Ingrita’s Story

Ever eager to continue her development and knowledge, Ingrita is passionate about Twitter and proud to lead Httpool’s operation for this global partner.

Ingrita is not much of a believer in cliche quotes claiming that doing what you love means you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and instead prefers to be realistic and knows that challenging days will always exist. She does however agree that following a career you love will create the necessary motivation to move forward. “Sometimes it’s the small things that provide the needed kick to keep going, whether this be as simple as seeing a great campaign or sharing an idea with a colleague”.

Success comes from passion and hard work. “The grind and dedication you put in behind the scenes is what will make you shine. What others see is just the tip of the iceberg of all the work you’ve done to achieve the result”.  In the past year, dominated by lockdowns, Ingrita has become a professional juggler, balancing multiple roles at once, from the home schooling of her two children, hosting a playground, featuring as a hairdresser, creating a home gym, and a home office for both herself and her husband. 

Ingrita continues to be passionate about growth, she thoroughly enjoys getting involved and creating new projects. Having begun her journey with Httpool working within the Central European markets, with the focus on Switzerland, Austria and Poland, she is now also in charge of the Nordics and the wider global operations. Regardless of her amazing success, Ingrita always strives to remain humble and believes that “there should never be a point in which you feel you have done it all and reached the ceiling”. 

Ingrita’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Do not forget you can do anything you set your mind to, it’s ok follow your dreams. Apply for the job you want, even if you don’t fulfill all the criteria, it never hurts to try! Be brave, even if you fail, it’s ok. Learn from it and move forward.

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Innovation and multitasking

Archana’s Story

Archana considers innovation and fresh thinking to be the life force of Httpool and she imbibes this thinking into every aspect of her work. This approach of uncovering opportunities and solutions, has led to her journey from leading brand strategy, to marketing and then to leading Facebook APAC measurement and analytics.

She rates time management as a key ingredient in any success story. Her recent completion of multiple Blueprint certifications in the span of a couple of months, she credits to multitasking. “While writing presentations or emails, I was listening to training content, it helped me immensely.”

Having worked across different functions, she believes knowledge sharing internally and externally is integral for clients and team members to have a better experience of platforms and practices. “Information sharing enables informed decision making, dramatically increasing the success rate of a project.”

Archana strives to remain “on” the digital curve, seeking to constantly learn something new, evolve and adapt. Her source of inspiration are the formula 1 drivers who put in lap after lap at top speeds for that 1/10th of a time improvement. “Irrespective of whether remote work continues or not, teams will need to continuously learn and stay motivated to give off their best.”

Archana’s advice for young girls choosing a career path

Choose to focus on your passion and re-skill / up-skill continuously. Win trust with your focus and dedication, which will set you aside from the pack. Be fearless about your ideas, and speak up. And remember that any idea must have an implementation plan ready. These qualities will help build a career path that is uniquely yours.

Eva’s Story

Eva prides herself on her ability to empathise with and understand her team members. Combining these skills with a realistic approach to leadership is key to Eva’s success as Httpool’s Facebook Team Lead in Slovenia.

With the belief that a business starts and ends with people, Eva focuses on the use of positive energy and strives to build and maintain excellent interpersonal relationships with partners, clients, and team members. “Coming to work energized makes you powerful and by feeling powerful you are able to empower others.” she comments.

Having progressed from Account Manager to Facebook Team Lead, Eva continuously strives to create opportunities for her team members. She believes that “you cannot give people motivation, people must motivate themselves, the manager needs to be understanding and enable them to pursue opportunities.”

Looking forward, both sustainability and global collaboration will play a central role, and digital marketing will become the queen of advertising. Consumer behaviour will change and brands will have to learn to adapt, and invest in topics such measurement and data analytics to create impactful campaigns. “The digital era has most certainly arrived” concludes Eva.

Eva’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Don’t be afraid of the stereotype that gender determines your career path. Follow your vision and never forget that, despite rapid development of technology, businesses need people. Professional relationships stay with you forever so keep up the good vibes. In the end, all pieces will eventually fall into place.

Aiga’s Story

Coming from a vibrant startup community, Aiga understands the importance of focus and structure with leadership, but also emphasises the value of being yourself. “As a leader you have to be genuinely interested in the people you work with, always apply a personal touch, and maintain a strong level of emotional fitness”.

