard to engagement, the campaign was a real success, with almost 9 out of 10 users watching the video through until the end, and half interacting with the game. The experience being thus extended on average by over 11 sec (15% over the benchmark). The campaign enjoyed a brand lift study, conducted through Nielsen, demonstrating the success of the campaign (over 108% ad recall), and the benefits of this format.

“We are delighted that the gaming experience created with our AdColony partners has been scalable on the Doritos target, achieving a high level of interactivity, overreaching benchmarks, and moreover, realizing an impressive impact across all brand indicators, including ad recall, brand favorability, and purchase intent”. Commented Vlad Vladescu Mr. Digital & Media Manager / Mr. BM Doritos.

The AdColony platform has been present on the Romanian digital advertising market since 2020 and represented exclusively by Httpool. It is the ideal option for marketers who, in addition to achieving the awareness objectives of the communication plan, also want to engage the audience in a unique way that’s both fun and memorable.

AdColony X Doritos


Imagine you are a marketeer, and you know your target audience is millennials and Gen Z, where could you look to find this audience easily in high quantities? The answer is Snapchat. Afterall, Snapchat is not only a highly popular platform built around the use of camera and video functionalities, which younger audiences love, but according to, was also voted the most innovative platform for virtual reality (AR) features.

Moreover, interacting with products that offer AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate, as these experiences allow consumers to feel more connected to brands ¹, so it’s clear that Snapchat is the place to advertise. But how do you use Snapchat to advertise effectively?

Initially, it might seem easy for a variety of reasons:

  • Snapchat reaches almost 90% of 16- to 24-year-olds in Romania.
  • The platform is extremely engaging, the average user engages with AR features approx. 30x per day.
  • AR delivers almost 2x the levels of visual attention, compared to their non-AR equivalent, leading to improved memories and more powerful responses from consumers², so activating a brand via Snapchat will have a positive impact on the delivery of its message/benefit.

Durex AR

But are There any Challenges?

The short answer is yes, when does anything worthwhile come with no challenges? For instance, the message of your campaign needs to be relevant to the specific audience, and the ad format mix used must be able to deliver this message efficiently.

Having a team of digital experts in place would be useful in overcoming this challenge, such as those available at Httpool. As the exclusive reseller of Snap in Romania, Httpool helped one of the most famous brands in the world, Durex, to develop and implement a highly successful campaign on Snap in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Before we dive into the how, let’s briefly define the KPIs behind a ‘successful campaign’ on Snapchat:

  • High/above Snap’s benchmark completion rate, and the CTR for Snap Ads used to advertise the campaign, redirecting the users in an ecommerce platform to drive high purchase intent.
  • High/above Snap’s benchmark engagement rate, for the Lens created, to support the communication of the brand’s benefit (share & save rate).
  • high/above Snap’s benchmark open rate and completion for the Story ads included in the mix. 

How Httpool Helped Durex

In order to secure a maximum impact, Httpool and Durex worked together to select their period of relevance, and they selected February. With sights set on the first advertising holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, they began their strategy planning.

The next phase was developing the campaign message and creating innovative ways to promote this. Thus, following the concept of ‘Be wild every day, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day’, Httpool proposed the use of a complementing interactive game, later named ‘What kind of lover are you?’

Durex Mix

With the message, method of delivery, and the timing set, the team shifted focus towards defining the best approach in terms of ad mix for the campaign. Httpool’s proposal was a newly formulated mix of formats which they believed would maximize the impact:

  • Lens – to drive engagement, incorporated into the interactive game.
  • Snap Ads – to drive awareness and purchase intent.
  • Story Ads – to drive awareness and boost the engagement, by redirecting the users to the Lens activation.

The results achieved were above and beyond expected targets!

Lens Results:

  • Almost 2X more impressions than initially estimated.
  • 3X higher engagement rate versus Snap lens benchmark.
  • Almost 2X more play time with the game vs Snap benchmark.
  • All achieved with almost ½ of the CPM compared to initial planning.

Snap Ads Results:

  • Achieved up to 3.59% CTR, 3X higher vs Snapchat benchmark of 1%.

Story Ads Results:

  • Producing 57.48% completion rate, which is 2X higher vs Snap benchmark of 25%, driven mainly by the placement.  The ads were placed within the ‘discover stories’ section, leading to higher chances of the ads being seen by consumers. 


Durex success
Durex’s Response

“Snapchat has a playground of features that help us engage with our consumers easily and in an authentic way. In addition, the creative minds behind the app really understand how to suit your every need, providing strong proposals from the start, and ensuring that integration with the campaigns is easily accomplished”. 

Overall Durex was thrilled with the results of the campaign and pleased with the strong collaboration with Httpool. Follow their lead and harness the potential of Snapchat for yourself! 

¹ Harvard Business Review Article, “How AR is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic”
² Zappar Article, “How augmented reality affects the brain”

Httpool Durex

by Adam Bezeczky, Regional Press Officer CEE


Pöttyös, the famous Hungarian dessert brand, and Spotify start the year with an innovative joint campaign, unique to the whole Central and Eastern European region. The iconic polka dotted packaging of the product has been replaced by hearts and short greetings until Valentine’s Day and further features a unique code that can be scanned with the Spotify app. Spotify’s proprietary codes work similarly to QR codes and lead to customised playlists that capture the cheerful sentiment of the short greetings.

