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Luka’s story: Working in a multicultural environment

Luka Žgajnar, Regional LinkedIn Lead for the Balkans

From designing buildings to helping businesses grow, Luka Žgajnar says he’s “always been a creative person”. Luka was born and raised in Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. While studying architecture at degree, he began working for a marketing agency, and soon discovered he had a knack for business development. Various projects followed, before Luka applied for a role with Httpool in 2019, looking after sales in Slovenia, and was of course accepted on the same day as his interview, which he admits with a chuckle, ‘was sort of amazing’.

Fewer Clients = More Revenue (no Einstein Needed for That one)

Luka manages Httpool’s LinkedIn sales in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. The growth figures for the LinkedIn partnerships in the Balkans speak for themselves, showing a 1000% increase in the last two years combined. Luka puts Httpool’s success partly down to the fact that there are fewer clients on LinkedIn than on platforms like Facebook. This allows for a more holistic, one-on-one approach, in which Luka and his team can get far more involved with clients’ advertising campaigns and help develop their marketing strategies.

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Do you Speak my Language? Da! (That’s ‘yes!’)

Since each market has its own character, Luka says he’s gained valuable insights from having worked with people in so many different countries. “Let’s say, if I wasn’t working with our teams in Romania or Bulgaria”, he explains, “I wouldn’t understand their skills in persuasion when it comes to talking to clients, and I wouldn’t have been able to adapt that skill for our markets. For example, where a specific client isn’t, let’s say, the same as we’re expecting them to be”. He adds “it’s all about soaking up these insights and adapting them, learning how people actually interact, and how they perceive things in different markets and different territories”.

Relax, it’s Friday

Luka is keen to teach his team members the skills they need to develop confidence and initiative. “The way I work with them is not trying to push them, it’s more like educating them, encouraging them to take a proactive approach, and start bringing in more clients”.
Working for a global company like Httpool, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, means team members don’t often meet in person. In an environment where the boundaries between office and home life have become more blurred, Luka has made a conscious effort to ensure colleagues feel at ease with one another. of the need to make sure colleagues feel at ease with one another. He reveals that at least once or twice a week on a Thursday or Friday afternoon, he would organize a call with his team, just to get their minds off work for an hour. He comments “the calls were not to talk about business, but to talk about our personal lives. At this point I began to see people be themselves more and open up, which was wonderful”.

Looking for the Finish Line? There Isn’t one.

As the number of people using LinkedIn continues to grow, Luka is excited to see what Httpool can achieve in the next few years. “It’s the potential that we have. This is, I think, the most inspiring thing for me” Luka states that “Httpool being a global company provides the possibility for unlimited potential” and he smiles “that’s where I see the biggest inspiration for my work, for the work of local teams and so on, so you never see the finish line and think you’re done”. In Httpool there is always something more, and for Luka “that’s what keeps me going and excites me”.

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