We are entering an exciting period of collaboration, as The Ukrainian start-up Fund (USF) has now signed a Memorandum of Partnership and Cooperation with Httpool, a global leader in the field of digital marketing and communications.

The USF Director Pavlo Kartashov commented that this partnership represents an important first step towards the future, with continued joint endeavours, implementation of new projects, and further exploration of expanding start-ups opportunities now available.

The Memorandum offers the opportunity to create and hold public events, with the inclusion of international experts. Thus, opening the door for increased discussion and free flowing ideas, creating a stage in which suggestions can be heard and implemented, to support innovative start-ups, and further promote the development of both current and emerging markets.

Furthermore, the partnership will provide mentoring and other non-financial support for upcoming and pitching start-ups. This will include a series of free consultations, across a variety of subjects, from scaling media strategies across platforms, instructions on brand strategy and effectiveness, to the recommended steps of campaign targeting, and more.

Httpool is the largest international partner to major media platforms, supporting their growth, whilst driving business results for both traditional and native advertisers across more than 40 markets throughout Europe and Asia. Thanks to a constant flow of innovative technologies and solutions, Httpool enables advertisers to connect with their audiences, and constantly aims to maximise their investment returns. Httpool holds exclusive partnerships with Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, LG, and Adcolony across a multitude of markets in which no physical offices are present. Httpool is headquartered in the UK with offices spanning across Central Europe, Nordics, Baltics, Balkans, Russia & CIS, and Asia-Pacific.

The Ukrainian Start-up Fund (USF) is a state fund launched by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The fund’s mission is to promote the creation and development of technology start-ups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), to increase their global competitiveness. The fund has so far helped more than 240 Ukrainian start-ups to receive seed or pre-seed grant funding, with the total funding so far exceeding 6,300,000 US dollars.

Httpool is now an exclusive representative for Spotify Advertising in Mongolia. Spotify added Mongolia to its markets in March last year, and through Httpool now offers a palette of innovative advertising solutions for brands to reach its highly engaged audience of young listeners and leverage the rising power of digital audio.

“We are excited to bring this opportunity to leverage the power of digital audio to advertisers in Mongolia, and support them as they discover, understand and leverage the full potential of audio advertising.” said Khosbayar Mendsaikhan, Httpool Mongolia.

This partnership represents a valuable opportunity for Mongolian advertisers to reach their audiences as they enjoy music with Spotify Free.

Httpool is Spotify Advertising’s exclusive representative in over 35 Asian and European markets.

“Introducing Httpool in Mongolia was a natural transition for our operations in APAC and we are excited about supporting the local advertising community.” commented Sunny Nagpal, Regional Director of Httpool in APAC. “ We are determined to leverage our best practices from our other Asian and European markets and bring top level service to local businesses, agencies and brands.”

Spotify offers multiformat ad experiences including audio, video and display across thousands of devices, during any moment of the day. With Spotify’s streaming intelligence – its unique data and insights based on users’ streaming behaviors – advertisers can tailor their ads and messaging to resonate with their audiences’ needs and mindsets based on the context in which they are listening.

Spotify Mongolia

Media contact:
Špela Majcen Marušič, Global PR Manager, Httpool, spela.marusic@httpool.com, press@httpool.com

About Httpool
Httpool is an Aleph Group, Inc company, a leading global enabler of digital advertising, serving as a crucial link at the core of the global digital ecosystem by connecting the largest digital platforms with thousands of advertisers and billions of consumers in emerging and underserved countries.

We have commercial and, in many cases, exclusive agreements with over 30 of the leading digital platforms, including: Twitter, Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and Twitch. Through these relationships, we provide digital platforms with a sustainable and scalable way to monetize their advertising inventory in emerging countries at little additional cost and complexity. We combine these relationships with an extensive global footprint and an end-to-end digital advertising solution that enables advertisers in 90 countries across 43 different currencies to reach close to 3 billion consumers and maximize their digital advertising potential. www.httpool.com www.alephholding.com

About Spotify
Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 70 million tracks, including more than 3.2 million podcast titles, for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features for music including improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline, and ad-free music listening experience.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 381m users, including 172m subscribers, across 184 markets.

Snap PR India


Httpool, an Aleph Group company, today announced its salres partnership with Snapchat in India. Through thispartnership, Aleph brands will drive Snapchat’s ad monetisation for the region. Aleph brands are already representing Snapchat in 26 markets covering Latin America and Europe. This new partnership is an additional recognition for Aleph as a reliable and trusted partner of leading media platforms.


