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Small-price-point and packaging innovation campaign’s can make strong impact with Facebook Video Ads

By Archana Roche, Httpool Measurement Lead APAC & CEE

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How Facebook Video Ads boosted Ispahani’s innovative small packaging for its rural market, increasing top of mind awareness and recall

When it comes to CPG brands, packaging can be a game changer especially at point of sale.

Ispahani Tea, Bangladesh’s iconic tea brand’s innovative “packaging per price point”, to suit its rural consumers convenience, at point-of-sale is one such game changer. Ispahani successfully introduced products in low price points to shore up volumes through the bottom of the pyramid segment unlocking another huge opportunity for its explosive growth as an established market leader.

Ispahani Tea

A Facebook video campaign boosted awareness of this convenient price point to the rural audience. The measurement brand lift study measuring awareness and marketing returns, delivered strong results on key brand metrics like message recall and top of mind awareness as below further reflecting Facebook’s powerful reach and impact across rural audience for CPG brands.


Delighting rural audience with a packet of affordable tea with innovative small pack per price point

Ispahani Tea noticed that consumers find discomfort in buying 10gm of tea for Taka 7 as MRP or any other odd price point. Their research showed that consumers do not prefer Taka 7 or Taka 13 odd points as it is inconvenient to tender exact change at point of sale. Consumers instead prefer note sizes of 5 Taka or 10 Taka which are easier to carry in the wallet as notes are commonly available.

Innovative solution : Ispahani resolved this price fallacy with an innovative packaging of 7.5 gms for Taka 5 and Taka10 for 15 gms pack.

To propagate this innovative small packaging to its rural audience across Bangladesh, Ispahani partnered with Httpool, Facebook’s Authorized Sales Partner for their Facebook video campaign.

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Here’s how Ispahani used the power of Facebook Video Ads to increase brand awareness amongst its rural audience

Httpool collaborated with media partner Mediacom and recommended creating MFC short under15 second Facebook videos instead of using the regular, business as usual, long TVC.

Ispahani’s team created short videos of “ Ispahani’s packet of affordable tea at Rs 5 or Rs 10” following all the brilliant basics as below that resulted in delivering spectacular results.

• Vertical mobile first short under 15 second creative
• Brand association was clear with majority of video showcasing solution
• Brand logo shown in the first 3 seconds, with recognisable visuals
• Product and message delivered early within 5 seconds
• Attention grabbing video thumbnail
• Automatic Placements gave more opportunity to the Facebook delivery system to make the most of the budget.

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Brewing Success

The Facebook Measurement brand lift study, which measured the brand metrics found a positive influence on ad recall and top of mind awareness for “ Ispahani’s packet of affordable tea at Rs 5 or Rs 10” and earned the following results:

Ispahani results

Download the case study here.