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Who celebrates Halloween?

Wondering where outside the USA you can use your Halloween campaign? And for what target groups? Wonder no more!

Halloween is not only a Northern American tradition. So if your brand is selling outside the cradle of overly commercialized holiday of scary monsters, no worries! You can still use this time to ramp up your digital marketing activities and attract more attention for your brand. And not only in the most obvious markets!


  • Hong Kong. Halloween is ultra exclusive in Hong Kong. Expats and rich housing communities are the ones taking part in festivities, and some international schools organise parades.
  • The scary tradition arrived to the island only recently, but is slowly picking up in importance. For the last five years, young adults have been dressing up in elaborate costumes in the night time for parties or club events mainly in the area of Amerikamura in Osaka and Shibuya in Tokyo.
  • Halloween activities “American style” are slowly replacing local traditions that last from 31 October to 2 November. Children are usually the ones taking an active part, singing carols and trick-or-treating around neighbourhoods.
  • Australia and New Zealand. Seasonal differences with the Northern hemisphere are not in the way of celebrating Halloween Down Under with children involved in activities such as trick-or-treating.
  • It might feel like Halloween comes from Canada when you consider that Canadians spend more on candy for 31st October than they do for Christmas. Halloween is closely linked to charitable contributions all over Canada, while British Columbia has its own tradition of setting off fireworks.
  • Originating from Europe, many countries have taken on this celebration only recently. While Halloween is responsible for about 200 million Euros per year in Germany, it is a huge deal in Ireland (including fireworks) and the United Kingdom. Young adults attend Halloween parties in other European countries, such as Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, and the Balkans, while children mostly practice dressing up and collecting candy in Sweden.
  • Mexico and Latin America. Halloween is celebrated as the Day of the Dead. Flower decorations, altars and candies are the things to have.
  • The most obvious of Halloween markets and destinations. Everything goes – from home decorations, private parties, trick-or-treating, parades, games, activities. No cost is spared for making this night truly scary.
  • Dominican Republic. With many Dominicans living in the USA, the tradition of Halloween was brought to the island. Trick-or-treating is done mainly in bigger towns and parties take place in tourist areas like Sosua and Punta Cana.


Ghosts around the world just want to have fun! So feed them some creative content and they won’t disappoint you in helping reach out to your customers.