Snapchat India has been rapidly expanding its monetisation capabilities to cater to businesses of all sizes and is now able to serve every single advertiser objective across the funnel. With 100mn users in India, Snap is leading the AR revolution and brands are proactively seeking out camera-first strategies which have become critical, real business solving, consumer engagement tools.

“We are excited about partnering with Snap in India and further adding to the revenue opportunity in the region. Drawing from our experience representing Snap in Europe and Latin America, we are confident to supplement the growing need of brands wanting to work with Snap in order to meet their marketing and sales objectives,” said Sunny Nagpal, Regional Director APAC at Httpool.


In India, AR sees a 94% higher conversion rate when consumers interact with products in AR. Snap has extensively partnered with brands across sectors like FMCG, eCommerce, Entertainment, Video streaming and more, and saw its net new advertisers increase by 70% in 2020.

“We are looking forward to working with Httpool to expand our reach to additional advertisers in India and help them see the value in connecting with our highly-engaged 100mn strong Snapchatter community. We are also excited to introduce Gaurav Jain who will be leading Revenue Partnerships for Snap in the region. Gaurav and his team will be responsible for driving revenue growth and partnering with our most strategic brands, agencies, & sales partners to provide innovative solutions on behalf of Snap.” said Alexander Dao, Managing Director, Head of Global Business Expansion, Snapchat. This will be Snapchat’s second sales partnership in India.


Gaurav Jain joins Snapchat from Meta to lead the Revenue Partnership Team in India.

Partnering with Snap is an important step for Httpool in Asia. Adding Snapchat Ads to Httpool’s product mix will further strengthen its ability to support brands, agencies and advertisers with the best solutions and help them make the most of their digital campaigns.


Want to know more about Snapchat? Get in touch with our experts here.


Media contact:
Spela Majcen Marusic, Httpool PR Manager, spela.marusic@httpool.com and press@httpool.com


Httpool strengthens Twitter partnership as the digital giant joins Aleph Group as an equity holder.

Twitter Inc. (TWTR) is the first of Silicon Valley companies to join Aleph Group, a global company bringing together IMS, Httpool, Wise.Blue, AdDynamo as a stakeholder to support Aleph’s educational endeavors in pursuit of their mission to power the digital ecosystem in emerging countries to unlock and drive economic growth.

The Group aims to provide digital advertising education, training and certification to over 50,000 digital professionals in 90 countries worldwide, creating new digital jobs for the future to underpin economic development in underserved markets.

For over a decade, Twitter has relied on Aleph’s brands – IMS Internet Media Services, Httpool, Wise.Blue and AdDynamo –  to be their exclusive advertising partner in 74 countries where they do not have local presence. Aleph helps Twitter monetize their user base primarily in emerging countries by providing dedicated local sales and support teams, proprietary technology to help advertisers maximize their Twitter investments and a robust cross-border payment solution that helps Twitter efficiently generate incremental revenue in non-core markets.

Throughout the course of their partnership, Twitter has recognized the urgency to provide digital-first education to every corner of the planet.

“Having Twitter as a stakeholder in Aleph is a particular honor and a special recognition for us. This is a clear endorsement of our efforts in educating a new generation of digital professionals, equally everywhere around the globe” comments Gastón Taratuta, Aleph Group Founder and CEO. “Access to quality education is key to personal success, yet some parts of the world keep being left behind. Our mission is to ensure that being a digital expert becomes a possibility for all and we are committed to making that happen.”

The internet and mobile phones have created an information superhighway, and Aleph brands, including Httpool, are paving that highway with educational tools and content to deliver to those parts of the world that have yet to harness the full power of digitalization.

“Aleph has been a valuable and strategic partner to Twitter for many years,” said Sarah Personette, Twitter’s Chief Customer Officer. “With a diverse set of capabilities, Aleph has supported our business globally , both as a sales and technology partner. This investment is a natural evolution in our relationship with Aleph.”

By investing in Aleph Group, Twitter has backed the company’s commitment to training the next generation of digital experts in over 90 countries on 5 continents. They will do so by building a proprietary educational tech platform that will enable professionals of all ages to acquire a local certification and join the community of 50.000 Aleph-trained professionals from across the globe, thus amplifying their employment and career development opportunities.

