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The World of Crypto on Twitter: How Does This Influence the Market?

The notion of cryptocurrency is patiently moving closer to the acceptance and acknowledgment of serious financial institutions. Goldman Sachs has initiated trade in Bitcoin and now supports Ethereum, two of the most significant crypto currencies in the market. The President of El Salvador, Nahib Bukele, last year also introduced Bitcoin as the legal tender. Moreover, Wall Street hedge funds also appear to have changed their tune, from skeptic, to fond enthusiast. Thus, this marks Crypto’s gradual steps into mainstream finance. 

Twitter Crypto

On Twitter crypto is one of the most discussed subjects. The social media giant even introduced a special emoji of the Bitcoin logo on its platform to signify its vast community. Notably, over the last few years Twitter crypto discussions directly correlated with the price of Bitcoin. Between January 2017 and July 2017, when Bitcoin price skyrocketed, as did the volume of crypto tweets. Today, Bitcoin is the most discussed subject within the financial sector of Twitter. Popularity of crypto pioneer on Twitter even exceeded stock goliaths such as: Apple $AAPL, Facebook $FB, Google $GOOG and Netflix $NFLX. These well-known companies were short in attention compared to digital gold of Bitcoin. 

However, many governments around the world are still skeptical about the benefits of the Bitcoin network as a pillar of transferring funds. Although, the neutral European capital of global banks, Switzerland, recently introduced legislation that allows firms to promote a variety of crypto currencies on Twitter. In fact, Swiss economic reforms played a crucial role in incorporating crypto into the financial system, and only a year ago Switzerland’s market watchdog approved the country’s digital asset fund. This goes to show that times are in fact changing, with one of the most influential governments in the financial world acknowledging the importance of crypto, others will eventually be swayed to follow suit. Sooner or later, conversations surrounding crypto will increase, especially amongst marketing firms looking to promote on Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Twitter Crypto Blog

A Green Light for Marketing Campaigns on Crypto Exchanges 

Reporting, talking, and inquiring about crypto related news was always allowed on Twitter, but for a long time, promoting crypto currencies exchanges and NFTs were forbidden on the platform. Accounts that broke this long-lasting principle risked receiving bans from the platform. 

Potentially, Twitter with its 315 million users worldwide is the number one channel for crypto promotions. Blockchain investors are very aware of this fact, understanding that proper communication between parties is essential for the successful marketing of crypto products. Henceforth, the implementation of Twitter is crucial in any campaign and strategies. 

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Crypto Ads Rapidly Grow Exchanges Revenue

Social media marketing has the unprecedented potential of obaiting inclusive global clientele. With experienced campaign management, digital advertisements are destined to succeed. Our clients already experienced high return on investment, thanks to organized marketing campaigns, co-developed by Httpool and Wise.Blue experts. Trending platform eToro record first time deposits (FTD) rapid increase of an astonishing 975%, as well as an increase of app downloads by 270%. Additionally, the number of first-time sign ups skyrocketed by a massive 782%! This sudden expansion of interest in trading further proves the enormous potential of Twitter’s crypto-advertising. 

In conclusion, the crypto market is relatively new to the mainstream financial market. The potential for blockchain technology is limitless and cryptocurrencies offer unparalleled opportunities for a decentralized financial system. Twitter users are relentlessly generating a plethora of crypto related subjects on social media, consequently peaking the public’s curiosity, and causing investment interest to climb. This is a hugely lucrative opportunity for both exchanges and marketing campaigns to grow people’s interest in crypto.