By Shuhel Pistawala, Facebook Lead, Cambodia & Laos, Httpool


Expanding your brand or business online is always a good decision, and in the digital age, social media is the latest and greatest marketing platform. Facebook, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users has quickly become the world’s largest social network, and from the perspective of many marketers and brand owners, it’s the cream of the crop. Facebook Business Pages connects you with potential customers, sharing information instantly about your products and services, all while supporting a variety of features for businesses as well.

And we’ve got the ultimate guide to using these easy, yet effective Facebook features for your business so stay tuned.

1. Facebook Business Page

First things first: you need to set up a Facebook page for your brand, product, or service, but don’t worry, creating one is simple and easy. Start by logging into your personal Facebook account (no personal information will be displayed on your business page), then head over to your profile and select ‘Create a page in the menu bar. From here the setup is as easy as ABC, just add in your business name, category and description to get started. Make sure to choose an appropriate category for your business for optimum success. Upload your profile and cover photo and you’re good to go!

FB guide 1

2. Facebook’s Free Stock Images

Good content revolves around excellent high-quality images to catch the attention of your audience. So, to promote your business or brand effectively, it’s key to find great photos.

Facebook recently announced three product updates, helping small businesses to find success on the platform. With now, even more, capabilities when it comes to creating image ads, businesses have greater freedom to develop and test visually compelling ads and the option to manage pages on the go.

FB guide 2

3. Calls to action

A call to action (CTA) button is a great way to get people who visit your Page to travel further down the purchase funnel.

Consider what action you would like your customers to take whilst viewing your Page. You can change your call to action button at any time with some options including ‘call now’, ‘buy now’, ‘sign up now’ and ‘visit the website’. Decide what you want your customers to do and put it in the call to action for maximum conversions. This button can be easily found in the top right corner of your page.

FB guide 3

4. Publishing Tools

One of the most convenient features of advertising on Facebook is the publishing tool. High levels of activity on a page is an effective way to expand a business’ organic reach, so make sure you’re posting regularly.

We all know not everyone has all day to spend on their social strategy, so utilize Facebook’s publishing tool, allowing users to schedule future posts whenever they want. Whether that’s for a few weeks’ time or just while you’re away on your lunch break – the publishing possibilities are endless.

To access Facebook’s publishing tools, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your Page from your personal Facebook account.
2. At the top of your Page, click ‘Publishing tools’.

FB guide 4

5. Page Insights

So you want to know how your page is performing, what type of audience you have, where they’re coming from, and what type of posts they’re responding to? Page Insights, Facebook’s analytic tool, is the place for you.

Facebook provides a great depth of data and analytics surrounding your business page. Understanding page performance, metrics, and audience demographics will help you accomplish, fix or set new business goals. This data is also important to bear in mind when creating new ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

FB guide 5

To download your Insights data:

· Head to the Insights tab.
· Click on the ‘Export Data’ link.
· Select ‘Page data’ from the three choices to download the engagement metrics of your Facebook page.
· We recommend opting to download your data once a month and saving a copy of that file. That way, you’ll have access to it anytime.


6. Facebook Insights
As with any business, knowing your competitors is key. Use Facebook Insights to gain more knowledge about your competition. In Facebook Insights, the ‘pages to watch’ feature allows you to closely monitor your competitors’ Pages, comparing engagement, activity, and viewers. This is especially useful for figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. Monitor which content is performing well for your competitors and what promotes engagement; with that knowledge and insight adjust your content and plans accordingly.

FB guide 6

7. Facebook Groups

A group is a small community of people online with the same interest. It helps you better showcase your reputation and personality, building trust and loyalty amongst your existing and potential customers. Also helping to build rapport, strengthens consumer bonds, and improves marketing activity for the future.

To create a group:

· Click in the top right of Facebook and select ‘Group’.
· Enter your group name.
· Select the privacy option, if you select private, select whether to make your group visible or hidden.
· Add people to your group.
· Click ‘Create’.

FB guide 7

So that’s it, our ultimate guide to advertising on Facebook. But it doesn’t stop there, Facebook has many other features for you to explore including ‘Shop’, ‘Event’, ‘Offers’ and more, so make sure to explore every feature Facebook has to offer you and your business.