In a globally connected world, where mobile technology and internet access have become our greatest social equalizer, the skills of the past are being replaced by new technologies. To survive and thrive in the labor market of the future, professionals will need to develop their unique competitive advantages. Digital skills will become a necessity, while those with greater digital skills will hold the key to success.

Hong Kong, September 2021 – Httpool and Dailymotion are pleased to announce the appointment of Httpool as Dailymotion’s official advertising sales and video technology distribution partner for Hong Kong. The partnership marks the broadening of Dailymotion’s advertising and publisher network in the market.

Delivering a world-class digital video platform and an extensive library of premium publisher content, an innovative player technology, and a customizable advertising format, with Httpool’s 10-year footprint and an established network, Dailymotion is now able to expand its offer for advertisers and publishers in Hong Kong.

Httpool will exclusively represent Dailymotion in the Hong Kong market, referring new local partners for publishers’ onboarding processes, expanding our premium video inventory, giving advertisers the confidence to associate with verified publisher content, reach their desired target audience in a brand-safe environment. In addition, Dailymotion’s innovative custom ad formats let advertisers’ campaigns stand out and capture the audience’s attention while publishers can monetize their videos on and offsite with the platform’s player solution and revenue sharing program.

According to Dailymotion’s VP of Asia Pacific, Antoine Nazaret, “It is truly a pleasure to have Httpool as our exclusive partner in Hong Kong. As Dailymotion ramps up efforts to expand its premium video inventory throughout Asia, the partnership with Httpool will increase advertising opportunities on the platform. This represents the virtuous cycle we aim to achieve as we offer a brand-safe media ecosystem for advertisers and to the benefit of publishers that serves the open internet ecosystem.”

“We are delighted to partner with Dailymotion as it is one of the leading video player technology and content discovery platform, that experiences a lot of traction from varied target audiences, making it a preferred advertising platform for every brand,” said Alex Luis, Country Director, of Httpool Hong Kong.

This partnership is an important step for Httpool in the Asia Pacific. With offices in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh, Httpool provides brands and media agencies support, technology, and access to its most relevant global and regional media partners to ensure they achieve their business and marketing objectives.


Media contacts:

Spela Marusic, Global PR Manager at Httpool , marusic@httpool.com
Rucha Bhalekar, Regional Communications Manager at Httpool APAC, rucha@httpool.asia


About Httpool
Httpool is an Aleph Holding company, representing leading digital media platforms across Europe and Asia. It supports their growth as well as drives business results for traditional and native advertisers across more than 30 markets. Based on their innovative set of technology and performance solutions, seasoned vertical teams, and extensive market know-how, Httpool enables advertisers to connect with their audiences in the most effective ways, consistently maximizing their ROIs. Leading media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Linked In, Snapchat, Warner Music, Outbrain, and Brainly appointed Httpool as their exclusive ad sales partner across selected European and Asian markets. Httpool is headquartered in the UK with offices spanning across Central Europe, the Nordics, Baltics and Balkans, Russia & CIS, and Asia-Pacific. Aleph brands exclusively represent over 20 major global platforms in more than 50 markets worldwide.


About Dailymotion
Founded in 2005, Dailymotion is a global video streaming service that connects over 350 million entertainment-seekers to their personal world of news and entertainment. Built on an intuitive player, a smart algorithm with carefully curated video recommendations, Dailymotion is the one-stop destination for experiencing content from our premium video publishers from all over the world. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi and headquartered in Paris with offices in New York and Singapore.


GoGlobal, a one-day virtual event of fast-paced marketing strategy sessions, will take place for the first time on 29 September 2021, starting from 12.00 CET. Powered by Aleph Holding, this event will gather the world’s leading marketers ho and speakers from Aleph’s partners, including Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok, along with advertisers who have successfully harnessed these platforms to drive results. Join the sessions and hear from this expert lineup of speakers who will share insider lessons to help regional brands accelerate their global growth through social media advertising.

Erikas Plotkinas, CMO of Kilo Health, Andrej Kugonić, Marketing Lead and Head of Growth at Nordeus, Frederik Lucander, VP Marketing at Wolt, Katarzyna Paliwoda, Head of Emerging Markets at Facebook CEE, Imran Khan, CEO and co-founder of Verishop, Danny Wright, Chief Brand Officer of Adweek,  and Maris Naglis, VP of Customer Success at Httpool are just some of the industry leaders and performance marketing specialists who will share their exclusive insights and knowledge during the GoGlobal event.