From 10th of January until 14th February 2022, Hungary’s most-loved brand Pöttyös Túró Rudi will be back for its ninth traditional heart campaign. The essence of the campaign has remained unchanged for nine years: the red dots change to hearts for Valentine’s Day, and the packaging of the dessert is decorated with personalised messages. These messages express a happy state of mood and can be used to send a message to loved ones, family, friends or colleagues. According to Barbara Harangozó, Senior Brand Manager of Pöttyös, the popularity of the heart-shaped campaign is based on constant renewal:


“Every year we tweak the basic concept of the campaign to successfully engage and activate consumers. This year, we’re making the Túró Rudi experience digitally shareable with codes that lead to themed Spotify music playlists. We have selected songs for the playlists that convey the cheerful, optimistic attitude to life that is associated with the Pöttyös brand.”

Music already played an important role in the 2019 campaign, when well-known national lyrics were used on the limited editions Pöttyös Túró Rudi. This year, thanks to the unique collaboration between Pöttyös and Spotify, we can really put our feelings to music. 

“It’s always special when two love brands come together and work on a creative initiative. Spotify is inseparably associated with music and Pöttyös Túró Rudi with delicious desserts. Httpool, the exclusive representative of Spotify on the Hungarian market, is proud to present such an innovation together with Spotify and Pöttyös for the first time in the Central and Eastern European region.” – said Zsuzsa Fekete, Senior Client Solutions Manager at Spotify, Httpool.


Spotify’s proprietary codes are similar to QR codes that can be scanned through the Spotify app to access nearly forty playlists by consumers of the limited edition Pöttyös desserts. Featuring TOP200 hits from the best-known Hungarian and international artists, the themed playlists are packed with iconic songs that all ages can hum along. Creative support for the campaign was provided by ACG Advertising Agency.


About Pöttyös

Pöttyös is a true homegrown love brand, an iconic Hungarian brand that has been making people smile for over half a century. As a multi-generational favourite, Pöttyös is known and loved by everyone, from children to grandparents. The history of the brand began with Túró Rudi, a fresh cottage cheese, but thanks to continuous product development, fans can now choose from a wide variety of Pöttyös delicacies. In 2015, a sponge cake-based milk dessert was introduced, followed by Guru, a modern, multidimensional taste experience. In April 2019, the first liquid Pöttyös product, Pöttyös Cocoa Milk, became available and in the summer of 2021 the first spoonable Pöttyös Cheese Dessert hit the shelves. Pöttyös is both traditional and innovative, with a strong focus on understanding new consumer needs and popular trends.  

By Sorana Dulgheru, Regional Marketing Manager, Balkans


Httpool strikes again, successfully suggesting Superbet incorporates Snapchat in their performance marketing strategy, which resulted in impressive results for the ‘First Time Deposit’ objective, achieving 15% higher outcomes than anticipated.

Superbet is the market leader within the betting and gaming industry. The company has achieved tremendous and noticeable growth across Central and Eastern Europe, and is the only Romanian company named in the Top 30 gambling organisations worldwide. This is undoubtedly Impressive, but the question is how did Superbet achieve this? By having a vision to transform the industry, by investing in new technologies, and by not only adapting to but also adopting new trends.

Regarding the fast adaption of new trends, Superbet expanded their online business. With the offline territory effectively covered, with over 1000 betting shops across Romania and Poland, Superbet is determined to revolutionize the online betting industry. Thus, with the recommendation of Httpool, Superbet decided to test the Snapchat platform as a new potential channel to help it drive growth on the Romanian market.

The amazing idea was realized by Superbet’s digital team based in Croatia and powered by the Croatian Httpool branch.


Gain New Active Users

Within this highly competitive industry and during a period of accelerated online usage, it became imperative for Superbet to discover new ways to stand out in the online world, enabling them to reach new potential consumers. Httpool was able to step in and recommend Snapchat as the optimal leveraging platform, to generate more active users for Superbet.


With The Help of Httpool
Firstly, focusing on Superbet’s main campaign objectives such as app installs, web conversions, and targeting men 18+. Httpool recommended an initial testing period in which several Snap ad creatives were tested against the app install and sign-up objectives. Once the desired results were reached the Httpool performance experts team began to scale and optimize, aiming to meet the following goals:

In order to achieve optimal results, two different campaigns were recommended against two distinct objectives:

  • One campaign with App install objective
  • One campaign with Website conversion’s objective


Several Snap ads creatives were used for the App install campaign. Their performance was closely monitored and only the top performing ones were kept.
Research shows that users need to see an ad three times at minimum, across three different touch points to act upon it, therefore the team also scaled the campaign to Story ads to increase the chances for the user to see the ad and act on it.



Once the maximum potential was reached for the App install objective, Httpool recommended to Superbet to switch to App purchase optimization objective (for a maximum efficiency of the invested budget).

