Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


As the world changes, consumers are moving from offline to online shopping and when they shop their influential conversations on purchases are taking place online. Black Friday is a critical day for the retail sector. For many brands, this period contributes to large sales numbers and it is increasing every year. To benefit from the momentous period, brands need to take advantage of proven strategies to boost their sales during this online shopping carnival.


How can you reach your target audience and engage them for Black Friday?

Tailor your audiences

Determine who you want to share your messages with. Are you targeting fashion enthusiasts or tech professionals? Ensuring you reach your ideal audience at the right time is key when trying to promote your brand and i’s products. 

Solutions such as Wise.Audience allows brands to tap into tailored audiences that go far beyond Twitter Native targeting. With exclusive targeting capabilities, Wise.Audience provides an opportunity to target audiences on Twitter based on their online behavior. Packaged audiences could range from 2020’s Black Friday audience to users interested in tech or fashion. The more relevant your audience is, the greater impact your Black Friday campaign will have.


Keywords and Hashtags

How can your audience find your message on Twitter? Keywords and hashtags can help the right people find the right message they are looking for. Twitter users may use hashtags like #BlackFriday to find out about the best sales or may search keywords relating to the product they are looking for. While you will want to include them in your promotions on an actual day, some consumers will start planning weeks in advance so it’s a good idea to get started early.

If you know what consumers are talking about, or the way they search for their information you have the ability to share your brand’s message in the place where it is most relevant.


Attract and Engage your Audiences
How can you engage with your audience once they have found your brand on Twitter? Creating an exciting experience for your audience in the lead-up to Black Friday will keep you relevant in the minds of the consumers.


A solution like Heart2Remind provides an opportunity to attract and maintain interest over a period of time. Whether it is to promote an important date or moment or remind your audience about exclusive discounts or offers. Users can like a tweet about upcoming exclusive Black Friday offers, and those users will receive serialized content to engage them until it’s time to redeem that offer. 


A/B Test Your Messaging

What is the best way to deliver your message to your targeted audience? The lead-up promotion to Black Friday serves as an ideal time to experiment and assure the success of your advertising efforts on Twitter. Conduct A/B test runs for better-refined creatives that will unlock greater results and better return on advertising spend. This is an opportunity to gather data on the gaps and shortcomings of your creatives and budget, and as a result, analyze and optimize your execution. 


While A/B Testing can be time-consuming there are solutions such as Wise.Blue that is designed to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and maximize workflow efficiency. For Black Friday, you can create different ads or call to action to compare which converts better and assign different target audiences to determine which has the better response.


It is ideal to get started early on building and extending your Black Friday audience and ensuring you engage these audiences with the right message that will drive them to make a purchase. If you want to learn more about creating a 360 Black Friday Twitter strategy, get in touch with an expert. 


Attract and retain your audience on Twitter this Black Friday with WiseBlue’s Heart To Remind solution. Create an exciting experience that will notify your audience of the latest Black Friday offers. Learn More:https://www.wise.blue/blackfriday

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Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


When it comes to marketing on social media for most companies there are many different options to choose from. We are here to tell you why Twitter is the place to be this Black Friday. 

According to Statista.com In the UK alone 87% of UK households made an online purchase in 2020, with the online shopping market continuously rising, marketing your business online has never been more important. During this time where everything seems to be digital a lot of brands both big and small are using social media to promote their products and services. 

Sprout social has conducted a study that reveals the usage statistics of Twitter which shows just how large your audience could be. Black Friday is a day where social media users are constantly exposed to numerous adverts with every few scrolls, with more brands going the conventional Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube path to promote their product/ service; this means there is less commercial noise on Twitter.

With Twitter users being up to date on current trends, brands, products, etc others may ask these people for their advice when considering a purchase, in fact, 9/10 of daily Twitter users actually influence the purchases of friends and family members by having this knowledge. Product interest and adoption is driven by conversations amongst potential consumers and those who are already customers. These conversations are a great way to boost a brand or product by creating an engaging and new conversation. This is known as a Full Funnell Media Strategy which takes advantage of the fact that there is less commercial noise on Twitter as well as using the fact that Twitter is the hub for all trending conversations to the companies advantage.

