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Creating lasting connections for success

Spela’s Story

Spela is a big believer in creating lasting connections at all levels. Her magic potion for successful leadership in communication is a combination of “the ability to understand the big picture, express and coordinate opinions, streamlining key messages, and offering full transparency of the process”. It’s often the case that we hear communications professionals prefer to listen rather than talk, aiming to ensure messages are understood and translated effectively. 

Having started her journey at Httpool with the task to set up central operations for Public Relations, Spela has gained extensive insights into valuable global operations. “That’s the magic of Httpool. We are bringing together a network of top experts who support and encourage each other in their quest for excellence”.

Spela says that her varying roles in life make her who she is, “I don’t think of myself as a working mum, or a business woman, rather a unique combination of ambitions that encompass my everyday life”. She applies this belief in her leadership techniques, encouraging colleagues to try anything at least once, and to not be afraid of diversity or the unknown. “I learn from my daughter, my husband, family, and friends, as well as senior managers and my colleagues”, she comments, utilizing and applying these lessons in both work and personal spheres is an important factor in successful leadership”. 

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Spela dreams of a future “without conflicts and with respect for nature. A time where kindness is the main trait of all people around the world.” She believes that companies such as Httpool are in a great position to create a brighter tomorrow. “I talk to people of various cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise, and feel the highest level of respect they have for one another, while radiating general kindness.” In the ever growing AI and digital reality, Spela still acknowledges the importance of human touch, and suggests this is a key component allowing individuals and companies to shine through the clutter. 

Spela’s advice for young girls choosing a career path:

Society will inevitably try to steer you in particular directions, labelling you, and outlining the correct perceived roles. It takes a leap of faith to break these old patterns and start down new exciting paths. Regardless of what career you choose, always demand respect, and never forget your voice. Look for an environment where you can be creative and where your contributions will be valued.