Eva Šlajsová, Spotify Sales Operations, Httpool Czech Republic 

Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 365m users, including 165m subscribers, across 178 markets. Its capabilities, however, go way beyond what our ears can take in. Apart from providing its customers with excellent music collections worldwide, Spotify also provides a platform for brands to execute fantastic marketing and advertising strategies.

Spotify’s user growth has been phenomenal in the past year, with a total number of 165m subscribers (as of June 30, 2021) and 365 Million monthly active users (as of June 30, 2021) across 178 markets.

People on Spotify are present throughout the day, here and now as they listen to their favorite songs at home, during a commute, or at the office. So this is your chance to pitch them. Anywhere they go.

Let’s look at how Spotify can put that “cherry on top” of your marketing efforts and help you work towards reaching your business goals.

Audio and display ads: Choose your campaign wisely.
You might expect Spotify audiences to only respond to audio messages, but Spotify advertising isn’t limited to only what we can hear.
Spotify also offers display advertising to get your brand’s message over to the audience. Mobile screens are your key medium as people select songs using their smartphones.




Utilize Spotify Marketing Tools That Are Tailored For You
We now have a better understanding of the kind of marketing initiatives that can be executed on Spotify. The next stage is to figure out how to make our campaign one of the greatest in the world in a timely, efficient, and competent manner.

This is where the platforms and tools come into play. Spotify is an excellent tool for marketing and advertising. There are unique tools for each element of Spotify ads, just as specific tools for audio and display ad campaigns.


Spotify beginner


Be innovative: Create your branded profile & playlist
Your brand has a distinct identity. It has a voice, a method of operation, and presenting itself to the audience. You are continually functioning from a perception of your brand persona in whatever you do or stand for.


Beginner Spotify


Extend this brand persona to Spotify by creating your unique playlist to share with your target audience. In addition to music, the branded playlists include your brand logo and share it via the Spotify code and use it for your further communication.

Of course, the songs you chose should reflect your brand’s personality, and you will be heard, seen and loved by those who enjoy the same style, even if they haven’t had a previous connection to your brand.

Music unites and connects. It encompasses our thoughts and speaks to our feelings. Audio is an escape that many of us take after a busy day.

Thus brands who leverage the full power of Spotify advertising, reach their target audiences in ways they haven’t been able to do before.

Looking for new and engaging ways to tell your audience about your incredible Black Friday offers? Spotify has got you covered.

Black Friday Spotify

Spotify has created a space where businesses of any size can effectively promote their business using Spotify ads, your business will be able to reach your customers whilst they are listening to music or podcasts which they know and love!


Talk to your customers throughout the day

Spotify users who listen across multiple devices spend an average of 2.5 hours listening to their favourite music and/or podcasts everyday. 73% of US Spotify users engage with different types of audio depending on who they are with and what they are doing.

Think about it, there are many different times of the day when you might be clicking on your Spotify app… in the morning when getting ready, on your way to work, during a workout session at the gym, entertaining friends, the list goes on!

The best way to effectively engage with your audience is to create ads which are relevant to the audio they are streaming. 

For example if you’re looking to reach an audience of comedy lovers, you are able to reach listeners who listen to similar podcasts and target them with relevant messages. 


Create emotional connections through sound 

Neuro-Insight, a leading firm in the field of cognitive research, recently partnered with Spotify to study the effects which different sounds have on the brain. 


Their research four ways in which sound can impact the effectiveness of an advertisement:

Engagement: the relevance of the ad and how reliable the information is.

Emotional Intensity: the level of emotions your audience feels when engaging with the ad. 

Long term memory: feelings or memories brought on by the ad.

Long term memory for details: the specific details and messages associated with the ad. 


And so audio ads have that extra advantage to help your brand stand out from the crowd, by engaging and creating a deeper connection with your audience through triggering emotions and memories. This leads to higher engagement and therefore higher conversion rates. 


How cool is that?!

By Diana Coman, Regional Client Partner for Snapchat


Want to change the way you market your business? Follow this guide on how Snapchat can boost your business this Black Friday.

Christmas is fast approaching which means there is a huge shopping list which needs to be taken care of. All of this shopping can result in a very high credit card bill, but with Black Friday being the biggest discounted shopping day of the year, everyone is looking for a bargain.

