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How to leverage existing assets and win Black Friday on Facebook

By Bine Slovnik, Senior Client Partner


It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas! And Black Friday weekend is offering the best bargains of the year you won’t want to miss out!

Conversations around Black Friday on Facebook begin at the start of November, and Facebook users engage with hashtags such as #blackfriday, #christmas, and #christmasgifts in the weeks building up to the big day. These discussions help brands and retailers gage what their customers and potential new shoppers care about during this global shopping season.

So just how can you leverage your existing assets and make the most of the shopping fever that happens around Black Friday?

FB Black Friday


Position your product as a gift

As the gifting season peaks around the corner, your audience shifts and you’re now selling to a gift-giver! Being mindful of this change and pivoting your campaigns can create a world of a difference.

However, pivoting is easier said than done, as Ross from the popular series Friends has learned the hard way, so start early and be ready by the end of October. From focusing on your headline language, to selling gift cards rather than products, offering coupons to new customers, and offering recommended products and cross-sells, be mindful that the upcoming season is all about giving. And receiving.


Discount everything but your brand

The Internet is in a heated debate on whether discounting products can harm brands. While some might argue in favour and some against, the fact is that a campaign that is cleverly conceived, will guide you around that potential pothole that could create a dent in your reputation.

Bear in mind that promotions don’t always have to be discounts and if you run your promotions correctly, they will increase long-term profitability without hurting your brand.

Holler Box offers the following tips:

  1. Don’t use discounts out of laziness, such as sign up for an e-mail and receive a discount coupon
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Do 4 major promos per year
  4. Promote Your Promotion
  5. Don’t Show the Same Thing to Everyone
  6. Do Smaller Targeted Promotions
  7. Use Discounts as a Gateway to Other Products


And so, you can maintain brand identity while communicating your offer and driving sales.


Stand out with bold visuals and a clear Call To Action

In addition to clever targeting and the right ad formats, bold creatives are an important part of your winning formula! The iOS changes have strengthened emphasis on ad creatives, so make the most of it!

Make sure that your visuals complement your message and convey the right angle of your story. Think about solving your customers’ problems rather than focussing on convincing them that they need your product.

With hundreds of thousands of brands advertising around Black Friday, your visuals need to be bold, timely and to the point to stand out.

With the gifting season around the corner, what could be more appealing that seeing a gift box unpacking to awaken that special sensation which we all experience at Christmas time and associate with happiness and excitement.


Target cleverly

Women are three times more likely to engage in shopping conversations on Facebook than men, they are also more likely to shop on key shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, women are responsible for 76% of Black Friday discussions during the first week of November. 

The biggest age group driving discussions on the build-up this shopping period are those aged between 18-34, they make up 41% of all conversations surrounding Black Friday. 

35-54 year olds make up 38% of holiday shopping talks, they are also more likely to use Facebook as a form of inspiration when looking for gifts to buy their loved ones. 

Choose your target audiences wisely.


Bonus tip: Go mobile friendly

In 2021 81.8% of all Facebook users used only their mobile to access their account. So, by making your company’s shop accessible for those using a mobile you will be able to attract much more traffic and attention to your site. 

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, people’s busy lifestyles and the dreaded Christmas shopping queues, online shopping seems to be the go-to for a huge percentage of Facebook shoppers. 

Making sure your store is mobile user friendly will mean there is a clean and easy transition for the customer, they will be able to easily navigate their way through an online store from a targeted ad to making a direct purchase. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start early, plan cleverly, and let’s see those Black Friday shoppers fly your way.