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Maximize Brand Impact on Snapchat – Follow the Durex Road

Imagine you are a marketeer, and you know your target audience is millennials and Gen Z, where could you look to find this audience easily in high quantities? The answer is Snapchat. Afterall, Snapchat is not only a highly popular platform built around the use of camera and video functionalities, which younger audiences love, but according to, was also voted the most innovative platform for virtual reality (AR) features.

Moreover, interacting with products that offer AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate, as these experiences allow consumers to feel more connected to brands ¹, so it’s clear that Snapchat is the place to advertise. But how do you use Snapchat to advertise effectively?

Initially, it might seem easy for a variety of reasons:

  • Snapchat reaches almost 90% of 16- to 24-year-olds in Romania.
  • The platform is extremely engaging, the average user engages with AR features approx. 30x per day.
  • AR delivers almost 2x the levels of visual attention, compared to their non-AR equivalent, leading to improved memories and more powerful responses from consumers², so activating a brand via Snapchat will have a positive impact on the delivery of its message/benefit.

Durex AR

But are There any Challenges?

The short answer is yes, when does anything worthwhile come with no challenges? For instance, the message of your campaign needs to be relevant to the specific audience, and the ad format mix used must be able to deliver this message efficiently.

Having a team of digital experts in place would be useful in overcoming this challenge, such as those available at Httpool. As the exclusive reseller of Snap in Romania, Httpool helped one of the most famous brands in the world, Durex, to develop and implement a highly successful campaign on Snap in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Before we dive into the how, let’s briefly define the KPIs behind a ‘successful campaign’ on Snapchat:

  • High/above Snap’s benchmark completion rate, and the CTR for Snap Ads used to advertise the campaign, redirecting the users in an ecommerce platform to drive high purchase intent.
  • High/above Snap’s benchmark engagement rate, for the Lens created, to support the communication of the brand’s benefit (share & save rate).
  • high/above Snap’s benchmark open rate and completion for the Story ads included in the mix. 

How Httpool Helped Durex

In order to secure a maximum impact, Httpool and Durex worked together to select their period of relevance, and they selected February. With sights set on the first advertising holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, they began their strategy planning.

The next phase was developing the campaign message and creating innovative ways to promote this. Thus, following the concept of ‘Be wild every day, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day’, Httpool proposed the use of a complementing interactive game, later named ‘What kind of lover are you?’

Durex Mix

With the message, method of delivery, and the timing set, the team shifted focus towards defining the best approach in terms of ad mix for the campaign. Httpool’s proposal was a newly formulated mix of formats which they believed would maximize the impact:

  • Lens – to drive engagement, incorporated into the interactive game.
  • Snap Ads – to drive awareness and purchase intent.
  • Story Ads – to drive awareness and boost the engagement, by redirecting the users to the Lens activation.

The results achieved were above and beyond expected targets!

Lens Results:

  • Almost 2X more impressions than initially estimated.
  • 3X higher engagement rate versus Snap lens benchmark.
  • Almost 2X more play time with the game vs Snap benchmark.
  • All achieved with almost ½ of the CPM compared to initial planning.

Snap Ads Results:

  • Achieved up to 3.59% CTR, 3X higher vs Snapchat benchmark of 1%.

Story Ads Results:

  • Producing 57.48% completion rate, which is 2X higher vs Snap benchmark of 25%, driven mainly by the placement.  The ads were placed within the ‘discover stories’ section, leading to higher chances of the ads being seen by consumers. 


Durex success
Durex’s Response

“Snapchat has a playground of features that help us engage with our consumers easily and in an authentic way. In addition, the creative minds behind the app really understand how to suit your every need, providing strong proposals from the start, and ensuring that integration with the campaigns is easily accomplished”. 

Overall Durex was thrilled with the results of the campaign and pleased with the strong collaboration with Httpool. Follow their lead and harness the potential of Snapchat for yourself! 

¹ Harvard Business Review Article, “How AR is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic”
² Zappar Article, “How augmented reality affects the brain”

Httpool Durex

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