If you are a small business you might be wondering how on earth you can compete with the bigger brands, but in fact Snapchatters are 34% more likely than those who do not use Snapchat to shop from brands which support their local community.

And – Snapchatters spend 1.6x more than the average shopper over the entire holiday shopping season.



Start advertising early

Most Snapchat users begin their holiday shopping plan 2-3 months before the big day itself, therefore you are more likely to engage a larger audience if you start running your campaigns early. Snapchatters spend 2x more in November and December than they do during any other time of the year. Focusing only on Black Friday day will mean you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to identify new customers looking for deals. Try extending your campaigns slightly further to boost your sales.

Make sure your website is mobile and user friendly

The majority of sales are now being made on mobiles versus desktop, and an estimated 67% of online sales will come from mobiles this year alone. During the busy periods there will be a high volume of traffic heading to your website, so make sure it is highly responsive to increase conversion and sales.

The average Snapchatter spends 20% more online than anyone else and each year there is a 2.1x increase on how much money Snapchat users spend on Black Friday weekend through to Cyber Monday. Making sure that Snapchatters can have a seamless transition from your ad to your website will boost sales and conversion rates.

Highlight your top products, link to your page, and drive urgency

When thinking about your ads make sure you have your best selling products in mind. With your advertisements you want to catch the eyes of new customers and by showcasing the products which many know and love you’re sure to grab some attention.

When promoting your top products make sure you have a direct link to the product page, this way customers can see the product and head to the checkout easily and smoothly. Nothing ruins a good ad more than losing the product!

It is also essential to drive urgency. It is more likely to get customers to respond quicker if they know they are getting a one off type of deal.

snap 3 black friday

Choose the right type of ad for your business

Any business can successfully promote their brands on Snapchat, but ensuring you have chosen the right type of ad format is what can make or break a campaign.

Simple image or video ads are extremely useful when trying to promote Black Friday deals. These ads are full screen, you can add music, sounds and visuals to quickly and effectively promote deals, services or products to the audience. They can take the form of video — whether it be motion graphic, live, cinema-graph, or gif style — as well as still.

Story ads are featured on the Snapchat Discover page. Story Ads allow Advertisers to reach consumers by placing a branded tile in Snapchat’s Discover section that opens into a collection of 1-20 single images or videos.

Collection ads are made-for-commerce ad types which consist of four different tappable images, each promoting a different product. This allows brands to promote top products or new products in a new, innovative way.

Commercials are non-skippable six-second video ads. Commercials appear within Snapchat’s Curated Content and games.

Lenses are the flagship format of Snapchat which can help your business reach new audiences in a meaningful way. You can create memorable, interactive moments using augmented reality and you can build experiences that Snapchatters can play with and send to friends.

Filters allow brands to take part in the hundreds of millions of Snaps sent between friends each day on Snapchat. When Snapchatters take a Snap, they’ll be able to see your Filter and use it to explain where, when, and why they took the Snap.


This Black Friday, harness the full potential of Snap advertising… and let us see those best creative campaigns!

By Bine Slovnik, Senior Client Partner


It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas! And Black Friday weekend is offering the best bargains of the year you won’t want to miss out!

Conversations around Black Friday on Facebook begin at the start of November, and Facebook users engage with hashtags such as #blackfriday, #christmas, and #christmasgifts in the weeks building up to the big day. These discussions help brands and retailers gage what their customers and potential new shoppers care about during this global shopping season.

So just how can you leverage your existing assets and make the most of the shopping fever that happens around Black Friday?

FB Black Friday


Position your product as a gift

As the gifting season peaks around the corner, your audience shifts and you’re now selling to a gift-giver! Being mindful of this change and pivoting your campaigns can create a world of a difference.

However, pivoting is easier said than done, as Ross from the popular series Friends has learned the hard way, so start early and be ready by the end of October. From focusing on your headline language, to selling gift cards rather than products, offering coupons to new customers, and offering recommended products and cross-sells, be mindful that the upcoming season is all about giving. And receiving.


