Ramadan presents an opportunity to connect with new audiences. With 133 million Tweets*** globally, it’s clear that Ramadan is happening on Twitter.


Plug in when conversations peak

Starting a month before the events begin, conversations revolve around family, fasting, and prayer. However, towards the end of the month topics shift to homecoming (mudik) and celebration.


Digital communication and social media connections are still highly important during Ramadan in Indonesia. Many people prefer to stay in touch online in comparison to calling their family and friends at this time of the year.

Thus Twitter remains a great opportunity for brands to talk to their clients. A successful Twitter campaign is one in which brands tell a story, and following some of the below expert advice. 


Get the timing right

Before the sun rises at 4am, Tweet volumes begin to rise, reaching a peak during the breaking of fast between 7pm and 10pm. For marketers, this represents an opportunity to stay connected to their audience during crucial periods where they are the most active. Adding dayparting as another layer of campaign strategy will surely uplift the results. With more than 60% of Indonesian users planning for Ramadan shopping just one week in advance, offers and promotions should be timed towards such shopping patterns to maximize sales.

Have a dedicated mobile strategy

Ramadan is the time of the year where mobile first is paramount. In Indonesia, the mobile-first market has an estimated 71% mobile phone internet user penetration rate** in 2021. Users will spend more time on mobile than ever before, therefore a dedicated mobile communication strategy will not only add reach but will also help gain improved engagements. People are going to be on the move during these festival seasons. Mobile marketing gives you more layers of targeting and response tracking.

Focus on convenience

In many cases consumers prefer convenience over brand loyalty, with a huge spike in retail and e-commerce occurring each year during Ramadan, brands should be focusing on the users’ online shopping experience. Faster delivery time might encourage an increase in sales figures.

Target your competition

Dining with family and friends is another high-priority activity for most celebrating Ramadan. Targeting competition outlets, leveraging big data, and gathering audience insights on food consumption patterns is a beneficial digital investment. A smaller QSR brand targeting a big chain customer will spike sales.

Explore some examples of brands that leveraged Twitter to reach their audiences during Ramadan here.


Read the full Httpool White Paper and discover more about advertising during Ramadan.







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** Statista; Statista Digital Market Outlook 2020-https://www.statista.com/statistics/309017/indonesia-mobile-phone-internet-user-penetration/ 

*** Marting on Twitter: https://marketing.twitter.com/en_apac/insights/six-insights-for-marketers-in-indonesia-to-help-brand-succeed 

With significant media budgets at play during Ramadan, and people spending more time on social media, measurement becomes vital to marketing success. With Facebook Measurement solutions like split testing, brand lift, and conversion lift studies, brands can drive success and measure their investments’ actual value.

Archana Roche, Facebook Measurement Lead, Httpool APAC: “Measuring what matters and focussing on the right metrics, rather than proxy metrics or tracking, will help ensure that the real business impact is assessed. Businesses often rely on metrics like shares, impressions, comments, and views to determine ROI, hence the term proxy metrics. For this year’s Ramadan celebration focus on what truly matters to your company. Start with aligning on business objectives and setting metrics and KPIs that are directly linked to your business, ranging from sales or conversions, to brand metrics, based on causality and incrementality. Planning will make all the difference to success this Ramadan. Before you launch your campaigns, make sure your house is in order. That means your pixel and SDK integrations are working correctly, you have built and updated your product catalogue, implanted offline conversions, developed a strategy for messenger, and established your presence there.”


Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to test and scale, learning what works, and refining marketing activation based on learnings. The 30-day period with at least two peaks of heightened shopping activity is a competitive time, and to measure the true value of your advertising savvy, marketers must complete rigorous testing. By comparing the outcomes of two different groups of people, those exposed to your strategy and those who are not, marketers are able to identify purchases as a direct result of the ad, in contrast to those who would have made the purchase ordinarily. Consumers directly influenced by the strategy are called incremental customers. This allows us to understand the direct impact Facebook has on marketing activity. With Facebook measurement, we measure this incremental impact. 

Read more about advertising during Ramadan in our Wite Paper here.

