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Is your e-commerce store ready for Black Friday? Here are 6 revenue-boosting tips via Twitter from Wise.Blue

Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year. In 2019 in the US alone 93.2 million people shopped online, online sales hit a figure of $7.4 billion. With all of this money to be made on the online shopping market alone, you will not want to miss a chance to boost your sales with Wise.Blue a Twitter partner which provides companies with the technology to see the full potential of what performance marketing can do. The technology Wise.Blue offers will help with workflow efficiency, creative management, ad and campaign analytics amongst many other services. You may ask the question; how can I increase sales amongst the Black Friday advert chaos? So here we have provided you with some top tips on how to increase sales during this period. 


Catch the early birds 

The first thing we urge our clients to do is to start advertising early, every brand is going to be having some form of sale or discount event, so you want to ensure that your customers know what is coming before they begin looking elsewhere. By starting Black Friday marketing campaigns early creates interest and demand for this event as well as boosts the awareness of your offer. With the pandemic still looming there will still be more people shopping online as opposed to waiting in lines outside their favorite stores for their own safety. By offering your customers a pre-sale a few days prior to Black Friday will mean customers can get their orders in before the shopping rush. The offer will be the same as the Black Friday offer. It will just begin earlier! This will help your customers to navigate the site more easily as it will not be overwhelmed with traffic and will also help you to manage your stock more accordingly. 


Extend Extend Extend!

With Black Friday being the final big discount event before the festive season as well as starting the sale early you may also want to extend it to catch some latecomers. The online shopping market has its own shopping day called Cyber Monday, with most brands ending their discount after this date. It is a great opportunity to extend the discount and find those customers who your competitors may have missed. 


Make your Twitter customers feel like a VIP

Offering offers for your Twitter customers is a great way to create more engagement as well as more conversion opportunities. By offering a special discount or deal for these customers helps to boost your social profile and create a more personal experience with your customers. 


Catch ‘em while you can 

Wise.Blue provides a service to its customers that can help target more specific audiences for Black Friday campaigns to increase traffic and conversions, these audiences can consist of previous Black Friday shoppers, Influencers, those who have an interest in the subcategory of your business such as fashion, beauty tech, etc. and audiences who already buy/ use similar products or services to the ones which you provide. 


Another way to create these audiences is by using Twitter to engage with audiences over trending events and topics, since Twitter users are always the first to share their opinions on trending topics, why not use this to your advantage? You can create topical social media posts which can generate a connection with Twitter users and your brand and can present future possibilities also. 


Practise run

Testing how you plan to run your market strategies for Black Friday will mean you are able to see the successes and failures of these plans. By finding the flaws in your plan you are then able to correct any errors which ensure you are fully prepared for successful execution. By conducting an A/B test will help you to compare offers, geos, audiences, who is responding better, ads, creatives, tweets, and call to action. 


Creatives. What creatives should the clients use?

In the week of Black Friday, many advertisers will communicate similar Black Friday messages, so there’s a need for a message that stands out. By using Wise.Blue creative manager will help to manage ad creation in bulk and find insights from historical creatives. Carousel ads help to reach unique audiences through multiple images or videos. 

This format may improve link click volume and CTR, along with conversion volume and conversion rate. Wise.Blue offers Multi-Destination Carousels with custom headlines and unique URLs.


Automate, optimize and analyze 

During this period brands have many ad campaigns all running at the same time for maximum engagement and conversion, by using automation helps manage your Twitter campaigns. With the appropriate automation in place, this results in less wasted time and less money spent. 


Wise.Blue Automated Catalog Ads will integrate Black Friday product catalogs to automatically produce ads, this will automate product ad creations showing variations in creativity, price, and availability. Wise.Blue  Dynamic Creative Optimiser will identify and optimize the best performer ad


Wise.Blue’s AI stops underperforming ads, reallocates and scales budget across campaigns. Machine learning-driven algorithms assure 24/7 automated optimization. Advertisers can also benefit from deep learning prediction models to automate bid and budget allocation, control volume, efficiency, target KPIs and spend limits.


For website 3rd party measurement it is best to exploit AUTO-UTM tagging from Wise.Blue site; Wise. Blue is directly integrated with Google Analytics. Also, you can be accessing data through a real-time API connection with mobile app tracking platforms like AppsFlyer or AdJust. Utilize data imports to optimize your Black Friday Twitter campaigns.


Manage Campaign Complexity

Campaign management is all about time efficiency and economy. With Wise.Blue, advertisers can spend less time for setup and get more time to optimize and scale. Automate and efficiently manage multiple complex campaigns with a 360-degree view at a click of a button. Wise.Blue includes bulk edits, bulk creative, and targeting uploads together with tweet permutations. Product catalog integration and ads automation remove the burden of manually creating individual ads.