Discount everything but your brand

The Internet is in a heated debate on whether discounting products can harm brands. While some might argue in favour and some against, the fact is that a campaign that is cleverly conceived, will guide you around that potential pothole that could create a dent in your reputation.

Bear in mind that promotions don’t always have to be discounts and if you run your promotions correctly, they will increase long-term profitability without hurting your brand.

Holler Box offers the following tips:

  1. Don’t use discounts out of laziness, such as sign up for an e-mail and receive a discount coupon
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Do 4 major promos per year
  4. Promote Your Promotion
  5. Don’t Show the Same Thing to Everyone
  6. Do Smaller Targeted Promotions
  7. Use Discounts as a Gateway to Other Products


And so, you can maintain brand identity while communicating your offer and driving sales.


Stand out with bold visuals and a clear Call To Action

In addition to clever targeting and the right ad formats, bold creatives are an important part of your winning formula! The iOS changes have strengthened emphasis on ad creatives, so make the most of it!

Make sure that your visuals complement your message and convey the right angle of your story. Think about solving your customers’ problems rather than focussing on convincing them that they need your product.

With hundreds of thousands of brands advertising around Black Friday, your visuals need to be bold, timely and to the point to stand out.

With the gifting season around the corner, what could be more appealing that seeing a gift box unpacking to awaken that special sensation which we all experience at Christmas time and associate with happiness and excitement.


Target cleverly

Women are three times more likely to engage in shopping conversations on Facebook than men, they are also more likely to shop on key shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, women are responsible for 76% of Black Friday discussions during the first week of November. 

The biggest age group driving discussions on the build-up this shopping period are those aged between 18-34, they make up 41% of all conversations surrounding Black Friday. 

35-54 year olds make up 38% of holiday shopping talks, they are also more likely to use Facebook as a form of inspiration when looking for gifts to buy their loved ones. 

Choose your target audiences wisely.


Bonus tip: Go mobile friendly

In 2021 81.8% of all Facebook users used only their mobile to access their account. So, by making your company’s shop accessible for those using a mobile you will be able to attract much more traffic and attention to your site. 

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, people’s busy lifestyles and the dreaded Christmas shopping queues, online shopping seems to be the go-to for a huge percentage of Facebook shoppers. 

Making sure your store is mobile user friendly will mean there is a clean and easy transition for the customer, they will be able to easily navigate their way through an online store from a targeted ad to making a direct purchase. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start early, plan cleverly, and let’s see those Black Friday shoppers fly your way.

By Sandeep Sabharwal, Twitter Business Lead, Httpool India


Generation Z is the next big demographic for consumer brands to attract, with an estimated $44 billion in purchasing power for those born in 1995 or later – a figure that will continue to climb as more and more are entering the workforce and attending college each year.


So, let’s take a look at the features of this generation of “digital natives.” Generation Z is more progressive and more culturally diverse than any generation we’ve seen before, and of course, is set to be the most educated. This generation also rejects labels, is radically inclusive, and spends time weighing all their options before purchasing.


The power of Twitter for Gen Z

Twitter reaches over 45% of people aged 16-24 globally, and 51% of these are daily users (Source: Global Web Index, Twitter Users, Global, Q1 2020 – Q4 2020. Data retrieved May 2021). But, why are they using the platform?

Twitter Gen Z

We’ve compiled the latest research showing exactly what generation Z is looking for on Twitter, as well as how you can incorporate this data into your Twitter marketing plan.


Co-creation and engagement possibilities should be encouraged

According to a survey by AdReaction, Gen Z customers prefer businesses that allow them to take action, vote, or make a decision. Look for ways to create content and adverts encouraging interaction to boost engagement. Twitter Polls, discussions, contests, and promoting user feedback are all great ways to get people involved.


Gen Z Twitter 2

Consider collaborative product building

A National Retail Federation survey revealed that 44% of Gen Z consumers stated they were eager to contribute to new business ideas. So reach out to your younger audiences when searching for new product ideas, customization pathways, or innovative twists on existing products.

Gen Z 3

Keep an eye on the frequency

According to AdReaction, Gen Z members are heavy social media users, visiting platforms multiple times a day. Keep an eye out for opportunities to attract their attention by monitoring busy periods throughout the day.


