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Native Advertising in 2021

Httpool Recommendations Successfully Boost KFC’s Campaign Awareness

By Sorana Dulgheru, Regional Marketing Manager, Balkans


To effectively leverage KFC’s creative assets and maximise campaign metrics, the brand team immediately began collaborating with UM Romania and Httpool. Over 1 million views were achieved for the trailer of the KFC series and more than 500,000 views for most of the 4 episodes.

This is a strong example of how using a mix of social platforms within the media plan can impact the results of a brand campaign. The series ‘KFC – Freshly prepared’ was a creative initiative built by KFC to strengthen brand awareness across the market. The aim was to increase brand appeal amongst the target audience, by diminishing the myths circulating on how KFC food is prepared and cooked in KFC.




Debunk the KFC Myths

The current market dynamics mean it’s more crucial than ever for all brands, especially within the fast-food industry, to ensure they have a strong and positive brand recognition. Brands such as FKC need to make sure they are at the forefront of their audiences’ minds, and that they are always the answer to the question ‘where should we eat this evening?’.

Taking the above into consideration, as well as knowledge of the negative KFC myths which had previously been confirmed in a study conducted by Kantar Insights Romania, the brand team got to work creating an innovative approach to address this challenge. The result was a unique mockumentary production-experiment, providing a new type of brand content, and shining a new light on the truth about KFC. #pebune #forreal

The mini-series shows a former intern at KFC attempting to launch a new restaurant in Bucharest, named AltKFC. In the series the former intern attempts to action all the myths circulating about the brand, to disprove their validity, and demonstrate the myths total contradiction to the reality of the KFC universe.

The full series can be watched on YouTube, on KFC channel.




With The Help of Httpool

With initial focus on the awareness and engagement objectives, Httpool proposed a mix of platforms able to complement each other in regard to both audiences and ads formats, to best deliver the message, and the desired creatives of the campaign, to achieve maximum impact.

  • Spotify
    Htttpool recommended using a mix of audio everywhere, video takeover, and sponsored session formats. This is to first capitalize on the platform’s main power assets, and second, to ensure users are reached by a multitude of ads, across a number of formats, with the hope of encouraging action and engagement. The results proved that audio was the best performing format, achieving 55% higher CTR than the Spotify benchmark.


KFC case study

  • Snapchat
    The recommended format here was Snap Ads. These appeared between story posts and within premium content on the discover tab, achieving a 60% higher completion rate for videos compared with the benchmark.



  • AdColony
    It was recommended to use instant play videos, with dynamic end card formats. This allowed users to interact with the campaign visuals and click on any episode to extend the viewing time. This technique developed amazing results, achieving engagement of 7% which is 2.5X higher than the benchmark. Furthermore, reaching a high video completion rate of 94%.Link:



Key learnings:

  • Ideally, all relevant media partners should be involved in the project from the onset and before the development of creatives. This is the best approach to ensure that creatives are tailored to the features of each recommended platform.
  • Leverage the benefits and functionalities of each platform, maximising potential, to boost both the relevance and impact of the campaign.
  • For broader audience groups ensure to include a strong mix of media plan platforms that can secure cross age range coverage. This will help achieve optimum reach.
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