Twitter is a great platform to create brand and product curiosity as new conversations are always happening where various points of view and opinions can be shared and consumed constantly. This means Twitter users can gain a good understanding of a product or service from those who are already familiar with the brand and adopt interest from these people.  With Twitter users having such an influence on potential new customers and with Black Friday being a focus on sales and adopting new customers or clientele, the services which Wise.Blue offer cannot go unnoticed.

Wise.Blue is an extensive and powerful solution for performance marketing on Twitter. Wise.Blue has set a mission to make marketing your brand on Twitter an easy process, they have created a  technology that allows advertisers to harness the full potential of performance marketing when using Twitter. 

Here are the ways in which Wise.Blue will market your company on Twitter with better workflow efficiency, campaign automation, and optimization.


Wise.Blue supports advertisers running advanced performance campaigns, with unique ad formats and extended targeting. The solution leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to ensure maximum performance and relevancy for every ad dollar spent. Advanced analytics, provide actionable insights to tailor each campaign to meet the campaign KPIs.


In the era of digital, the sky’s the limit. Forget borders, forget sticking to your home market, forget moving slowly – anyone can start selling internationally today. Your customers are everywhere and your business needs to be everywhere, too. 

Well, not everywhere, but rather in all the right places. And finding the right places is what we help our clients with at Httpool and what countless other top performance marketers work on day in and day out. 

It’s also something every growth-oriented business owner with global aspirations should be thinking about. But it’s not easy. 

That’s why we brought together industry leaders, our top experts, and some of our biggest clients to share industry best practices, real success stories, and inside info that will help you go global in the form of the first-ever Aleph’s GoGlobal event.


Go social to go global

There are now over 4 billion active social media users. As Httpool’s VP of Customer Success Maris Naglis will tell you, that’s 4 billion reasons to leverage social media audiences to grow your business. 

The social media landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever before with the majority of people spread across a dozen platforms, each with an ever-evolving set of features and dominated by rapidly changing trends. 

But the rise in complexity brings opportunity. It’s easier to pinpoint your target audience, it’s easier to speak to them, and there are more ways than ever before to convert them into paying customers. 

As the biggest and most dominant social network in the world, Facebook is constantly at the forefront of shaping social media advertising into a channel that benefits its users and advertisers alike.


Go beyond Facebook

Facebook isn’t all you should be concerned about, though. Have you ever thought about advertising on Snapchat? The platform has been around for quite some time, but its active user count is still growing and at a significant rate. 

Not only Snapchat, but TikTok as well are severely underused platforms with significant reach in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. This is of particular importance, as we enter a challenging time for advertisers where targeting options have been curbed by various legislations and device manufacturer decisions – what does marketing even look like in a post-iOS14 world?


Learn from the best

It’s best to learn from the best. Those who are out there in the trenches, planning and tweaking campaigns and paving their way to success. Such as Wolt’s Fredrik Lucander, Kilo.Health’s Erikas Plotkina, and Nordeus’ Andrej Kugonic. Trendsetters in their own right, during the GoGlobal event, shared and discussed their experiences, strategies, lessons, and views on advertising when entering new markets. 

Civitta’s Rokas Šalaševičius elaborate on customer lifetime value in his own keynote. In an age of fast-paced mass marketing, it’s easy to get hyperfocused on new user acquisition and forget to invest in building lasting relationships with existing ones. If that sounds like you, then you’re missing out on a lot of growth opportunities. 


Aim for the stars

The insights didn’t stop there. We gave the floor to top experts from Ericsson, Snapchat, Wise.Blue, Criteo, and more. 

Digital has opened up the world as our stage. No matter where on the Planet we are sitting. And on this level playing field, your competitive advantage is your knowledge. Insights and best practices that give you that extra edge over your competitors.

We are committed to empowering all who are looking to sell internationally to be up to date with the latest trends, ready to future-proof their digital campaigns and rise for the stars.


You can watch the whole GoGlobal event here.

Small Business Best Practices by Httpool Cambodia

There’s a world full of people waiting to discover your brand on TikTok, and it’s never been easier to connect with our global community. TikTok’s playful, the casual vibe feels exciting and spontaneous. Any post can go viral, and every moment is a new chance to spark joy.

