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#HttpoolEuros: Bringing the company together through fantasy football

by Sarina Shanley

Httpool is an Aleph Holding company, and the largest global Twitter Ads partner, stirring up excitement for football fans during Euro2020 championship by sponsoring a #HttpoolEuros Fantasy Football League.

Having been delayed for an entire year due to Covid, football fans across the world finally got their show. To celebrate the onset of the UEFA European Football Championships, Httpool decided to launch their own Euros Fantasy League, hosted on the official UEFA website.

Httpool employees are spread across the world, from Switzerland to Indonesia, with more in common than simply a passion for digital marketing. The Euros this year in particular saw inspiring amounts of comradery throughout countries across the globe, and the creation of a fantasy football league provided a fantastic platform for participants to create new connections and forge friendships across a global company such as Httpool. Bringing the stadium atmosphere to the homes of their employees during a time when travel remains limited.

An impressive 68 participants joined the Fantasy Football League, embarking on the epic journey, selecting handpicked players to win the #HttpoolEuros.

From true fan enthusiasm to some fun trash talk, and encouragement, HttPeople demonstrated that both passion and dedication runs through their veins in all that they do.

However as always, the opportunity to drive home once again the power of advertising can never be missed.

To add further excitement and some spice into the mix, prizes such as iPad Air, Apple Watch, and AirPods were given for the top three teams based on their league’s points, and original football kits from a team of choice were awarded to the two most active users of the #HttpoolEuros hashtag. 

Inga Harding, LinkedIn Global Performance Lead and #HttpoolEuros first place winner, explained that “participating in online group projects is a great alternative to face-to-face celebrations, allowing you to remain connected in the ongoing Covid reality”. Her Shamrock FC ☘️ walked away with the golf trophy.

Hristo Kamberov, Client Solutions Manager in Bulgaria, agrees commenting that participating in the Fantasy league “provided something new and exciting to discuss with colleagues in the office, a reason to look up and reach out to global colleagues you wouldn’t normally work with, and a reason to watch the Euros with even more interest, especially during the tense extra times”. Not that the periods of extra time needed any help in intensity, almost no nails left after those.

For many participants such as Prabal Takia, Twitter Client Partner, the Fantasy League also provided a useful outlet “working as a great stress buster at the end of the day” and creating a strong “atmosphere of togetherness” which has continued even after the conclusion of the Fantasy League. Sentiments echoed by Nemanja Arizanovic, Client Solutions Manager Serbia, who states that “thanks to the league a separate chat was created across country colleagues, used to strategize during the tournaments, and will remain a way to keep in touch and up to date with one another”.

The Fantasy League lasted the duration of the Euro Championships with the final kick off taking place on 11 July. It might take a couple of weeks for participating HttPeople to recover, but they sure seem ready to jump into the next fantasy, as they gear up for next year’s Qatar 2022 World Cup.

After all, just as the elite football players we love to watch, HttPeople also thrive on strong coordination, determination, and teamwork, using this powerful combination to strike their own winning goals.