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Native Advertising in 2021

Help them buy the perfect gift: Tips for this year’s Mother’s Day campaigns

On 9 May, 45 countries across the globe will celebrate Mother’s Day, including Australia, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Indonesia, etc.  Businesses such as fitness centres, beauty salon, or spas leverage this special holiday to help family members pick out that perfect gift for their mother.t, In 2020, the average American consumer expected to spend more than $200 for this special occasion. With vaccinations and a subsequent return to normality shining on the horizon, this Mother’s Day, we could speculate that gifts would become more generous, as 78 percent of people polled by told NRF last year said that Mother’s Day is even more so significant to them due to the Covid-19 realities.

For marketers, both conventional and “Hallmark invented” holidays represent an amazing opportunity for brand-building. Thus it is important to devote some time and energy to producing holiday-specific content.

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