Creativity is key—and brands that join the fun will discover new opportunities to make an impact with their audience. It all starts with TikTok Ads Manager, which we’ve designed to be straightforward, easy to use, and most of all: effective. We want to make the process as simple as possible so that brands can become part of the TikTok community and start seeing results.


Why advertise with TikTok Ads Manager?

🌎  Worldwide reach

TikTok has been one of the world’s most downloaded apps in recent years, and you’ll find TikTok users in more than 150 countries.

💬 Effective engagement

TikTok’s fun, imaginative format inspires widespread participation and generates high levels of engagement.

🎨 Creative ad formats & tools

We make it easy to unleash your creative side with a variety of ad formats and templates. You’ll also find user-friendly tools for easily transforming your images and videos into engaging ads. No need to be a pro editor!

📌  Precise targeting

You can connect with potential customers by targeting your audience by gender, location, age, interests, and other unique variables.

🔍  Transparent tracking

Monitoring your ad’s performance is a breeze with detailed data and customized reports. We’ve partnered with trustworthy, third-party tracking companies to help track your ad conversions, users’ in-app actions, impressions, and click attribution data. You’ll be able to see exactly where your marketing budget is going.


Step-by-step guide to creating a TikTok Ads Manager account

To get started on TikTok Ads Manager you’ll need to create an account, complete your account setup, and pass an account review. If you don’t already have a personal account on TikTok, we suggest starting there first. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform and get a feel for our unique video landscape and our community’s approach to content.


Step #1: Create your login

Go to TikTok Ads Manager’s signup page and fill in the boxes with your email address (or phone number) and a password. Click “Send Code” to receive your verification code, and don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Sign Up” to create your login.


Step #2: Open your account

Fill in the boxes with some basic information about your business, including the country/region where you’re located, your time zone, and your preferred currency for billing. You’ll also need to enter the name of your business, which must be the same as (or closely related to) your company’s legal name.

Double-check that your information is correct, especially the time zone, because you will not be able to change it later. Click “Register” to open your account.


Step #3: Enter your business information

The first time you log in, you’ll see a pop-up form where you can enter your business and billing information. Fill in the boxes with information about your company, including the street address, state/province, and postal code where your business is registered.

Pay special attention to the company website box. You’ll need to enter the URL of your company’s website in the following format: https://www.tiktok.com/. To pass the account review, your website must function properly, contain all the required contact information, clearly promote a product or service, and be relevant to the product or service you want to promote.

 If you want to access these settings later, the profile icon in the upper-right-hand corner will give you access to “Account Settings.” Click “Account Info” under this menu to return here.


Step #4: Select your payment method

You can choose between manual or automatic payments (if available in your market). After you set up your payment type, you will not be able to change it.


Step #5: Submit your account information

After you’ve filled in all your information and double-checked it for accuracy, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. We’ll review your information and let you know within 24 hours whether your account has been approved.


You’re in: Welcome to TikTok!

Once your TikTok Ads Manager account has been approved, you’re ready to start creating customized campaigns and connecting with a world of new customers. We want your first campaign on TikTok to be a resounding success, and we’re here to show you the ropes.

By Rohan Noronha, Facebook Partner Director, Httpool Bangladesh


Over the past several years, Bangladesh has made impressive progress in the field of e-commerce. This progress was more visible from the start of last year when the unfortunate Covid outbreak started and the unprecedented shutdown. Due to the pandemic, many have turned to the sector for livelihood. According to the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-cab), business transactions worth BDT7000 crore took place in 2020 through traditional e-commerce platforms.

With more people now accepting digital practices such as online shopping, digital payments, and home delivery services, business online has become more accessible. According to Statista, the online shopping market in Bangladesh was worth 1,648 million dollars in 2019 and is expected to grow to 2 thousand 77 million dollars this year, and 3 thousand 77 million dollars in 2023.

Datareprotal reports that there are 47.61 million internet users in Bangladesh, and out of this, 45 million are social media users. These vast numbers of users are potential consumers for e-commerce businesses. With Facebook’s innovative and effective tools to conduct businesses, business owners have a very effective way of connecting with the consumers.