Insights & news

The sky’s the limit

Rebecca’s Story

A strong believer in being present in the moment, be it one-on-one meetings or spending quality time with her children, Rebecca carefully organises her schedule, distributing her focus appropriately, and ensuring enough time is given to execute tasks to the highest level. “Combining our career and family schedules requires a strong support system. It takes a village to raise a family, so we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for support. Having a supportive employer like Httpool can make a big difference too!”

Prioritization is Rebecca’s key to success. “We have so many ideas floating around and need to choose wisely. When setting a priority project, I always ask myself: What will make the biggest impact and add the most value for our company?”

Having joined Httpool tasked with setting up the central HR function, Rebecca’s team now includes top HR professionals that support Httpool employees across more than 30 markets. “Being transparent in communication and seeing my team as partners is important. I believe in our skilled staff and know that their own unique experiences can bring so much to the table, any leader should be proud to leverage this”. explains Rebecca.  “Httpool puts emphasis on diversity and growth, believing that the sky’s the limit, proving everyone with the opportunity to shape their own career”.

rebecca social

Maintaining strong communication and continuous education are key assets in Rebecca’s vision of the future, driven by technology and artificial intelligence. “Many systems already utilise machine learning to make employee predictions. Whilst this is an interesting idea, I still believe in the necessity of HR professionals who are able to actually talk to employees,  understanding their feelings, and why they feel the way they do. After all, human talent is the only thing capable of linking innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the 21st century.”

Rebecca feels that Httpool employees are undoubtedly a winning formula for the future. “I have never met so many diverse, talented, kind, and passionate people within a company prior to Httpool”. Our employees are spread across 32 countries, all with their own unique cultural backgrounds, and languages, this is the driving force behind international operations. “I am proud that Httpool has a gender balanced team and we all pursue the same goals and are aligned in both our vision and mission, wherever we are in the world!”.

Rebecca’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Think about what you are good at, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you love (concept of ‘ikigai’). If you are still studying, I would highly encourage pursuing internships as early as possible. Once you have decided on your career, focus on it, be passionate, level up your skills and strive to become a better version of yourself every day.

Spela’s Story

Spela is a big believer in creating lasting connections at all levels. Her magic potion for successful leadership in communication is a combination of “the ability to understand the big picture, express and coordinate opinions, streamlining key messages, and offering full transparency of the process”. It’s often the case that we hear communications professionals prefer to listen rather than talk, aiming to ensure messages are understood and translated effectively. 

Having started her journey at Httpool with the task to set up central operations for Public Relations, Spela has gained extensive insights into valuable global operations. “That’s the magic of Httpool. We are bringing together a network of top experts who support and encourage each other in their quest for excellence”.

Spela says that her varying roles in life make her who she is, “I don’t think of myself as a working mum, or a business woman, rather a unique combination of ambitions that encompass my everyday life”. She applies this belief in her leadership techniques, encouraging colleagues to try anything at least once, and to not be afraid of diversity or the unknown. “I learn from my daughter, my husband, family, and friends, as well as senior managers and my colleagues”, she comments, utilizing and applying these lessons in both work and personal spheres is an important factor in successful leadership”. 

spela social

Spela dreams of a future “without conflicts and with respect for nature. A time where kindness is the main trait of all people around the world.” She believes that companies such as Httpool are in a great position to create a brighter tomorrow. “I talk to people of various cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise, and feel the highest level of respect they have for one another, while radiating general kindness.” In the ever growing AI and digital reality, Spela still acknowledges the importance of human touch, and suggests this is a key component allowing individuals and companies to shine through the clutter. 

Spela’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Society will inevitably try to steer you in particular directions, labelling you, and outlining the correct perceived roles. It takes a leap of faith to break these old patterns and start down new exciting paths. Regardless of what career you choose, always demand respect, and never forget your voice. Look for an environment where you can be creative and where your contributions will be valued. 

Sylvia’s Story

An ambitious and impressionable female leader, Sylvia is proud to be living in a country where girls are encouraged to pursue education and build a career. “It is important to not take this for granted since many parts of the world have not yet reached this standard”.

