By Archana Roche, Httpool Measurement Lead APAC


One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions

All through 2021, Httpool conducted a series of measurement programs in Bangladesh helping brands grow. Using Meta Measurement Solutions like Brand Lift Studies, Httpool measured the impact of Meta Marketing on true business outcomes.

By creating methodologies and cadence, we successfully conducted Meta Marketing measurement programs in Bangladesh. Measuring aspects of brand’s product and its competition across categories like Telco, CPG, Financial services and others, in real time. A meta analysis of these brand lift studies have shown significant insights that will help marketers carve a better roadmap for all future brand building strategies.


Here are 5 key Measurement takeaways that helped Bangladesh marketers improve their brand building in 2021

1 key take away

2 key take away

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5 key take away


Things you measure tend to improve

“Meta Measurement tools are a powerful way to understand the casual impact of your Meta Advertising on specific business objectives, such as brand recognition or conversion. Adapting the right approach to measurement supports your marketing efforts and empowers you with insights to make smarter decisions on where to invest and optimise.” – Archana Roche


Download the case study here.

By Archana Roche, Facebook Measurement Lead APAC


Coca Cola makes a magical connection with Bangladesh and the world through Facebook Video Ads


When Bangladesh’s iconic beverage brand Coca Cola wanted to celebrate the golden jubilee of the country’s Independence with the world, they partnered with Wavemaker Bangladesh and Httpool to effectively reach customers and make a memorable connection through Facebook Video Ads. The use of a brand lift study to measure the effectiveness of this historic campaign helped understand the incremental impact of Facebook marketing in driving brand metrics amongst its audience delivering strong results as below:






Bringing the world to Bangladesh

Coca-Cola believes in refreshing the world and making a difference with its iconic beverage. It believes that real magic happens when people get together and what we share in common is greater than what sets us apart.


Facebook Video Ads make a magical connection 

Coca-Cola Bangladesh wanted to celebrate the golden jubilee of independence of Bangladesh through their “From the World to Bangladesh” campaign.

The campaign’s goal was to encourage people from all over the world to send good wishes for Bangladesh and create a global connection with the people of Bangladesh through a series of short video ads.

Coca- Cola created a special theme song “#Happy50 Bangladesh” by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, a prominent Bangladesh musician, reflecting the strong love, affection, devotion, and duty for their motherland among the people of Bangladesh. They promoted this theme song through Facebook video ads.

CocaCola11Click to see the video


Reimagining ways to increase brand awareness with Facebook video

Under the Facebook campaign, citizens of over 60 countries all over the world were invited to send their greetings and wishes to Bangladesh in a video format through Coca-Cola’s official Facebook page. In response to the campaign, they added the hashtags #Happy50Bangladesh and #Coca-Cola with their videos.

Congratulatory greetings poured out from famous personalities and people across the world. From West Indian cricketer Andre Russell to regular people from the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Tunisia, Nigeria, Colombia, Ghana, Panama, and many others joined in the historic celebration on the official Facebook page of Coca-Cola Bangladesh with video messages. The official page was flooded with good wishes and videos showed how well-wishers were happy to be part of the joyous occasion of Bangladesh’s golden jubilee.


CocaCola22Click to see the video

Facebook Solutions

Coca-Cola relied on Facebook Video Ads to showcase real good wishes from across the world to increase brand awareness amongst its most relevant audience based on their interests in soft drinks and International cuisine and aged between 18-35 in the top metros in Bangladesh.

The use of Automatic Placements helped find a wider audience allowing the delivery system to make the most of the budget.

The brand also adopted a test and learn approach with a Brand Lift Measurement study to measure the incremental impact on ad recall and top-of-mind awareness.

Coke333Click to see the video




Golden Success

Facebook successfully helped Coca-Cola achieve its goal, deeply touching the people of Bangladesh and helping make the most memorable connection with the world on its most iconic historic moment. The Facebook brand lift study, which measured the brand awareness from March 25–April 10, 2021, found a positive influence on ad recall and top of mind awareness!



  • +5.0 pts lift in overall Ad Recall

  • +7.8 pts lift in Ad Recall from female audiences

  • +9.5 pts lift in Ad Recall from female GenZ audiences with highest memorability

  • +3.9 pts lift in overall Top of Mind Awareness

  • +4.2 pts lift in Top of Mind from male audiences thinking “Coca Cola comes to mind when they think #Happy50Bangladesh”

  • +6.4 pts lift from millennial males with the highest top-of-mind awareness for the Coca Cola campaign





Download the case study here.