While running a business on Facebook is relatively easy, there are certain things one should consider before they fully engage in it, especially if they are going to run digital advertising campaigns;

Getting started with digital advertising: Facebook offers a suite of advertising tools to fit the needs of all advertisers. For those brand new to digital advertising, they provide lightweight ad creation tools that allow them to create, manage and track the success of their ads directly from the Facebook Page. Ads Manager will enable advertisers to create, manage, and access advanced advertising features for those looking for more advertising options.


Grow business’s online presence and extend reach: According to a report by the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), there are 2,000 web-based enterprises and 50,000 social media-based entrepreneurs. But growing online presence is essential to ensure sustainability in businesses. Facebook advertising may be a natural next step to reach more of the target groups of businesses. And to do so, businesses need to create a Facebook Page for their businesses. Facebook Page can add credibility to ads and give people a place to learn more about businesses.


Aligning ads with business goals: Before conducting advertising campaigns, one should first align the purpose of the ads with the business goals they want to achieve through it. Such as if a business person wants to drive engagement on their social media posts, they should consider boosting their posts or if they want more customers to visit their website, they can try website ads through social media. Properly aligning their ads with business goals could assist them in achieving more return on investment.


Find new customers: Due to the pandemic, the Bangladeshi e-commerce sector has witnessed exceptional growth. Considering the social media usage in the country, there are lots of potential customers for every business. To reach new people, one can even use tools such as Lookalike Audiences. A Lookalike audience can be built based on fans or Facebook Page or from a Custom Audience created by uploading a customer list. A Lookalike Audience works by identifying the typical qualities of people in the target audience (ex, the people who like Facebook Page) and then finds people who are similar to (or “look like”) them. A businessperson can target ads to these Lookalike Audiences to expand his reach, find new customers and grow his business.


Learn more about the customers: Learning and understanding the customers and their needs can always assist any business to grow more. When businesses run ads on Facebook, they access their campaigns insights through their page’s ad center tab or Ads manager. Business owners will be able to see current updates on how a particular ad is performing. For example, one can see how their audience responds, where their audience is from, their age demographics, and more. They’ll also see data related to the goal of their ad. For example, if they boosted a post, they can track the number of engagements the post received from the people who saw their ad. When they start tracking their ads, they can leverage those insights to inform business decisions, like the types of people they’d like to target and how.


New technologies, new shopping behaviors, and new customers are entering the market every day. These changes are opening up big opportunities for digital consumer business that can pivot quickly into the new ways of marketing.

By Archana Roche, Facebook Measurement Lead, Httpool APAC


facebook guide


Facebook Marketplace is an easy and convenient online marketplace for users to buy and sell new and used products locally.

Launched in October 2016, it has since gained immense popularity, with over 800 million individuals each month using Facebook Marketplace in 70 countries worldwide; making it one of the most effective online platforms for marketers. From small retailers looking to boost conversions and sales to established marketers testing out a new product, its simplicity of use makes it an easy and convenient way to start marketing instantly, even in the absence of a website.

You don’t even have to download another app or set up a new account. All you have to do is list your items and you’re good to go, directly reaching thousands of shoppers in your local community. So, If you’re a marketer who hasn’t yet started utilizing the Facebook marketplace, now is the time to do so.

Why is Facebook Marketplace good for my business?

The Marketplace, as the name suggests, allows you to reach buyers on Facebook who are already browsing products. It reduces friction in the path to purchase by providing quick answers with real-time responses through its free Messenger app. The marketplace offers unique mobile-friendly listings that are quick and easy to use, helping you target buyers on the go and deliver useful information, such as price and product description in no time at all.

With its 2.89 billion monthly active users, as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook presents a massive market opportunity for businesses around the globe. Facebook Marketplace, in particular, has 1 Billion active members, with a significant benefit for small businesses, allowing firms to reach previously unprecedented global audiences.

facebook guide 1

What can I sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is the perfect commerce platform for almost all categories, from clothing and accessories to electronics, entertainment, hobbies, and even real estate.
However, not all products are welcomed with open arms. Facebook adheres to strict policies and community standards, prohibiting the sale of alcohol, hazardous products, the promotion of gambling, and any form of discrimination (See the complete list here).