The campaign behind website conversion’s objective was the last step and took the users through 3 steps in this journey:

  1. Driving traffic to the website (to gather events)
  2. Generating leads (to trigger profile creations by the users)
  3. Website conversions (to trigger the desired end goal: First Time Deposit action point, the first time a new user pays)


The strategy proposed by Httpool enabled Superbet to over achieve their objectives (First Time Deposits) by 15% and deliver the campaign with an average eCPM of 1.5 Euro. Moreover, the successful result achieved in Romania by Superbet encouraged the company to reapply the Snapchat success story in Poland as well.

Snapchat helped Superbet achieve scalable and consistent results, through low-cost CPI’s and solid user quality. They’ve helped propel our rise in the download charts, they are a partner we can confidently rely on. The betting industry has a lot of advertising limitations, and we are happy to have Snapchat as a partner, help us with their suggestions and support to achieve maximum results.” -Miloš Tomić, Global App Manager, Superbet

Key learnings:

  • Romanians use Snapchat to consume content on the platform and not solely due to the lenses features.
  • A mix of placements and diverse ads formats need to be exploited in a Snap campaign to achieve optimal results, in terms of both awareness and performance.
  • Snapchat can deliver value at scale.
  • The results delivered by Snapchat for performance marketing campaigns are comparable with those achieved by other social media platforms, used traditionally for performance.

By Sorana Dulgheru, Regional Marketing Manager, Balkans


To effectively leverage KFC’s creative assets and maximise campaign metrics, the brand team immediately began collaborating with UM Romania and Httpool. Over 1 million views were achieved for the trailer of the KFC series and more than 500,000 views for most of the 4 episodes.

This is a strong example of how using a mix of social platforms within the media plan can impact the results of a brand campaign. The series ‘KFC – Freshly prepared’ was a creative initiative built by KFC to strengthen brand awareness across the market. The aim was to increase brand appeal amongst the target audience, by diminishing the myths circulating on how KFC food is prepared and cooked in KFC.




Debunk the KFC Myths

The current market dynamics mean it’s more crucial than ever for all brands, especially within the fast-food industry, to ensure they have a strong and positive brand recognition. Brands such as FKC need to make sure they are at the forefront of their audiences’ minds, and that they are always the answer to the question ‘where should we eat this evening?’.

Taking the above into consideration, as well as knowledge of the negative KFC myths which had previously been confirmed in a study conducted by Kantar Insights Romania, the brand team got to work creating an innovative approach to address this challenge. The result was a unique mockumentary production-experiment, providing a new type of brand content, and shining a new light on the truth about KFC. #pebune #forreal

The mini-series shows a former intern at KFC attempting to launch a new restaurant in Bucharest, named AltKFC. In the series the former intern attempts to action all the myths circulating about the brand, to disprove their validity, and demonstrate the myths total contradiction to the reality of the KFC universe.

The full series can be watched on YouTube, on KFC channel.




With The Help of Httpool

With initial focus on the awareness and engagement objectives, Httpool proposed a mix of platforms able to complement each other in regard to both audiences and ads formats, to best deliver the message, and the desired creatives of the campaign, to achieve maximum impact.

  • Spotify
    Htttpool recommended using a mix of audio everywhere, video takeover, and sponsored session formats. This is to first capitalize on the platform’s main power assets, and second, to ensure users are reached by a multitude of ads, across a number of formats, with the hope of encouraging action and engagement. The results proved that audio was the best performing format, achieving 55% higher CTR than the Spotify benchmark.


KFC case study

  • Snapchat
    The recommended format here was Snap Ads. These appeared between story posts and within premium content on the discover tab, achieving a 60% higher completion rate for videos compared with the benchmark.



  • AdColony
    It was recommended to use instant play videos, with dynamic end card formats. This allowed users to interact with the campaign visuals and click on any episode to extend the viewing time. This technique developed amazing results, achieving engagement of 7% which is 2.5X higher than the benchmark. Furthermore, reaching a high video completion rate of 94%.Link:



Key learnings:

  • Ideally, all relevant media partners should be involved in the project from the onset and before the development of creatives. This is the best approach to ensure that creatives are tailored to the features of each recommended platform.
  • Leverage the benefits and functionalities of each platform, maximising potential, to boost both the relevance and impact of the campaign.
  • For broader audience groups ensure to include a strong mix of media plan platforms that can secure cross age range coverage. This will help achieve optimum reach.
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Adda’s brand lift success

Adda 52 is an India-based online gaming website owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2011 by Mohit Agarwal and Anuj Gupta. It is India’s largest online poker site and currently hosting the ‘Poker Millionaire Tour, the biggest online poker tournament in India. The company has made substantial investments to its online security using 128-bit encryption, ensuring that user information is kept confidential.

Dailymotion, alongside Httpool, successfully launched a brand lift case study campaign for Adda 52 in October and November of 2020. Find out how.

See how this e-commerce platform leveraged dynamic ad campaigns on Facebook and achieved a 7-fold incremental return on ad spend.