Having previously worked within both national and local startups, Aiga now leads Httpool’s international startup initiative. “Httpool is on the front line for all changes in digitalisation, providing direct support to partners and clients, finding solutions, and learning how to adapt to new realities”. Aiga and her team are excited to be part of this. 

As our future becomes ever more digital, and remote working a reality, the main focus of organisations and leaders should be on education and the environment. Successful leaders will have to rely on strong communication skills and a deep understanding of varying cultures and opinions and the ways in which these can be consolidated.

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Aiga’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

There are so many opportunities out there! I grew up in a small village and went to a countryside school. I always knew I could do anything I wanted to, as long as I put my mind to it. Don’t forget it’s ok to change the approach in reaching your goals. Just follow your passion. Career you will be following may not even exist now. Just like in my case. Startup ambassador is something very new, and I’m enjoying the ride.

Kate’s Story

Ekaterina, known as Kate to her colleagues, believes that all tasks, even the most challenging, can be solved with a little charisma. Prioritisation is her key to success. 

Kate thoroughly enjoys multitasking, meaning she often thrives at work, and is always keen to learn and develop. “Httpool is a wonderful organisation that allows colleagues to share their knowledge and ideas openly with one another. This is quite a rare trait to find”.

Describing herself as a people person, Kate takes pride in her work, and feels a sense of achievement knowing she has made others smile. “I love helping people, and knowing I have made someone’s life a bit easier”. Shortly after joining Httpool Kate was in charge of the company wide launch, migrating on to the new HR system. This was an important step towards her ambition to “break traditional stereotypes, and incorporate more employee-friendly aspects into the role of Human Resources”.

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Kates advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Try not to forget about your personal time, maintain important connections with family and friends, enjoy your hobbies, take vacations. You can’t fill your life solely with work. It is important that the loved ones in your life are understanding and recognise the importance of your career, especially on occasions you may answer emails after midnight. 

Meera’s Story

Meera understands that “what teams need is an understanding and supportive leader, who inspires them to go the extra mile”. She is an advocate of an inclusive and understanding company culture, leading her team with a mix of prioritization, delegation, and follow ups.

Meera is the proud mother of two babies, who continue to make her life a real adventure, but finding her own management style, she is now able to effectively juggle between work and family life. “I stopped trying to be perfect or being too hard on myself”.

“Our culture is very supportive, with an abundance of opportunities, and no closed doors or red tape, this is exactly what makes Httpool such an exciting company to work for. All ideas are welcome, heard and supported at all levels.” she explains.  Having developed her position from  Sales Director to Managing Partner and leading Httpool operations in Malaysia, she undoubtedly has proved this is the case.

Meera believes that the future belongs to those who learn to adapt. “Problem-solving, communication, design, and the use of advanced expertise in interpretation and service will be the skills distinguishing humans from robots in the future” she says. “In the near future, even my job could be partially automated, as AI develops. In an alternative world, I might run a cozy fusion beach bar on an island in Malaysia, Thailand or the Philippines” Meera jokes

Meera’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Finding a job shouldn’t just be a perk or purely a source of income. Choose a career path that is fulfilling for you. Start by asking yourself which tasks, duties, and responsibilities you most enjoy in school or work? And whether there are any values, issues, or missions that you feel strongly about? This may be helpful to explore unique jobs that seem fun and enjoyable.

Thresa’s Story

Thresa leads our Twitter business for Httpool in Malaysia, she prides herself on using a mix of “sensitivity and realism”. With the new work from home reality proving to be more of a challenge than a perk, Thresa always endeavours to manage all her various roles in life with a smile on her face. Like she says “us women just have natural superpowers and make it work”.

“I am so excited to work with one of the largest platforms in the world.” comments Thresa. “Having started from literally zero, I have onboarded major agencies in Malaysia and am striving to grow the business every single day. This would not have been possible without this amazing opportunity, together with the help and support of my wonderful team.”

Being able to work alongside like-minded and inspiring individuals on a daily basis is just one of the many reasons to get up each morning. Combined with her role as a mother to a toddler, Thresa feels that she has a sense of purpose and responsibility to do good, taking each opportunity as it comes, and try to make a positive difference in the world. 