How can I make the most out of the Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace gives businesses access to a wide variety of options and tools, such as the merchant selling feature. Companies can also utilize marketing automation technologies to develop automated responses to consumer queries, and chatbots to answer frequently asked questions in real-time.

facebook guide 2

One-on-one selling to prospects

Businesses can sell directly to buyers using Facebook Messenger through Facebook Marketplace. Prospective purchasers can immediately ask questions, allowing advertisers to respond in real-time. This feature provides consumers with all the information they require before they lose interest, putting your customers at ease and validating their purchasing decisions.

facebook guide 3

Choose your preferred payment processor

The only DIY aspect of Marketplace is the processing of payments; this is the one service that Facebook does not provide to its advertisers. As a result, companies can use any payment method they wish, including Paypal, bank transfers, Shopify, and BigCommerce payment processors. You can also accept cash as a payment, which is the most frequent choice for users.

facebook guide 4

Increase sales by listing products for free

All businesses can use Facebook Marketplace to list and manage products for free, with setting up practically taking minutes, streamlining the conversion process all while increasing revenue. So, if you currently have a Facebook shop, connect it to your Marketplace and watch conversions soar.

facebook guide 5

Facebook Marketplace is ideal for companies looking to market their products online. It’s large audience unlocks thousands of new customers right on your doorstep, and you don’t even have to pay for your listings. So what’s stopping you? Setup is straightforward and can instantly help you sell and promote your products to a larger audience.

What makes it even more interesting is the ability for businesses to combine Marketplace with their preferred tools, such as CRMs and autoresponders. This will increase your chances of obtaining leads, nurturing them, and most importantly, converting them into consumers. As long as you have something to sell, there is always someone searching for it on Facebook Marketplace.

By Nawaf Ghansar, Sr Client Partner, Httpool


Video advertising has come a long way in the digital ecosystem. It started with running in-stream ads on video publishers like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc., and moved to out-stream video formats so even non-video publishers could offer and monetize video ads. Then came tech platforms that offered more significant reach because they had video inventory across various publishers. Now we have OTT (over-the-top) platforms that offer video ads too. All in all, video ads share in the digital media pie has grown tremendously over the last few years and will continue to do so in the years to come. There are 356 million mobile video viewers in India, according to InMobi’s State of Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising in India research.

While advertisers were initially happy to look at the only cost per reach from their video campaigns, they slowly but surely started to look at factors beyond reach. They looked at metrics like CTR’s (click-through rates) and CPCV (cost per completed view). Publishers started to optimize their campaigns to meet these metrics, and advertisers were happy with the low eCPCV’s they were getting. What some people didn’t realize was in haste to meet the demand, publishers found a loophole and took steps like making video ads non-skippable to drive lower eCPCV’s or higher VCR’s (Video Completion Rate). But is VCR an accurate metric of whether an individual has seen the ad?

As mentioned earlier, VCR can be tweaked by making the user forcefully view the ad or allowing the ad to run in the background even though the ad is not fully visible. While the forced view of ads is a problem for users and is a topic in itself, let’s focus on partially viewed video ads. As an advertiser, would you ever pay for a TV spot where your video commercial is not fully visible or buy an outdoor hoarding that is covered by a tree? Probably not; then why are advertisers ok with paying for video ads on digital where it’s not entirely viewable? They have been informed that they meet the regulatory bodies’ norms, like IAB’s viewability norm, which states that the ad should be 50% viewable for 2 consecutive seconds.

Looking at the example, can you make out the brand from this ad?


I do not think so!

This is why advertisers globally have been moving to a more superior metric to measure their video campaigns: Viewable Video Completion Rates or V2CR. This metric does not give a lopsided view to the advertiser concerning their video campaigns. It looks at two essential metrics in tandem: VCR (Video Completion Rate) and Viewability.

V2CR = Viewability * VCR

What this means is, if, let’s say, the viewability of your video ad campaign was 50%, and the VCR was 80%, the Viewable Video Completion Rate is 40%. Most publishers do not measure this metric or disclose it to the advertisers. This is because the inevitable truth of the quality of the video campaigns will come out: the quality of video views is very, very poor. Some of the biggest video platforms in the industry have a V2CR benchmark of around 40%-50%.

