With the holidays just around the corner, businesses everywhere are refining their marketing strategies to ensure maximum exposure and customer attraction this season. But as a result of COVID-19 many brands’ preparation has gone awry, with the pandemic significantly impacting customer behaviour, from in-store footfall to online shopping habits.

Even though the economy is finally seeing some normality, most people are still preferring to shop online in fear of a third pandemic wave.

In which case, digital marketing has really hit the nail on the head, having the highest impact with consumers. But if digitalisation is not your area of expertise, have no fear, Httpool is here. This paper explores some of the most effective digital marketing techniques for gaining traction and dominance throughout the festive period.

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The COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies the effectiveness of audio ads. From the UK government’s extensive use of audio advertisements to provide advice on social distancing and testing to the World Health Organization’s lighthearted radio campaign encouraging people to “help save a life by really, really not going anywhere near it” Audio advertising is getting important messages to the ears of those who need to hear them.

Since the term “audio advertisement” is also used interchangeably with conventional radio campaigns, it’s easy to mistake digital audio advertising for radio advertising. And although radio is also a hugely successful medium in many countries, could digital audio be the next big thing?

The new post Covid-19 reality has propelled digitalisation forward by five years. McKinsey research suggests that it could take anywhere between three to ten years for us to feel that going to supermarkets is again a safe and convenient way of grocery shopping. 

Ad spending in the FMCG/CPG sector saw up to a 53% increase in Q2 of 2020, according to eMarketer research. In the UK, 2020 FMCG/CPG represented a 13.5% share in digital ad spend, earning second place, following retail at 20% ad spend. In the USA, CPG will make up 14.4% of all US digital ad spending in 2020, making it the third-largest spender among the industries we cover. 

Httpool experts offer an analysis as to how FMCG/CPG brands can leverage Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat ads, harnessing the potential of this growing market, projected to reach $15,361.8 billion by 2025.

On 9 May, 45 countries across the globe will celebrate Mother’s Day, including Australia, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Indonesia, etc.  Businesses such as fitness centres, beauty salon, or spas leverage this special holiday to help family members pick out that perfect gift for their mother.t, In 2020, the average American consumer expected to spend more than $200 for this special occasion. With vaccinations and a subsequent return to normality shining on the horizon, this Mother’s Day, we could speculate that gifts would become more generous, as 78 percent of people polled by told NRF last year said that Mother’s Day is even more so significant to them due to the Covid-19 realities.

For marketers, both conventional and “Hallmark invented” holidays represent an amazing opportunity for brand-building. Thus it is important to devote some time and energy to producing holiday-specific content.

Mobile has become king. And with accelerated digitalization due to the past year’s lockdowns, mobile has a great potential to remain the Supreme leader in tech space for the foreseeable future. Many marketers are aware of the 300 Billion dollar opportunity that the mobile advertising market is driving towards. But understanding the basics and exploring options are keys to success.

From the importance of artificial intelligence, AR/VR spheres, to e-commerce and s-commerce, this #HttPaper talks to those curious about the future of mobile advertising.



The celebration of Ramadan focuses on spirituality, togetherness, and reflection, whilst also providing an opportunity for brands to create lively advertising campaigns and build cultural relevance. 

With more than 1.9 billion people celebrating Ramadan globally, the season offers advertisers exciting opportunities to develop their ideas and expand their reach. However, with ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown still in place for countries such as India, Indonesia, and Malaysia, many brands and marketers must think on their feet to stay relevant this season.

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