Having begun her career with Httpool as the Twitter Account Manager, within two years Sylvia now manages a team of seven and leads regional operations for Snapchat in five Central European markets. Sylvia believes that trusting in your abilities and listening to your gut are essential attributes to hold. “It is important to gather all the information available in order to make the best decision. Sometimes there is not enough information and you will have to rely on your experience and gut feeling.”. She believes that people learn from their mistakes whilst also commenting that “a mistake can always be made once, but not twice because you should learn from the first time”.

For Sylvia, equal opportunities and respect span across the board. “It does not matter what business context you’re in, at the end of the day we are all people working with people. That is the reason why it is important to make inclusive decisions which is more likely if the group of decision makers is diverse. Ideally the group of decision makers includes people from all ages, genders and backgrounds.”

sylvia social new

Sylvia has a strong sense of self and encourages others to feel the same. “Having the knowledge that I am my own person, with my own thoughts, opinions and motivations, makes me confident. Life naturally gives you several roles like being a daughter, a wife or a businesswoman, but the most important role you have is being yourself. This means that you need to make the life choices which are right for you, not the ones to meet the expectations of someone else.” Treating others with respect and demanding the same in return is at the core of her value system. 

Sylvia’s advice for young girls choosing a career path

Be true to yourself and don’t focus solely on meeting the expectations of others. And of course, don’t forget to listen to your gut feeling! You will only be treated in the way you let yourself be treated. Be polite but always stand up for yourself and your opinions, if something feels wrong or uncomfortable, speak up. 

Lisa’s Story

Staying positive and goal oriented has enabled Lisa to guide her team successfully through a year of lockdowns and uncertainty. “We were forced to adapt, altering our market strategy, whilst managing to remain strong and ambitious”. Empathy, communication, and strong organizational skills are the key factors to Lisa’s success. “My goal is to make team members reach their full individual potential. This approach leads to a higher productivity and drive for development”.

Lisa believes that women need to harness and value their femininity. Combining this with perceived traditionally male characteristics, will allow women to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Having begun her journey with Httpool as Campaign manager, Lisa quickly realized that her calling was working with clients and creating advertising concepts. She progressed in her career and became Account Manager, later taking on the challenge of Spotify Product Lead in Austria. As of last year, Lisa leads the Httpool Spotify team for Central European markets and is “excited to see how different markets work and what challenges they are facing; enabling her to support operations on various levels”.

lisa social

Lisa believes that taking time to know yourself, and how you can best perform is key to professional success. “I like change and development, and so the biggest perk at work is that I can influence not just the success of the company but also internal processes and develop positive habits.” 

Lisa places emphasis on holding positive interpersonal, ethical and intellectual values. She strives to learn and develop at every step, not just professionally but also personally. “Making a positive change in my individual area of influence and being successful in it, keeps me going every day”.

Lisa’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Find your personal unique selling point, have faith in your individual strengths, and develop them until you reach success. Don’t try to copy something that has already been done, be unique and confident. Especially for young girls it’s important to know their worth and receive appreciation. 

Ingrita’s Story

Ever eager to continue her development and knowledge, Ingrita is passionate about Twitter and proud to lead Httpool’s operation for this global partner.

Ingrita is not much of a believer in cliche quotes claiming that doing what you love means you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and instead prefers to be realistic and knows that challenging days will always exist. She does however agree that following a career you love will create the necessary motivation to move forward. “Sometimes it’s the small things that provide the needed kick to keep going, whether this be as simple as seeing a great campaign or sharing an idea with a colleague”.

Success comes from passion and hard work. “The grind and dedication you put in behind the scenes is what will make you shine. What others see is just the tip of the iceberg of all the work you’ve done to achieve the result”.  In the past year, dominated by lockdowns, Ingrita has become a professional juggler, balancing multiple roles at once, from the home schooling of her two children, hosting a playground, featuring as a hairdresser, creating a home gym, and a home office for both herself and her husband. 