To all the Digital Marketing Managers, I ask you this: while your video advertising partner must be driving very low eCPCV’s for you, what is the quality of video view they are driving?

By Rohan Noronha, Facebook Partner Director, Httpool Bangladesh


It’s no secret that machine learning and artificial intelligence have become a massive part of our everyday lives, existing in all shapes and sizes, including the Facebook algorithm – delivering results to advertising campaigns worldwide.

Facebook’s machine learning algorithms influence everything from budget optimization to dynamic text, making it easier and more cost-efficient for any business to identify their ideal consumer on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

And while the system can seem confusing to a newcomer, there are two key factors influencing which ads are shown at any given time. One you can control (target audience, goals, and ad quality), and another is managed solely by the Facebook algorithm (auctioning).

The heart

Marketers, through the use of highly targeted demographics, can effectively reduce the number of irrelevant ad placements on Facebook. Essentially, they are given the chance to tell the AI robots exactly what kind of person they wish to view their ads. After all, there’s no point in offering kitchen appliances to those ordering take-out every night! And the targeting possibilities are almost endless – think age, location, gender, interests, activities, and even past behaviour and interactions online. Your target audience can also now be generated from an email list or created as a look-a-like to a previously existing audience.

The campaign goal is completely in the control of the advertiser and needs to be strategically thought through before implementation. And when you know exactly what you want to achieve, enter the Facebook algorithm, assessing the possibility of this happening and evaluating user behavior to provide an estimated action rate.

But, nothing matters more than the quality of your ad. Facebook awards each ad with its very own quality score, determined by another of its machine learning models. For example, if users are seen to be hiding your ad, it can’t be providing much value to your audience. Actions like these lower an ads score and decrease its chances of appearing in the future. On the flip side, ads generating higher levels of engagement, in turn, have a higher quality score and appear more frequently on the platform.

The brain

If an ad’s target audience, goals, and quality score are at its heart, then the Facebook algorithm is the brain beating it. The two work together in parallel as the algorithm’s goal is to guarantee advertisers the best price-performance ratio. For example, if machine learning predicts that an individual will ignore an ad, the decision to place it should be rethought as the estimated action rate will be lowered.

girl robot

When business leaders hear the word “auction,” they automatically assume that the highest bidder wins. But in reality, we’ve seen that offering to pay the most is only a minor factor in the equation of the Facebook auction. If the machine learning algorithm forecasts higher levels of engagement and favorable replies, you may have the lowest bid, but the race is still yours to win.

robot mirror

And as always, we need to make sure that our heart is in the right place, and our brain is stimulated. While we may have no influence over this machine learning model, the preparations we take while planning ad campaigns are critical. Deliver a weak ad and you won’t get very far. So make the most of your planning and strategy, leveraging analytics to improve your ad over time. This way Facebook machine learning models will work in your favor, and your heart will always go on.

by Diana Coman, Regional Client Partner Snapchat


Snap Back to School gif

It’s that time of the year again where we are all stocking up on new school supplies, starting new classes and schools and looking forward to seeing our friends and excited for the new friends we will be making! Friends are such an important part of the school experience, having a sense of community is what gets us through the school day. We look to our friends for inspiration when deciding which of the latest trends to adopt and Snapchat is a great way to connect and keep up to date with what trendsetters are wearing. Snapchat is hosting a back to school celebration this year to drive purchases, read more to learn about how you and your brand can get involved!


The percentage of people using Snapchat to shop for their back to school essentials has reached 85%

Snap Back To School


Compared to other social media platforms Snapchat comes out on top when it comes to the amount of people shopping for back to school supplies. The graphs below show that Snapchat beats competitors at every stage of the shopping journey. 



Snap used Back to School



Snap Back to School gif2


Here are some more statistics on why Snapchat is the place to be this September:

The 2020 back to school season showed us that 82% of student Snapchatters influenced what their parents were purchasing for their return to school.

Snapchat trendsetters are what drives a lot of sales traffic, with 73% of users saying they would be more enticed to shop from a brand that their friends have been buying from and talkinging about.