In one knowledge-saturated day, attendees will learn how to:

  • Accelerate their brand’s global growth through a robust performance advertising strategy
  • Set up their performance essentials and start tracking customer lifetime value
  • Harness the power of branding to fuel growth
  • And much more!


The event is free of charge! REGISTER NOW!

“GoGlobal is the first in a series of Aleph’s knowledge-sharing events to help companies make the most of the global potential offered by digitalization and social media. This event will allow performance advertisers to learn from the best peer performers and brands in the market and hear the latest trends on unlocking the audience of 4 billion people active on digital platforms every day,” commented Maris Naglis, VP of Customer Success at Httpool, an Aleph Holding company.

“We are proud to work with brands such as Kilo, Wolt, Printful, Norderus, Ericsson, and many others, and are excited to play our part in their astounding growth over the past years. We are determined to continue on our mission to support the internationalization efforts of ambitious companies in our markets, and empower them to follow their global dreams,” added Aljoša Jenko, Httpool CEO.

Aleph is the largest global digital media partner in the world that operates in 85 markets and is entrusted to connect the biggest players in digital media with the advertisers that rely on them. The exclusive partners in different countries include Twitter, Spotify, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, Tripadvisor, and EA, among others. Httpool is an Aleph Holding company, representing leading digital media platforms in over 60 markets in Europe and Asia. 

The unique combination of having access to the largest digital players, proprietary technology, and expert know-how allows Httpool and IMS Internet Media Services to support businesses and brands in maximizing their advertising efforts and driving business success.



Adam has a background in journalism and worked as country manager at the foreign offices of the City of Vienna prior to joining Httpool. In his former role he facilitated high profile, government-to-government exchanges between the state governments of Budapest, Ljubljana and the City of Vienna.

Furthermore, he was a driving force in editorial matters at Eurocomm-PR. There, he co-developed new information products and held classes on journalism. Adam was born in Hungary and raised in Austria, he speaks Hungarian, German and English. At Httpool, he will be responsible for developing media contacts in the CEE region and supporting communication activities at the regional, and global level.

You can reach Adam at bezeczky@httpool.at

Adam webvisual

The campaign exceeded the sales target by BDT 14 million  and has been executed  in collaboration with Lead Bangladesh ( Creative Agency for Jeansfellow)

Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, and the largest global partner of major media platforms and the Authorized Sales Partner of Facebook in Bangladesh, collaborated with digital agency Lead Bangladesh and implemented a Facebook advertising campaign to increase effectiveness and measure return on investment for their client Jeansfellow. JeansFellow,  a leading online footwear & fashion accessories store in Bangladesh, recently launched a Facebook advertising campaign to promote the wide range of footwear products available for the festival of Eid Ul Fitr.

JeansFellow’s vision is to establish itself as a premium footwear & fashion accessories brand as the junction of quality leather merchandise & smooth customer experience in the market.  With this campaign, JeansFellow wanted to drive its quality leather merchandise sales during the Eid festival. The digital campaign featured catalogue ads with different audience segments, engaging campaign content.

The target audience included all Facebook users in Bangladesh, most importantly users in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar. Through Facebook media buying, the campaign reached out to 3.5 million people, generated 30 million impressions, got 500k visits as web traffic, and sold 4,400 pairs of shoes for a mere USD 25,623.

The Founder of JeansFellow, Apurba Das, commented: “We are excited to see JeansFellow and Lead Bangladesh effectively use Facebook to achieve and measure sales optimisation. It is enormously exciting to see the impressive result generated by Lead Bangladesh. We look forward to using this for our future campaigns. Thank you to the Httpool team and Facebook directly for providing us with this solution.”

“Facebook’s family of apps delivers brands with efficient ways to connect with their most relevant audiences. JeansFellow’s sales optimisation study has proven that measuring the campaign outcomes in terms of advertising recall has a significant impact on brand positioning and business outcomes,” adds Mahbub Alam, Facebook Client Partner, Httpool Bangladesh

10 August 2021  Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, has become the first partner for the exclusive distribution of digital media ad sales of Tripadvisor, the largest global travel platform, in select European markets.

