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Httpool at the Webit global congress

Webit is a global digital and telecommunication congress with attendees from more than 100 countries.

This year Webit hosted more than 8000 digital, tech and telco professionals in Istanbul. There were speakers from Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Spotify, Skype, as well as from Httpool. Httpool’s CEO and founder Aljoša Jenko and Chief Marketing Officer, Maruša Flerin presented cross channel advertising approach and its application.

Httpool realizes that due to increasing digital media fragmentation and increasing complexities on the supply side, executing integrated cross channel and cross device advertising campaigns became extremely challenging.  Aljoša Jenko and Maruša Flerin identified in their respective speeches the key challenges, enablers and benefits of cross channel advertising and demonstrated how to properly execute a cross channel campaign.

If properly executed this approach creates valuable impact along the whole journey to purchase, from awareness to decision phase, thus providing highest ROI for advertisers. Httpool is committed to enable efficient and simple execution of integrated advertising campaigns based on advanced technology, cross channel approach and access to the broadest range of ad products and inventory sources from a single point. Httpool’s proprietary AdPlatform already provides ad delivery across all channels and devices and access both to Httpool’s local ad networks and global partners, such as Google Ad Exchange, Appnexus, Inmobi, Adsmobi and Facebook.