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Why brands should consider Twitter as a part of a full-funnel media strategy for Black Friday

Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


When it comes to marketing on social media for most companies there are many different options to choose from. We are here to tell you why Twitter is the place to be this Black Friday. 

According to In the UK alone 87% of UK households made an online purchase in 2020, with the online shopping market continuously rising, marketing your business online has never been more important. During this time where everything seems to be digital a lot of brands both big and small are using social media to promote their products and services. 

Sprout social has conducted a study that reveals the usage statistics of Twitter which shows just how large your audience could be. Black Friday is a day where social media users are constantly exposed to numerous adverts with every few scrolls, with more brands going the conventional Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube path to promote their product/ service; this means there is less commercial noise on Twitter.

With Twitter users being up to date on current trends, brands, products, etc others may ask these people for their advice when considering a purchase, in fact, 9/10 of daily Twitter users actually influence the purchases of friends and family members by having this knowledge. Product interest and adoption is driven by conversations amongst potential consumers and those who are already customers. These conversations are a great way to boost a brand or product by creating an engaging and new conversation. This is known as a Full Funnell Media Strategy which takes advantage of the fact that there is less commercial noise on Twitter as well as using the fact that Twitter is the hub for all trending conversations to the companies advantage.

Twitter is a great platform to create brand and product curiosity as new conversations are always happening where various points of view and opinions can be shared and consumed constantly. This means Twitter users can gain a good understanding of a product or service from those who are already familiar with the brand and adopt interest from these people.  With Twitter users having such an influence on potential new customers and with Black Friday being a focus on sales and adopting new customers or clientele, the services which Wise.Blue offer cannot go unnoticed.

Wise.Blue is an extensive and powerful solution for performance marketing on Twitter. Wise.Blue has set a mission to make marketing your brand on Twitter an easy process, they have created a  technology that allows advertisers to harness the full potential of performance marketing when using Twitter. 

Here are the ways in which Wise.Blue will market your company on Twitter with better workflow efficiency, campaign automation, and optimization.


Wise.Blue supports advertisers running advanced performance campaigns, with unique ad formats and extended targeting. The solution leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to ensure maximum performance and relevancy for every ad dollar spent. Advanced analytics, provide actionable insights to tailor each campaign to meet the campaign KPIs.