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The TikTok and Httpool Partnership – How to Develop Successful Online Campaigns!

Httpool is TikTok’s main partner in Romania and is the first to be certified by the platform for the successful management of marketing campaigns. This year Httpool announced that TikTok achieved 1st place in the download charts for the entertainment sector across Romania, further attaining higher registrations month after month, and demonstrating the accelerated popularity amongst customers.

According to Bianca Vlaston, Country Manager for Httpool Romania, TikTok has become “the platform that constantly compliments most of the media plans developed by advertisers in Romania”. As we know Tik Tok’s reaching is growing exponentially, Bianca comments “the platform is used by over one third of internet users aged between 16 and 64 across Romania and offers advertisers a solid reach for commercial audiences’ ‘.

How to benefit from the TikTok phenomenon

Given the specifics of TikTok and how it addresses the requirements of its users, whether individual user or advertisers, it is easy to understand why it was adopted so quickly and with so much enthusiasm in Romania:

• Firstly, TikTok means video. Watching video content is, in Romania, the main online activity for over 98% of internet users ².

• Second, TikTok’s mission to inspire and bring joy to users is fully reflected in the platform-specific tools. These are used to encourage the creation and consumption of authentic video content, barrier-free, natural, and engaging for users. The proof is in the pudding for levels of success, the average time spent on the platform by users in Romania is over 60 minutes per day.

According to Httpool experts, 40% of internet users in Romania aged between 16 and 64 use social media as their main information source regarding brands ², with half of the time spent on these social networks being allocated to the TikTok platform. Therefore, any brand looking to increase their brand awareness should consider including TikTok in its promotion plans.

Andrei Bijutescu, Httpool Regional Client Partner for Tiktok comments that “TikTok is an application used almost as intensely as YouTube, with a significant number of accesses in a given period and a large allotment of time for each access point”.

Furthermore, Andrei also remarks on TikTok’s advantage as a platform, “the application opens directly into video, and as the user slides the image up it is exposed to further new material, unique to the screen. Thus, any advertisement included between these videos benefits from the exclusive attention of the viewer. Moreover, the consumed content is personalized for each user, with the help of platform-specific algorithms, so that the viewer is fully captivated, ensuring they are much more receptive to the messages delivered”.

Depending on the objectives pursued, the Httpool team can recommend to brands or advertisers the communication strategy and the mix of TikTok ad formats, which will ensure the desired campaign impact and business results. “From the point of view of the awareness objective, the ad formats owned by TikTok are among the few on the digital advertising market that can deliver a massive reach to the targeted audience in just 24 hours. Combined with the creativity of the brands and the expertise of my colleagues in planning and implementing campaigns on this platform, success is practically guaranteed ” states Andrei Bijutescu.

Beyond the technical aspects and the results, TikTok retains a special advantage, in that it actively involves users in promoting brands. By the nature of the content promoted, consumers connect authentically with brands and become, essentially ambassadors. Thus, from user to user, from video to video, brands gain popularity and awareness through user-generated content, regardless of the brand size. Using a strong communication strategy and the right mix of ads, this platform helps increase visibility, even for small brands, at the beginning of the road.

What do studies say about the TikTok audience?

• 6 out of 10 urban internet users have recently seen campaigns run by influencers for brands on TikTok, mostly related to beauty and fashion (59%), music (56%), education (53%) or gastronomy (50%) ³.
• The platform remains popular among groups aged between 18 and 24 (47%), as well as 25 and 34 (37%).

In Romania, TikTok is constantly growing and has the ideal partner in Httpool, to help customers achieve optimal campaign results. Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, is the largest global growth partner to the major digital platforms across Europe and Asia. Since 2020 the TikTok platform is part of the solid portfolio within Httpool partners across Romania. Thus, through the vast experience in advertising campaigns on TikTok, Httpool is the most reliable partner, for Romanian brands and advertisers, wanting to operate on this platform, and maximize their results.

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2 Source:, reference period: year 2020
3 Study conducted by the media agency Spark Foundry, through online interviews, on a sample of 802 people, female, and male, over 18 years old, internet users, from urban areas, between April 12-19, 2021.