Ingrita continues to be passionate about growth, she thoroughly enjoys getting involved and creating new projects. Having begun her journey with Httpool working within the Central European markets, with the focus on Switzerland, Austria and Poland, she is now also in charge of the Nordics and the wider global operations. Regardless of her amazing success, Ingrita always strives to remain humble and believes that “there should never be a point in which you feel you have done it all and reached the ceiling”. 

Ingrita’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Do not forget you can do anything you set your mind to, it’s ok follow your dreams. Apply for the job you want, even if you don’t fulfill all the criteria, it never hurts to try! Be brave, even if you fail, it’s ok. Learn from it and move forward.

Insights & news

Innovation and multitasking

Archana’s Story

Archana considers innovation and fresh thinking to be the life force of Httpool and she imbibes this thinking into every aspect of her work. This approach of uncovering opportunities and solutions, has led to her journey from leading brand strategy, to marketing and then to leading Facebook APAC measurement and analytics.

She rates time management as a key ingredient in any success story. Her recent completion of multiple Blueprint certifications in the span of a couple of months, she credits to multitasking. “While writing presentations or emails, I was listening to training content, it helped me immensely.”

Having worked across different functions, she believes knowledge sharing internally and externally is integral for clients and team members to have a better experience of platforms and practices. “Information sharing enables informed decision making, dramatically increasing the success rate of a project.”

Archana strives to remain “on” the digital curve, seeking to constantly learn something new, evolve and adapt. Her source of inspiration are the formula 1 drivers who put in lap after lap at top speeds for that 1/10th of a time improvement. “Irrespective of whether remote work continues or not, teams will need to continuously learn and stay motivated to give off their best.”

Archana’s advice for young girls choosing a career path

Choose to focus on your passion and re-skill / up-skill continuously. Win trust with your focus and dedication, which will set you aside from the pack. Be fearless about your ideas, and speak up. And remember that any idea must have an implementation plan ready. These qualities will help build a career path that is uniquely yours.

Eva’s Story

Eva prides herself on her ability to empathise with and understand her team members. Combining these skills with a realistic approach to leadership is key to Eva’s success as Httpool’s Facebook Team Lead in Slovenia.

With the belief that a business starts and ends with people, Eva focuses on the use of positive energy and strives to build and maintain excellent interpersonal relationships with partners, clients, and team members. “Coming to work energized makes you powerful and by feeling powerful you are able to empower others.” she comments.

Having progressed from Account Manager to Facebook Team Lead, Eva continuously strives to create opportunities for her team members. She believes that “you cannot give people motivation, people must motivate themselves, the manager needs to be understanding and enable them to pursue opportunities.”

Looking forward, both sustainability and global collaboration will play a central role, and digital marketing will become the queen of advertising. Consumer behaviour will change and brands will have to learn to adapt, and invest in topics such measurement and data analytics to create impactful campaigns. “The digital era has most certainly arrived” concludes Eva.

Eva’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Don’t be afraid of the stereotype that gender determines your career path. Follow your vision and never forget that, despite rapid development of technology, businesses need people. Professional relationships stay with you forever so keep up the good vibes. In the end, all pieces will eventually fall into place.

Aiga’s Story

Coming from a vibrant startup community, Aiga understands the importance of focus and structure with leadership, but also emphasises the value of being yourself. “As a leader you have to be genuinely interested in the people you work with, always apply a personal touch, and maintain a strong level of emotional fitness”.

Having previously worked within both national and local startups, Aiga now leads Httpool’s international startup initiative. “Httpool is on the front line for all changes in digitalisation, providing direct support to partners and clients, finding solutions, and learning how to adapt to new realities”. Aiga and her team are excited to be part of this. 

As our future becomes ever more digital, and remote working a reality, the main focus of organisations and leaders should be on education and the environment. Successful leaders will have to rely on strong communication skills and a deep understanding of varying cultures and opinions and the ways in which these can be consolidated.

Aiga post

Aiga’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

There are so many opportunities out there! I grew up in a small village and went to a countryside school. I always knew I could do anything I wanted to, as long as I put my mind to it. Don’t forget it’s ok to change the approach in reaching your goals. Just follow your passion. Career you will be following may not even exist now. Just like in my case. Startup ambassador is something very new, and I’m enjoying the ride.