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How to reach your audience on Twitter for Black Friday

Farshad Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise.Blue


As the world changes, consumers are moving from offline to online shopping and when they shop their influential conversations on purchases are taking place online. Black Friday is a critical day for the retail sector. For many brands, this period contributes to large sales numbers and it is increasing every year. To benefit from the momentous period, brands need to take advantage of proven strategies to boost their sales during this online shopping carnival.


How can you reach your target audience and engage them for Black Friday?

Tailor your audiences

Determine who you want to share your messages with. Are you targeting fashion enthusiasts or tech professionals? Ensuring you reach your ideal audience at the right time is key when trying to promote your brand and i’s products. 

Solutions such as Wise.Audience allows brands to tap into tailored audiences that go far beyond Twitter Native targeting. With exclusive targeting capabilities, Wise.Audience provides an opportunity to target audiences on Twitter based on their online behavior. Packaged audiences could range from 2020’s Black Friday audience to users interested in tech or fashion. The more relevant your audience is, the greater impact your Black Friday campaign will have.


Keywords and Hashtags

How can your audience find your message on Twitter? Keywords and hashtags can help the right people find the right message they are looking for. Twitter users may use hashtags like #BlackFriday to find out about the best sales or may search keywords relating to the product they are looking for. While you will want to include them in your promotions on an actual day, some consumers will start planning weeks in advance so it’s a good idea to get started early.

If you know what consumers are talking about, or the way they search for their information you have the ability to share your brand’s message in the place where it is most relevant.


Attract and Engage your Audiences
How can you engage with your audience once they have found your brand on Twitter? Creating an exciting experience for your audience in the lead-up to Black Friday will keep you relevant in the minds of the consumers.


A solution like Heart2Remind provides an opportunity to attract and maintain interest over a period of time. Whether it is to promote an important date or moment or remind your audience about exclusive discounts or offers. Users can like a tweet about upcoming exclusive Black Friday offers, and those users will receive serialized content to engage them until it’s time to redeem that offer. 


A/B Test Your Messaging

What is the best way to deliver your message to your targeted audience? The lead-up promotion to Black Friday serves as an ideal time to experiment and assure the success of your advertising efforts on Twitter. Conduct A/B test runs for better-refined creatives that will unlock greater results and better return on advertising spend. This is an opportunity to gather data on the gaps and shortcomings of your creatives and budget, and as a result, analyze and optimize your execution. 


While A/B Testing can be time-consuming there are solutions such as Wise.Blue that is designed to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and maximize workflow efficiency. For Black Friday, you can create different ads or call to action to compare which converts better and assign different target audiences to determine which has the better response.


It is ideal to get started early on building and extending your Black Friday audience and ensuring you engage these audiences with the right message that will drive them to make a purchase. If you want to learn more about creating a 360 Black Friday Twitter strategy, get in touch with an expert. 


Attract and retain your audience on Twitter this Black Friday with WiseBlue’s Heart To Remind solution. Create an exciting experience that will notify your audience of the latest Black Friday offers. Learn More:

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