50% of all users are using Snapchat to spread the word about their exciting new purchases to family and friends.

Student users are not the only ones whose shopping is influenced by others. Snapchat reports show that of the Snapchat users who are parents, 79% of them are also influenced by their friends and family.



With these statistics in mind it is clear that trends are a huge driver when it comes to back to school shopping, make sure that your brand is utilising this!

5G is driving e-commerce 

With the usage of 5G increasing, this is helping e-commerce tools and apps work more smoothly. With the evolving functionality users are finding it much easier to navigate their way through different applications which makes the shopping experience even easier. 


Shopping with morals

Shopping from brands who promote a positive ethos has never been more relevant, shoppers now are very concerned about which brands are promoting social justice. This has influenced shopping habits hugely as customers are now less likely to shop from brands who do not uphold the same values as them. 


Living well

Mental and physical health is a big topic of discussion and school should be a place where everyone feels a sense of security. With this in mind you can expect products and/or services to be catered toward these needs. This may also include tech based products or services which remind users to take breaks or relax during study periods to prioritise their well being. 


Shared interests 

Shared experiences and interests is how people communicate with each other during this digital age and this is how friendships are created. 


Flex Culture

The idea of the flex culture is misconstrued, at Snapchat instead of seeing this as showing off it is seen as an opportunity to share who you are with the world, by sharing your interests and what puts a smile on your face!


How your brand can get involved! 

  1. Run promotional materials through the back to school celebration style. 
  2. By using photos and videos this will make you part of the conversation.
  3. Use AR so Snapchatters can try on certain products. This will help to drive traffic to your site. 
  4. Make sure to connect your app or website to Snapchat to increase conversion rates. 
  5. Make sure you have brand ambassadors and trend setters promoting your product. 

Snap Back to school gif3


Shoppers are more likely to return to a brand which has helped them through nerve racking and memorable times. By helping customers with their return to school this will create an emotional connection with each customer. 


To show just how well this approach works here are two success stories for you to take a look at:


What are you waiting for? Join the celebration today!

By Anna Gorka, Global Spotify Partner Director, Httpool


Audio ads have risen in popularity as one of the most popular kinds of digital advertising today. Audio ads are a crucial component of the audio revolution that has taken the world of advertising by storm. They are served to listeners through various distribution channels, including smart speakers, audio search, music streaming services, and traditional radio.

Music plays a much more significant role in our culture than most people realise.

In 2019 the global music streaming market was worth 20.9 billion USD and was projected to rise at a CAGR of 17.8% from 2020 to 2027. During the forecast period, the rising popularity of digital platforms and the increasing adoption rate of smart devices are expected to impact industry development positively. Users can listen to audio, podcasts and watch music videos on sites offering music streaming services. Furthermore, these services include music suggestions, automatic playlist customisation, and hassle-free accessibility on smartphones and browsers, both of which are expected to attract end-user interest during the forecast period.

Many platform providers also let you try out their premium subscriptions for free. Promotional deals such as free monthly trials and price reductions in subscription models have also driven market growth in emerging markets. Similarly, as more customers opt for paid subscriptions, the market for music streaming services is projected to rise.


  • 100% Share of Voice
  • Up to 30’ UNSKIPPABLE ads
  • 365M monthly active users across 178 markets
  • 70M+ tracks, 4B+ playlists



First, try to think of which KPIs you need to choose the right format to accomplish your goals. Second, we always recommend running a multi-format campaign on Spotify to drive more robust performance, thus reaching better results in brand awareness or Ad recall.



Try to understand your audience, think of their routine, and choose the right targeting. Spotify users listen across devices — in fact, Spotify Free listeners stream on average 2.5 hours each day. And because they’re logged in with a single identity, you can reach them through multiple devices such as mobiles, desktops, tablets, cars, connected devices, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles.



As audio is one of the key formats, try to use the whole length of its 30 second time slot – it is UNSKIPPABLE! Don’t be shy; talk to your listeners and include a VERBAL CALL-TO-ACTION. In addition to the audio spot, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit, allowing you to extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination. So be creative! You also have the option to immerse your audience in 3D Audio and reach higher engagement.