Gen Z 4

Continue the conversation

The National Retail Federation reported that 47% of Gen Z claimed that when communicating with companies on social media, they either didn’t get a response, were dissatisfied or were neutral about the responses. Here, the importance of punctuality cannot be overestimated. 

Create a Twitter customer service strategy, when your followers share your material, thank them. Be sure to respond to brand mentions, relevant hashtags, and product images by retweeting or quote tweeting. Make your company the one that replies and the one Gen Z customers remember for its excellent customer service.


Communicate product information and images

Social media influences 80% of Gen Z’s purchase decisions. Use this to your advantage, distributing and cross-promoting product videos and images via Twitter. Positive client comments and reviews should be highlighted and discounts and sales should be shared. Make it simple for people to locate you and become enthusiastic about your business through exciting launches on the platform.


Go Visual 

According to AdWeek, 44% of Gen Z customers look at product photographs, making them a very visual generation. Incorporate eye-catching pictures, videos, memes, and infographics into your strategy to give your Twitter presence a visual edge. Video is particularly effective; according to Forbes, Gen Z watches more than two hours of online video daily.

Gen Z 5

Utilise Influencer Marketing 

According to Deep Focus, 63% of Gen Z buyers prefer to see genuine people in advertisements. This audience connects deeply with influencers so look for opportunities to include real, relatable people in your material. Retweet influencer marketing content, highlight short videos from consumers, and give them a behind-the-scenes look into your company.


Gen Z 6

By Eva Slajsova, Spotify Sales Operations Manager, Httpool Czech Republic 


Halloween is a fun holiday, and so could be your creatives. So don’t be shy and try to use this holiday to do something new, communicate your product in an unexpected way, or do something fun because Halloween is just a perfect time for that.
If not on Halloween then when?!

You can personalize your ads and grab your listeners’ attention through the spooky and immersive sound of 3D / 8D Audio… Or you can play with your playlist and create one for a Halloween party 🙂 Or go with a funny Homepage takeover – which is “an exclusive sponsorship of the Spotify Homepage for a day” – and “put your brand at center stage on the front of Spotify’s Homepage.”

Homepage takeover not only allows you to “deliver a high-impact experience by showcasing your brand message on the front of Spotify’s Desktop Homepage for 24 hours but also helps you to increase awareness with premium brand placement”. Don’t be afraid to “appeal to emotions“, “craft your storytelling” or even “team up with artists“. All this can help your brand stand out and increase relevance for your audience.


We gathered some Inspirational Halloween Campaigns

1) Mali-boo
Country: UK

„We utilized an HPTO, 3D audio and digital experience to allow Malibu to own the Halloween moment. The 3D audio creative brought to life the sounds of a Malibu house party, drawing on the sounds of mixing the perfect Halloween cocktail. The digital experience invited users to get their spooky party playlist based on their Halloween costume. On the payoff page, users could enjoy a new playlist inspired by their costume choice and explore an accompanying cocktail recipe with Malibu.“

Mali Boo

2) Fanta
Country: UK

Fanta’s Dare you Taste the Dark

„We were told by Coca-Cola that limited edition product demand is fuelled by FOMO in 16-24s, making the scarce availability of Fanta’s Dark Orange irresistible to the target audience.“
„With this understanding, we partnered to put the FEAR into FEAR OF MISSING OUT. The partnership included 3D audio featuring spooky immersive sounds and sponsorship of New Music Friday with the messaging, “Dare to try something new?”

Fanta Taste the terror

Fanta Spotify


What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your Spotify Halloween campaign! 👻

by Diana Coman, Regional Client Partner Snapchat


Calling all Halloween lovers! With October finally, here it’s time to start planning how you can boost your business this spooky season.

Halloween 1

Halloween is a lot more than just a day for trick or treaters, in fact, many Snapchat users start engaging with Halloween content 6 weeks prior to October 31st. There is an awful lot of preparation involved in planning a successful spooky celebration, which therefore means there is a lot of shopping to be done prior to the day itself. 


Halloween shopper alert!

Make-up, decorations, costumes, and candies are just the basics needed to celebrate Halloween in style. Shoppers actually begin their Halloween shopping a few weeks before the big day which means it’s never too early to benefit from the build-up.

