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Native Advertising in 2021

Personal Care for Teens Rexona Wins!


Rexona – famous Unilever’s antiperspirant wanted to reach the young audience and their parents to encourage teenagers’ personal hygiene during their puberty. To do so, Rexona picked Brainly’s recently introduced advertising format called special subject, aiming to increase brand recognition and awareness among teens and their parents.


In coopreation with Httpool the brand created 2 mechanics: a landing page and a new subject called “Personal Care” on Brainly. On the site with the subject “Personal care”, Rexona shared a few questions for users to answer and win special branded badges. Rexona used standard banners on Brainly to drive visits to the “Personal care” site.

In addition, the brand created an entire educational website to help teens on some topics that might be embarrassing to ask. This website consisted on some historical facts on personal care and some information about the brand’s history. Also, it has a series of advice for parents on how to communicate with their children during puberty. After visiting the education website, users could take an exam and compete for the main prize.


Brainly’s audience which is mainly teens (age 11-16) and their parents was 100% aligned with the brand’s target audience. The combination of the familiar mechanics and the adaptability of the brand materials had high engagement on the project. Campaign delivery was record-breaking and over-achieved the campaign goals.

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