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Native Advertising in 2021

Situational Marketing for Delivery Club


Every year on 3rd of September social media users get engaged in traditional discussion with the song by Mikhail Zakharovich Shufutinsky, “The 3rd of September” which was a popular song some time ago. Russia’s leading mobile and desktop food delivery platform “Delivery Club”, wanted to tap into this opportunity and engage users during the 3rd of September. Their main objective was to get the largest reach of the audience on Twitter, and convert a large number of orders using promo code RYABINA.


By combining situational marketing and the right audience, the brand got a wide coverage on Twitter. Delivery Club uses First View + Promoted Trend ad formats to reach all Twitter users in one day. Using the best Twitter practices, the brand in cooperation with Httpool managed to get great results. During the one day of Campaign, the brand got 3400 mention of the hashtag (#3сентября ), along with 2.4% CTR of the single tweet. More than 2000 orders were done by users with a promo code #RUABINA.

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