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Kate’s story: Working in a multicultural environment

Kate Kremere, Regional HR Manager for Nordics, and Poland

In an international company, with staff spanning across multiple countries, each with its own labour laws and cultural expectations, working in HR takes on a whole new layer. Kate takes this in her stride, laughingly commenting when asked “of course it’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge”.

Kate's story

Kate explains that “the Nordics region includes Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, although more similar than other regions, they still come with cultural variations and of course legislation differences, which need to be taken into consideration. Poland however can feel like a polar opposite!”. Working across these various countries means Kate needs to be able to not only understand, but also adapt to various cultures and behaviors. With Poland for example, Kate points out their vast behavioral differences when compared to the Nordics. She comments “unlike the Nordics, where get togethers, lunches, and general socialization is important, Poland is more structured and can be considered to be more by the book”.

To keep up to date with country expectations and trends, Kate has daily catch ups with the regional managing directors, who’s HR tasks she oversees from her Base in Riga Latvia. Together, they discuss how to attract the right talent to the company and consider necessary strategic decisions. A couple of candidate interviews might follow, along with some administrative tasks. Keen to bring together employees from across the Nordic countries and Poland, Kate is currently focussing on global employee engagement initiatives. “For example, we just had a health initiative” she explains, “for which we promoted health and fitness, competing against one another to get the highest level of Kilometers, whether this be through running, cycling and/or swimming etc. For every kilometer done by Httpool, one tree was planted in Senegal Africa”.

A Smorgasbord of Ideas Fuels Creativity

Creativity happens when you think outside the box, and for Kate, working in a multicultural company like Httpool offers unparalleled opportunities to gather a wide range of ideas and viewpoints. This, in turn, means the company can reach a larger and more diverse audience.

Kate believes in opening the doors to creativity and letting it flow between teams and regions, with the hope of then increasing the outcome. She explains “when you complete multicultural team building, the ideas and perspectives are far more varied”. “As a Latvian, I can communicate in a way which would be more understandable to those from my region but including a wide variety of people allows the message to be expanded further”.

H is for Human

If there is one business function that aims to hit home that we as global citizens and employees, have more similarities than differences, it’s that of a Human Resources Manager. Having worked in Malta and Canada before joining Httpool, Kate has been struck by this pivotal truth time and time again.

Kate comments “regardless of whether it’s Poland, Nordics, or Africa, listen closely to the conversations of the inhabitants. Most people are struggling with some form of the same issue, whether this be regarding relationships, financial issues, or family complications”. For Kate these daily struggles are all the same “we are all human and we love to be listened to, respected and heard”.

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