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Romina’s story: Working in a multicultural environment

Romina Sattari, Talent Acquisition Lead

Here at Httpool we work across the globe, we communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds every single day which is all part of working for a successful international company. Regardless of your job title or where you are located, you will always be given the chance to interact with a fiercely diverse group of people.

Romina Sattari, Talent Acquisition Lead at Httpool, starts her day speaking with colleagues from Indonesia, and finishes it with a recap from Austria. Sometimes, she catches up quickly with colleagues from the parent company Aleph Holding, based in the USA. She understands the importance of working in a multicultural environment and enjoys putting her intercultural communication skills to test every single day.

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No One-size-fits-all

Originally from Iran, Romina grew up in Dubai. “Here, you are exposed to people from all over the world! Only 10% of people who live in Dubai are actually from the place, which meant I was already used to interacting with different cultures from my childhood days. This actually gave me an important advantage when I took up my role in the HR Department.” she explained. Still, even to her some initial communications with people around the world represented a culture shock.

Having researched how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, Romina discovered some great tips and practical tools, such as the mirroring method. When interviewing potential candidates for open vacancies “I mirror people’s body language and the way that they speak in an effort to make them feel more comfortable. This indeed usually makes them feel more relaxed” she explains.

Thus, Romina understands that the “one size fits all” idea cannot be applied when it comes to working with people.

New skills, new ideas, constant growth

Since joining the company in October 2020, Romina helped to hire people for over 80 different positions handling job vacancies across the whole of Europe and Asia. Working in recruitment, she quickly picked up skills such as how to adapt your way of speaking to different people depending on where they are from to avoid miscommunication. All regions where Httpool operates have different ways of communicating with each other, this has also meant she has had to learn how to read body language in each of the cultures.

A particular added value of working internationally is the “heightened ability to bounce innovative ideas” explains Romina. Coupled with Httpool’s corporate culture that leans towards flexibility and high level of openness for exchange of ideas, this is a formula for personal as well as business success.

“If an organisation wants to grow, they have to learn how to adapt, you need to learn how to be accepting of everyone.” Romiona comments. “If you are limiting yourself to a small number of locations you are limiting your growth and success.” But if you are ready to open up to new markets, and new cultures, the growth potential becomes almost unlimited.

Expanding horizons

Understanding and appreciating different cultures “leads to having an open mind and shapes you as a person” says Romina. “I now always try to think about things from other people’s perspective and not straight away jumping to any conclusions just because someone’s way of communicating is different to yours.”

Claiming that she learned the skill of being able to see the cultural differences and appreciating them from her time with Httpool, Romina is a naturally curious person “simply loving to work with colleagues from different backgrounds and learning about them, where they come from, how they think and what is important to them.” she concludes.

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