Thresa Women's Day

“I find myself asking, what changes might occur again in the future for both the digital and natural world. It will be up to the next generations to react to these changes and create the right balance. We can help them now by opening the discussions, and deciding what world we wish to leave behind for them.” comments Thresa. “Influencer and video marketing are the next big things in the digital sphere. I hope that they use these platforms to also get involved in the discussions, and work together to care for our environment.”

Thresa’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Follow your heart and do whatever you feel is the best for you. Pick something you are good at, not something someone tells you to do.

Anna’s Story

Anna leads Httpool’s global Spotify operations and believes that an individual’s success in life depends heavily on team work. The earlier you learn to embrace it, the faster you can grow. 

“It is never easy for women to manage all the roles expected of them. But what’s most important is who you have to support you. It always leads back to the notion of a team, whether this be in business or private, when it’s well-set, anything is possible!”.

With her dog playing the role of an alarm clock each morning, Anna’s main drive is her everyday growth, stating that “Learning and growing every day shows me that I am in the right place.” She believes that “falling into a routine is a career killer” and her role as Spotify Partner Director ensures her days are never boring.

Anna Women's Day

For Anna, the future of digital advertising belongs to a wide array of platforms and those advertisers who are willing to think outside the box. She looks forward to continuing her growth with her team and with the company.

Anna’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Do what’s motivating you, where you feel best, and work to achieve your goals. I know it’s not rocket science. I knew I always wanted to work in an international environment. It took me a year and a half, but I made it! I’m now managing an international team and I love it! I wouldn’t change it for anything else!

Andrea’s Story

Andrea’s motto in life is “When you are well organized, everything finds its place. One role you play in life inspires the other, and that is the beauty of being”.

CSM for Httpool’s Facebook clients in Croatia, Andrea Vukmirović is passionate about the intertwining of technology and digital advertising. She believes that the next decade will be marked by a rapid development in technology, particularly the use of AI. 

Andrea prefers to be optimistic, looking ahead, and imagining a world full of new opportunities. Her beliefs and her expertise within tech solutions led her to develop the automated chatbot platform, which would allow brands to quickly survey their customer base, providing greater marketing results. 

Bringing the Luminos project forward to central management proved to be the biggest perk of working at Httpool for Andrea. “The opportunity to work with the global team, and broaden my horizons is simply incredible! Bringing an idea to the central team in a couple of easy steps is what Httpool is all about. Good ideas make it to the top, regardless of where you’re based and what your official title is.”

Andra Women's Day

Andrea’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Success is not gender-exclusive. It requires passion, devotion, and focus, so if you truly feel it, go and grab it. 

Kerttu’s Story

Having begun her career at Httpool as a client partner, Kerttu has demonstrated her entrepreneurial mindset, passion, and dedication to her work, progressing forward to country lead.  

With support of expert regional managers and a remarkable team of marketers, Kerttu leads the Httpool operations in Estonia, applying a strong emphasis on empathy, communication, collaboration, and willingness to compromise. “Traits that could be said to be traditionally female, which I believe are an important factor in management. It is the perfect balance of both the stereotypical traditional male and female traits that leads to truly effective management.”. Kerttu also stated that “Teamwork can work miracles. As a leader I try to ensure my team are motivated and maintain open lines of communication.”

Consolidating work and family life is a challenge for any of us. Kerttu agrees “I imagine there is only a small fraction of female leaders who would honestly say the consolidation of different roles is easy peasy. It’s not. But it’s worth it and important that we learn as we go”.

Kerttu Women's Day

Kerttu believes that the implementation and development of AI and chatbots, providing consumers with immediate response to their requests, is the future of marketing. She does however still remain a dreamer, imagining a less hectic world, in which people are able to take more time in the various aspects of their lives. Whether this be work, relationships, or simply enjoying a good meal.

It is no wonder she feels this way, as she says her “angel-eyed daughter keeps her going each day”. With a little help from her friends and the support of her team, Kerttu feels invincible and ready to take on any forthcoming challenges.


Kerttu’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

“Whatever the career, whether it be an astronaut, business leader, scientist or a full time housewife, a combination of dedication, patience and passion are the most important ingredients. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid of challenges or setbacks, as they are almost always followed by a very satisfying reward.”