Halloween 2

With 64% of Snapchatters planning on buying something new this year, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this mass shopping event. 

Snapchat users will be using their mobile to stock up on Halloween goodies this October as opposed to their desktop. An estimation of 67% of sales will come from mobiles in 2021. Use this information to your advantage and put substantial effort into creating a unique and engaging mobile strategy.

Halloween 3

Celebration Cycle

Engagement and inspiration are a huge part of gaining new customers and reaching new audiences on Snapchat. The early adopters and super organized Halloween lovers plan their shopping early and start sharing their purchases on Snapchat with their friends and family, this is how to boost brand awareness and grasp the attention of potential new customers. 

Halloween 4


Trendsetters are your friends!

Influencers and social media stars are not the only people who influence shopping patterns, in fact, people are also very inclined to be influenced by someone they know. 

36% of Snapchatters are influenced by social media influencers and 56% are influenced by family or friends. 


There are 23 million parents who are Snapchat users

These parents want to bring the Halloween spirit to their children this October. Parents and those aged 35+ are likely to share images and/ or videos of their children or pets dressed up, putting up decorations, or simply just engaging with Halloween activities and traditions. 


Now that we are able to socialize in person again, Snapchatters are 12x more likely to attend an in-person celebration as opposed to a virtual event. 


90% of Halloween engagement comes from those aged 13-24

These younger audiences are interested in trying out products via AR on Snapchat. Businesses that use AR are twice as likely to get visual attention compared to those businesses not using an AR strategy. 


230 million Snapchatters engage with AR on Snapchat on Halloween day

This staggering number means you will not want to miss out on engaging with an audience of this scale. Creating Halloween video content is also extremely beneficial, 70% of US Gen Z users engage with Halloween content on the discover page during the two-week build-up to the main event. 

Halloween 5


To get involved this Halloween ensure you are creating engaging, fun, and unique content which will catch the user’s eye. Don’t skimp on your creativity and take advantage of this business opportunity!

By Tin Klasić, Senior Clients Solution Manager, Httpool


Whether you trick or treat this Halloween, it’s time to embrace all things spooky. Spend October reaching out to  your audience and make sure they remember exactly what you have to offer. This time of year creativity is key and incorporating a little “scare” into your strategy goes a long way. One thing we’re always telling our clients is to utilize the fun side of Facebook advertising; after all, social media is a place for people to kick back, relax and discover new things. Creating content that has meaning to your existing or future customers helps strengthen brand rapport, helping them remember you in the long run. So this spooky season, why not use Halloween to your advantage and let your brand’s personality shine through.


We’ve put together a list of our Halloween hot tips for mobile creative practices, helping you achieve maximum visibility this October and beyond.

  1. Don’t skip the costume fitting – use creatives optimized towards mobile viewing with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 9:16 for Facebook Stories.
  2. Seize the silence – make sure people can understand your ad without sound. Sound is great as an additional element to bring a new dimension to the creative, but it shouldn’t be the star of the show.
  3. Be brave with branding – start promoting early so users familiarise themselves with your company and message. Include interactive elements, enticing users to leave a comment or send a message to help build relationships.
  4. Don’t be scared to clown around – Facebook offers a variety of creative tools from single images, video, carousels, collection, instant experiences, and more. Use all of them to your advantage this Halloween, have some fun, break the norms and think outside of the box (or goody bag) this season.

Facebook Halloween

One thing to remember is to always differentiate between the communication you have in your organic and paid content. People follow your Facebook and Instagram accounts expecting quality content that makes them smile, the last thing they want is to follow a feed looking like an 80’s sales catalog filled with discounts and prices. 


So this Halloween, get your haunt on in your organic content and share your story with existing followers while using paid ads to bring your products and services to the attention of new customers.

Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year. In 2019 in the US alone 93.2 million people shopped online, online sales hit a figure of $7.4 billion. With all of this money to be made on the online shopping market alone, you will not want to miss a chance to boost your sales with Wise.Blue a Twitter partner which provides companies with the technology to see the full potential of what performance marketing can do. The technology Wise.Blue offers will help with workflow efficiency, creative management, ad and campaign analytics amongst many other services. You may ask the question; how can I increase sales amongst the Black Friday advert chaos? So here we have provided you with some top tips on how to increase sales during this period. 


