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Snapchat Advertising: Augmented reality is the future

By Diana Coman, Httpool Regional Snapchat Client Partner & Alvaro Botella Caballero, IMS & Httpool Snapchat Marketing Analyst

For those who are unfamiliar with Snapchat, the app was founded in 2011, and has reshaped the era of communication through imagery. Snapchat arguably acts as a modern, digital, and cost-free version of a postcard. A postcard often contains a memorable image, alongside a handwritten note, and would be sent between recipients over long distances. The aim of snapchat is to allow users to quickly ‘snap’ pictures of people, places, or events, and be able to immediately send them on to their chosen recipient.

Who is the audience?

Snapchat has approximately 293 million daily users across the globe. Statistics indicate that for many of these users, the app has become their new messaging tool in place of other platforms, with most spending a minimum of 30 minutes on snapchat each day. In the US, 48% of users are aged between 15-25. 

These young Millennials and Gen Zs are the new consumer and they’re more powerful and unique than most realize. 

The Snapchat Generation is 150% more likely to prefer to communicate with pictures over words than non-Snapchatters. And 82% of Snapchatters believe they have a personal responsibility to change the world. They’re activated and care about causes.

Snapchatters say close friends are over 4x more influential than celebrities or influencers on their purchasing decisions. Friends matter more than anyone. In view of keeping their users’ conversations private, Snapchat offers an option within the settings to automatically delete chats once the recipient has read the message, a feature which tends to appeal heavily to the millennial and z generations.  

How has Snap adapted to the changing media landscape?

To stay ahead of the times and maintain revenues, Snapchat began creating new features to keep users engaged. In 2013 Snapchat was ahead of the competition launching the ‘story’ feature, allowing users to add pictures or video content to their ‘story’, providing a 24hour narrative of snaps strung together. This update was arguably Snapchat’s first big step into becoming a recognised major media platform, creating both its own social language, and context. Statistics estimate that it would take you 10 years to view all the photos/videos shared on Snapchat ‘stories’ in the last hour alone. 

Then in 2016 the app released their first augmented reality filter, popularly known as ‘spectacles’, this feature allowed users to test out three shades of glasses and frames on their faces via the camera. With further developments to follow including skin retouching, location tagging, customizing stickers for special events, and the creation of avatar look-alikes for users. 

Similarly in 2020 in an attempt to launch a competitor to TikTok and Instagram reels, Snapchat released ‘Spotlight’. This feature provides users with an opportunity to view content outside of their friends and followers, ‘Spotlight’ displays the top snaps that have been submitted for consideration by the app’s large number of daily users and is suggested to users based on algorithm. This update provides a centralized location to access an unlimited amount of user generated content where they can access an endless feed of user-generated content.

In the most recent update, launched in 2021, Snapchat took personalization and the virtual reality experience to the next level. Users are now able to customise their pets as well as the most iconic buildings around the globe, such as the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace. This growing technological approach that allows users to visit locations through their screens and the comfort of their own homes, gives companies the opportunity to rethink their advertising strategies, and expand customer reach through a simplified and more sustainable medium. 

Which Snap’s advertising formats?

Snapchat offers a variation of advertising formats which fall into three main categories.

Snap Ads. These are vertical video formats that appear between two types of snapchat content on the story. The videos are always displayed with active sound and allow users to play around with lenses, consume native content, and take immediate action such as installing an app or clicking through to a specific URL. This can also be adapted into still images, creativities, and gifs, etc.

snap ads

Story Ads. These are sponsored videos that appear in the “premium” tab alongside subscriptions, vertical news, influencers, and snap series etc. These formats do not interrupt the user’s experience when exploring or consuming content.

story ads


Either of the above options guarantees a pleasurable experience for the consumer and will increase user engagement for your product. Omnicore estimates that a whopping 76% of Snapchatters will make their purchases online during the  holiday season, so make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity. Snapchat is after all considered a huge player in both our present and future technological worlds. We recognize Snapchats fast-paced culture, technological advancements, and ability to regenerate itself. Working with Snapchat provides the opportunity to remain on trend and understand the current needs of users in today’s world.

Snap Lens. The latest ad format on Snapchat harnesses using disruptive technology to reach their desired audience through the lens ad format. We are talking about the next engagement level, where users spend on average more +30 seconds engaging with brands through this innovative technology. So far, more than 200 million daily AR users and more than 1.5m lenses have been created by the community of Snapchatters through their Lens Studio software. 

Additionally Snap ads solutions include performance solutions with the possibility to include different CTAs on the lens as well as different real-live metrics to optimize each campaign and drive powerful outcomes on each part of the conversion funnel.

snap lensNo matter what your objective is, we are here to guide you and to help you succeed. Snapchat is an ideal platform to create bonds between you and your consumers.