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The Dorito Way: Case Study

It is no secret that the mobile gaming industry is booming on a global scale. In Romania, 48.6% of internet users are reported to spend more than an hour a day gaming, not simply for pure enjoyment or relaxation, but also as brain training exercise. This gaming environment offers a great potential opportunity to brands that understand the importance of connecting with consumers in a positive mindset.

Doritos, the famous tortilla chip brand, uses powerful branding techniques to retain their memorability. The brand decided to highlight the affinity, already proven for the Romania territory, whilst also incorporating an interactive function for its international presence. They thus included a gaming component into their communication plan, targeting the 73.6% of young people aged 16-35 (targeted by Doritos in this campaign) who use their smartphone as a gaming device.


The Doritos brand was joined in this journey by Httpool Romania, exclusive partner of AdColony, the second largest mobile advertising network, and the top platform offering full screen video ad. These ads are associated with positive reinforcements, as viewings offer the user in-game bonuses.

“The recommendation of the AdColony platform for the Doritos campaign came naturally, given the focus of the brand team on the engagement goal and the fact that AdColony delivers excellently on this indicator. The history of FMCG campaigns exploited in AdColony produced excellent engagement rates of 25%” – Diana Vlad, Client Solutions Manager / AdColony Lead Romania

The campaign involved the introduction of a new game in an AdColony format. This customisable experience was named ‘Gamification End Card’ using interaction methods to complement the ad and create new opportunities for the users.

Doritos visual game

The End Card not only enriches the mobile experience in a native way but can also aid marketers to better understand consumers’ perception of the brand, interactively exemplifying the benefits, and the correct use of products, whilst also addressing potential business and communication problems.

The game was developed by the AdColony team through OMD Romania and Httpool Romania, AdColony’s exclusive partner in Romania. For an extended reach it was also implemented on the Doritos website.

What were the campaign results?
Through the AdColony Doritos ecosystem, the campaign reached over 1.1 million users. In regard to engagement, the campaign was a real success, with almost 9 out of 10 users watching the video through until the end, and half interacting with the game. The experience being thus extended on average by over 11 sec (15% over the benchmark). The campaign enjoyed a brand lift study, conducted through Nielsen, demonstrating the success of the campaign (over 108% ad recall), and the benefits of this format.

“We are delighted that the gaming experience created with our AdColony partners has been scalable on the Doritos target, achieving a high level of interactivity, overreaching benchmarks, and moreover, realizing an impressive impact across all brand indicators, including ad recall, brand favorability, and purchase intent”. Commented Vlad Vladescu Mr. Digital & Media Manager / Mr. BM Doritos.

The AdColony platform has been present on the Romanian digital advertising market since 2020 and represented exclusively by Httpool. It is the ideal option for marketers who, in addition to achieving the awareness objectives of the communication plan, also want to engage the audience in a unique way that’s both fun and memorable.

AdColony X Doritos


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