Catch the early birds 

The first thing we urge our clients to do is to start advertising early, every brand is going to be having some form of sale or discount event, so you want to ensure that your customers know what is coming before they begin looking elsewhere. By starting Black Friday marketing campaigns early creates interest and demand for this event as well as boosts the awareness of your offer. With the pandemic still looming there will still be more people shopping online as opposed to waiting in lines outside their favorite stores for their own safety. By offering your customers a pre-sale a few days prior to Black Friday will mean customers can get their orders in before the shopping rush. The offer will be the same as the Black Friday offer. It will just begin earlier! This will help your customers to navigate the site more easily as it will not be overwhelmed with traffic and will also help you to manage your stock more accordingly. 


Extend Extend Extend!

With Black Friday being the final big discount event before the festive season as well as starting the sale early you may also want to extend it to catch some latecomers. The online shopping market has its own shopping day called Cyber Monday, with most brands ending their discount after this date. It is a great opportunity to extend the discount and find those customers who your competitors may have missed. 


Make your Twitter customers feel like a VIP

Offering offers for your Twitter customers is a great way to create more engagement as well as more conversion opportunities. By offering a special discount or deal for these customers helps to boost your social profile and create a more personal experience with your customers. 


Catch ‘em while you can 

Wise.Blue provides a service to its customers that can help target more specific audiences for Black Friday campaigns to increase traffic and conversions, these audiences can consist of previous Black Friday shoppers, Influencers, those who have an interest in the subcategory of your business such as fashion, beauty tech, etc. and audiences who already buy/ use similar products or services to the ones which you provide. 


Another way to create these audiences is by using Twitter to engage with audiences over trending events and topics, since Twitter users are always the first to share their opinions on trending topics, why not use this to your advantage? You can create topical social media posts which can generate a connection with Twitter users and your brand and can present future possibilities also. 


Practise run

Testing how you plan to run your market strategies for Black Friday will mean you are able to see the successes and failures of these plans. By finding the flaws in your plan you are then able to correct any errors which ensure you are fully prepared for successful execution. By conducting an A/B test will help you to compare offers, geos, audiences, who is responding better, ads, creatives, tweets, and call to action. 


Creatives. What creatives should the clients use?

In the week of Black Friday, many advertisers will communicate similar Black Friday messages, so there’s a need for a message that stands out. By using Wise.Blue creative manager will help to manage ad creation in bulk and find insights from historical creatives. Carousel ads help to reach unique audiences through multiple images or videos. 

This format may improve link click volume and CTR, along with conversion volume and conversion rate. Wise.Blue offers Multi-Destination Carousels with custom headlines and unique URLs.


Automate, optimize and analyze 

During this period brands have many ad campaigns all running at the same time for maximum engagement and conversion, by using automation helps manage your Twitter campaigns. With the appropriate automation in place, this results in less wasted time and less money spent. 


Wise.Blue Automated Catalog Ads will integrate Black Friday product catalogs to automatically produce ads, this will automate product ad creations showing variations in creativity, price, and availability. Wise.Blue  Dynamic Creative Optimiser will identify and optimize the best performer ad


Wise.Blue’s AI stops underperforming ads, reallocates and scales budget across campaigns. Machine learning-driven algorithms assure 24/7 automated optimization. Advertisers can also benefit from deep learning prediction models to automate bid and budget allocation, control volume, efficiency, target KPIs and spend limits.


For website 3rd party measurement it is best to exploit AUTO-UTM tagging from Wise.Blue site; Wise. Blue is directly integrated with Google Analytics. Also, you can be accessing data through a real-time API connection with mobile app tracking platforms like AppsFlyer or AdJust. Utilize data imports to optimize your Black Friday Twitter campaigns.


Manage Campaign Complexity

Campaign management is all about time efficiency and economy. With Wise.Blue, advertisers can spend less time for setup and get more time to optimize and scale. Automate and efficiently manage multiple complex campaigns with a 360-degree view at a click of a button. Wise.Blue includes bulk edits, bulk creative, and targeting uploads together with tweet permutations. Product catalog integration and ads automation remove the burden of manually creating individual ads.