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Native Advertising in 2021

Speedy Brand Lift


Speedy has been one of the leading companies in a door to door parcel delivery for the last 20 years in Bulgaria. They have recently launched “Smart control” that gives clients complete parcel information and control over the delivery free of charge. Smart control can answer simple questions such as “Where is my parcel?” and “What is happening to my parcel?”. Speedy’s main goal for this campaign was to educate on this new feature and to increase its usage.


They were looking to:

  • educate potential customers
  • motivate them to start using it.

Brand lift study splits an audience into 2 groups on Facebook: exposed and control groups.

This feature allows advertisers to determine how much exposure to the ads affect a significant brand lift. Smart control can be used on mobile devices which is the primary placement of the campaign device targeting. Speedy used video ads with the Reach and FRQ buying Model (Reach Objective) applied to raise awareness, targeting users in the age group of 25 to 55, showing the key message no more than 2 times every 7 days.


Facebook brand lift study provided us with a much deeper understanding of brand perception and gave us fundamental insight into the client’s new service usability within the target audience.

Eftim Ansarov
Managing Partner & Digital Strategist
Accella Digital

We highly appreciate the possibility to receive an organic and “non-slated” feedback on our “hot” service through the social network. It is a perfect Facebook possibility for everyone who creates services based on user experience.

Ivan Totev
Marketing & Development director
Speedy JSC

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