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Peter Bodnar: Push your limits and enjoy inner balance

By Adam Bezeczky, Regional Communications Manager

Peter Bodnar Grows Challenge

Peter “Catchmeifyoucan” Bodnar, please tell us who you are and what you do at Httpool?

I have been with the company for 5 months now and I’m the client partner in Chechia for Twitter and LinkedIn. 


So you are new to the company. Have you ever participated in something like #HttpoolGrows?

No, it was my first time. I actually never counted my kilometers before, I started counting when I decided to crash the #HttpoolGrows challenge. I was curious where I would land in terms of ranking, as I also commute to work by bike. But I did not only bike, I did some jogging too, so my results were a combination of both types of exercises.


How did #HttpoolGrows influence your motivation? With almost 500 kilometers tracked in less than a month, you seem to enjoy sports?

Yes, I love to be active and push my limits. It’s good for inner balance and it was a nice competition after I saw that others were putting in a lot of effort. 

Peter Bodnar 1

You and Filip are from the same office. You’ve told me you are planning to have a tour together?

Filip showed me some new routes around Prague. I like to explore new areas by bike, so that’s definitely a nice additional outcome of the #HttpoolGrows Challenge.


Have you got any advice for biking beginners?

Don’t be intimidated by kilometers. Just enjoy how you feel after your bike ride. And I also can only emphasize what Filip said, that the proper equipment is key for enjoying biking.


What kind of bike are you riding?

I have a road bike with a light frame, that’s beneficial if you are going uphill with your bike. Fortunately I can store my bike in the office, and I don’t have to leave it locked in the street.


Do you have anything to share with your colleagues?

I would like to take the time to thank the team for putting together this challenge! And a huge congratulations to everyone who participated! 

Peter Bodnar