Httpool in coordination with Promedia, enabled Cedevita to reach over 2 million users using the Adcolony’s mobile video advertising platform, achieving a video completion rate of 97%

The world is truly your mobile nowadays, with studies showing that now even the majority of children by the age of seven own a mobile. Ask yourself how many people you can name who chose not to own a mobile device, the answer is almost none right? This is exactly why mobile advertising is not only an indispensable tool, but also a great opportunity to raise brand awareness.

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AdColony is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world, reaching more than 1.5 billion users. Thanks to the expertise and access of Httpool, we are able to help countries such as Croatia unlock the full potential of this platform. With Httpool’s network of partner platforms it enables companies and brands to access unique technologies in the digital advertising sphere.

Httpool recently aided Cedevita with their brand Puc-Puc, a vitamin powder popular amongst children, the creative showcase led to fantastic results. This case study reveals the effects of a strong creative vision coupled with state-of-the-art ad technology, in this instance known as AdColony’s Dynamic End Card.

The AdColony’s Dynamic End Card consists of video ad placements in mobile applications, including that of games, fantastic for Croatia which features more than 270 mobile games for clients to target. This feature works when for example a user loses their life in a game, at which time a window pops up offering them a new free life if they watch the ad, and followed by the aforementioned End Card.
The End Card is an additional ad technology displayed to users at the end of a video ad, usually containing basic information about the promoted product, or a call to interact with the brand. Achieving interaction is most often a challenge for video ads, but tactful implementation can achieve good results, as shown in the campaign conducted by Puc-Puc.

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We all know kids love their games, puc-puc leveraged this knowledge, and placed user experience at the forefront of their ad. In collaboration with Httpool, and creative expertise from Promedia, Puc-Puc utilised Adcolony to conduct a campaign across six countries in the region, with the intent on attracting new audiences.

How did Puc-Puc do it?
Puc-Puc placed its ad within games such as Race Master, Save the World, Candy Crush Saga, and Farm City. They utilised the End Card technology at the end of the video, creating a secondary short play game, enabling Puc-Puc to interact directly with the users. The short game featured Puc-Puc’s three familiar flavours as characters; bananas, strawberries, and wild berries. The viewer is able to use the characters to capture falling objects by dragging across the screen, collecting points to achieve the highest possible score in a given time.

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As a result, Puc-Puc achieved an audience engagement rate of 113 percent in its campaign, which is well above the reference 25 and thus justified its investment.

“This technology offers great opportunities, it enables us to harness the full potential of our audience’s favourite creative content whilst interacting with the brand. The campaign has achieved great results, these creative solutions will continue to be applied throughout the brand’s future.” Comments representatives of Cedevita.

Following the game, the audience was invited to discover more about Puc-Puc products, with the ‘Learn More’ and ‘Play Again’ options, increasing purchasing intent, and time spent with the brand.

Here’s what the implementation of the campaign looked like in practice.

Creative and Non-Invasive Video ads Bring Results
Video ads are regularly imposed on users, which is why AdColony is the perfect platform to achieve reach without causing irritation, or a bad opinion of the brand.

Namely, AdColony positions the ad within or after the content, i.e. the ads are self-initiated and rewarding, so they do not interfere with users in consuming the content. In addition, the platform offers options for precise targeting – by age, gender and geotargeting (using location data to reach consumers with messages appropriate to their place and behaviour), or by behaviour – at certain times of the day, according to what interests them , which applications or device they use, etc., and is in line with the Law on the Protection of the Privacy of Children on the Internet, which allows targeting audiences under the age of 13, which proved ideal in the Puc-Puc campaign.

As one of the largest platforms for mobile video advertising in the world, AdColony in Croatia reaches an audience of as many as 1.3 million users, and offers two basic products – Video Only and Dynamic End Card. When it comes to Video Only, we are talking about a video ad lasting up to 30 seconds adapted for mobile display (edge-to-edge display, without using clipboard memory), while Dynamic End Card presents interactive options at the end of such mobile video ad.

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Dynamic End Card is a creative technology that allows users to interact with the brand after watching the video through tap, swipe or shake options (user can touch, drag or shake content) or through more complex options such as displaying products in 360 degrees, playing games at the end of the ad, or drag and drop options.

Another element that is good to consider when investing in video ads is the question of what do we pay when placing video ads? In particular, AdColony only charges for completed views for video ads, which means that instead of charging the user for the display, the ad is charged only when the user viewed the video from start to finish. In doing so, it’s not bad to mention that AdColony’s benchmark for completed reviews is over a high 80 percent.

Attractive Creativity and Cutting Edge Ad Technology
As seen in the Puc-Puc’s campaign, the combination of attractive creative and well-used video ad technology, does achieve fruitful results. Behind Puc-Puc’s striking characters, addictive songs, and fun content is Promedia, a creative agency whose work supported the possibilities of AdColony technology. “We worked on content that will capture attention and at the same time provide entertainment, and the results speak for themselves”, said Iva Bolta, director of digital at Promedia.

With this campaign, Puc-Puc managed to increase the curiosity of users and allowed viewers the opportunity to get to know the brand. The campaign reached more than 2 million users, with 1.7 million views, and a video completion rate of 97%. Moreover, over 24,000 users also clicked on the video during the ad.

Out of the total engagement rate of 113%, 30% came from the character gallery, in which users were able to research the character choices to decide which one to use, and the banana character was in fact the favourite. The average score of users who played was 6.7, and the average time spent on the ad increased from 10 to 12.2 seconds.

The Puc-Puc campaign is just one example of how brands can leverage video advertising. These technologies, such as AdColony in Croatia, amongst many more can be accessed through Httpool, guiding companies and brands, and helping to achieve maximum results. Discover the potential for yourselves with video advertising done right, with the help of Httpool.

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