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How to: Paid media on LinkedIn – Ad formats

By Nemanja Djakovic, LinkedIn Lead Serbia


LinkedIn has been going through a stage of continued development and updates as of late. Below we will provide a comprehensive summary of Ad formats.

Depending on which campaign objective you select, whether it be awareness, consideration, or conversion, there are different Ad formats at your disposal. These include Single Image Ads, Carousel Ad, Video Ad, Text Ad, Dynamic Ad, and Sponsored Messaging which consists of Message Ad (formerly InMail) and Conversation Ads. It is important to note that LinkedIn is removing the Stories format, and thus the Stories Ad format will no longer be available.

Ad Formats

1. Single Image Ad
Single Image Ads are the most popular ad format on the platform, displayed through the newsfeed, both on desktop and mobile devices. They support all levels of full funnel marketing and can also be used across a variety of objective-based advertising campaigns.

Previously, only the 1200×628 format was supported, however since the beginning of 2021 LinkedIn introduced additional support for 1:1 image format, these are now also the recommended choice to use.

* Pro tip – If you want to sponsor a video from YouTube or Vimeo, do it through Single Image Ad format, and not video, as Video Ad are only for native LinkedIn video.


Single Image Ads


2. Native sponsored Video format
Much has already been written about the video format and its significance. However, it is still worth noting the retargeting capabilities of video content, for example retargeting those who watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or 97% of videos, can result in increased lead generation. Moreover, for video on LinkedIn, the same guidelines on content interestingness apply, as seen for other platforms.

It is important to remember that the file format should be .MP4, as .MOV is not yet supported for Ads. Furthermore, the frame rate should be less than 30 FPS, the file size should be up to 200 MB, and the video length between 3sec to 30 minutes. More detailed specifications are available here:

It is also recommended to use only 70 characters, instead of the allotted 200, for the title to allow for optimal display across all devices. This format additionally offers a Call-to-Action (CTA).


Sponsored Video


3. Carousel Ad Format
This is an extremely powerful format used to showcase products and storytelling! Get ahead and prepare this format right away to seek the benefits. Carousel Ad Format is best used with 1:1 graphics in 2-5 cards. It can be integrated with the Lead Gen form.

To build brand awareness and consideration, ensure a brand story is told, or provide various helpful insights to your audience. It is recommended that in order to generate increased demand for your business, aim to showcase multiple products at once, or feature a single product in depth, both can inspire your audience to take action.

  • Common goals for carousel ads include:
  • Brand awareness (tell people about your brand).
  • Website visits (tell people where they can see more).
  • Lead generation (tell people why they need your products or services).


Carousel Ad


4. LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads contain a headline, short text, and a small image. They are located either at the top of the page above the news feed, or on the right-hand side rail in various formats. Because a better price can be great for brand awareness. Follow the link to view a successful campaign completed by HubSpot using this format.


Text Ads


5. Dynamics Ads
Dynamic Ads are named so because they can automatically adjust the profile picture of the person viewing the ad, with your message, and thus, drawing attention to themselves. These Ad formats are perfect for creating good conversions, leads, and building awareness, they are also often classed as the more affordable ad formats. They most often appear on the right-hand rail.

These ads are usually used for Follow and Job post campaigns and come in two forms:

  1. Follower Ads
    Expand your audience and acquire more followers for either your LinkedIn or Showcase Page. This allows you to expand your influence, as the audience engages with your organic content.
  2. Spotlight Ads
    Drive traffic to your website or landing page by featuring your product, service, event, job post, and more with a clear call-to-action for your target audience.


Dynamic Ads


6. Message Ads
Message Ads are one of the most powerful tools available, due to the fact the users are protected from receiving an excessive number of messages, incorporating a 30-day frequency cap, therefore allowing for only one sponsored inbox every 30 days. This is a unique form of customer care offered by a platform.

The average open rate is 68% – 78% on Message Ad (previously InMail). The name InMail has been retained for those messages arriving in the inbox from users who have a premium account or sales navigator.

New to this segment are Conversation Ads, also featured in the inbox, but instead of one CTA at the end they have offered answers that further produce other versions of pre-prepared text.

*Pro tip: When partnering with Httpool, you can send Message Ads as a company, otherwise only the personal name of the page admin is available in the Sender setup section.


Message ads


We hope you find this information useful. As always please feel free to contact your Httpool representative for additional advice.