This new partnership represents an important milestone, bringing new opportunities to ten markets in Europe, including Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland. In addition to selected European markets entrusted to Httpool, advertisers in Italy and Spain are now able to benefit from access to Tripadvisor’s ad solutions through IMS, also an Aleph Holding company with additional markets being planned across Latin America.

One of the most trusted platforms for globetrotters open to exploration, Tripadvisor offers advertisers the highest levels of brand safety through its standard on-site media and native ad formats that tout brand messages seamlessly in highly relevant content areas available for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile App, and Mobile Web. Businesses from sectors such as aviation, hospitality, telecommunications, finance, automotive, and CPG, among others, will benefit from expertise and exclusive insights to drive their business results.

“We are excited to bring TripAdvisor to advertisers across our European markets.” commented Aljoša Jenko, CEO of Httpool. “At a time when the travel industry faces unprecedented challenges, we are determined to be a part of the solution empowering businesses for success”.

“Tripadvisor has played a key role in many brands’ recovery efforts and we are so thrilled to be able to extend our select media solutions to these markets in partnership with Httpool” said Christine Maguire, Vice President & General Manager of Global Media at Tripadvisor. “Travelers on the Tripadvisor platform represent some of the most high-intent, high-value and highly sought after consumers within the global advertising community, and our partnership with Httpool will connect more international brands with future customers in more markets across Europe and Russia.”

Httpool TripAdvisor partnership

About Httpool

 Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, connects the biggest players in digital media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitch and TikTok, with the advertisers that rely on them, whether they’re global brands or aspiring entrepreneurs. The company ensures that the opportunities offered by digital media are available in every corner of the globe. As a part of Aleph Holding, it does this in over 70 markets worldwide.


About Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel guidance platform*, helps hundreds of millions of people each month** become better travellers, from planning to booking to taking a trip. Travellers across the globe use the Tripadvisor site and app to discover where to stay, what to do and where to eat based on guidance from those who have been there before. With more than 887 million reviews and opinions of nearly 8 million businesses, travellers turn to Tripadvisor to find deals on accommodations, book experiences, reserve tables at delicious restaurants and discover great places nearby. As a travel guidance company available in 43 markets and 22 languages, Tripadvisor makes planning easy no matter the trip type. 


The subsidiaries of Tripadvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP), own and operate a portfolio of online travel brands and businesses, operating under various websites and apps, including the following websites:

www.bokun.io, www.cruisecritic.com, www.flipkey.com, www.thefork.com, www.helloreco.com, www.holidaylettings.co.uk, www.housetrip.com, www.jetsetter.com, www.niumba.com, www.seatguru.com, www.singleplatform.com, www.vacationhomerentals.com, and www.viator.com.

* Source: SimilarWeb, unique users de-duplicated monthly, March 2021

** Source: Tripadvisor internal log file



Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, is delighted to announce that it has become an ads partner of TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile video, in Cambodia. Through this partnership, businesses in the country will now be able to reach millions of people using the platform across the country, strengthening their brand and driving businesses.


TikTok is shaping the industry across the globe by enabling businesses of all sizes to build a native presence, reach a new audience, and drive business results through its creative ads solutions. 91 percent of its users found the content on TikTok to be unique or different from that of competitors, according to the Marketing Science Global Authenticity Study conducted by Nielsen in Southeast Asia in April 2021 for TikTok.


“Partnering with TikTok in Cambodia is a major step for Httpool, as we expand our operations in the country and build expert teams to support businesses of all sizes on the ground,” explained Sunny Nagpal, Co-founder, and Regional Managing Director APAC at Httpool.


Httpool, as the exclusive TikTok ad sales partner in Cambodia, will provide support, knowledge, and expertise to local businesses and assist them with marketing strategies with TikTok ads solutions. Building on experience with the broadest array of media and content platforms, Httpool will help local businesses follow this rapidly changing and competitive space to stay relevant, focused, and achieve optimal business results.


“This partnership is the result of Httpool’s industry-leading global presence and our efforts in bringing the opportunity for advertising on leading media and short-form video platforms to every corner of the globe. We will build on the knowledge and skills that our teams in Europe have acquired during the past months, coupling it with local insights and expertise, specific for Cambodia,” Sunny Nagpal added.


The partnership will also introduce TikTok’s best practices, training, strategy development techniques, and local payment options to the region with the help of Httpool’s expert advertising operations processes. Agencies and brands will further benefit from practical pieces of training, direct billing, and support with advertisement policy training.