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How to Build Brand Engagement and Awareness With Twitter Spaces

By Mo Adefope, Copywriter

What is a Twitter Space and Why Should Brands Use this Feature?

Social media plays a pivotal role in the world of advertising and its ability to bring people together should not be undervalued. Owing to the presence of social networks, users from all corners of the world are able to connect, learn, debate, spread news, share opinions, and even build relationships. With an estimated 329 million global monthly users, Twitter is one of the leading social platforms and arguably, the best for online conversations.

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For brands, conversations with audiences are vital and can positively impact marketing objectives. Twitter research has shown that a 10% rise in conversation can increase the volume of sales by 3%. Moreover, in the technology field, Twitter has also found that a 1% increase in sales volume can lead to more than $6 million in incremental sales.

Twitter Spaces is a feature that allows users to hold live audio conversations, and having only been introduced a year ago, the initiation has already increased the authenticity of conversations for audiences. For brands, this is great news, as a large percentage of Twitter users follow those they admire, and look forward to updates.

How to Strengthen Your Brand Metrics With Twitter Spaces:

1. Share Brand Updates and Exclusive Offers With Your Twitter Community

A Twitter Space is a great avenue for sharing brand updates with customers and prospects. Through open conversations, brand representatives can share updates on upcoming events, new product, or service launches. Spaces also present an opportunity to host giveaways or trivias, inviting followers to engage with brands for the chance to win prizes, or experience exclusive offers relating to future events or offerings.

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2. Get Feedback and Insights From Audiences

The key to retaining consumer interest in your brand is ensuring that you’re constantly providing high-quality products, services, or experiences that they want or need. With Twitter Spaces, you can host Q&A and feedback sessions with audiences, offering them the chance to share their thoughts on your brand. This way, you’re getting real-time, valuable feedback, allowing you to adjust your marketing plans, or make necessary changes to your offerings. This ensures that you’re always aligned with your consumers and better-positioned to achieve your KPIs.

3. Connect Followers With Influencers or Celebrities

Hosting a fan session for audiences to connect with public figures is a sure-fire way to attract your audience’s attention, ensuring they are kept entertained. Spaces can give Twitter users direct and unparalleled access to their favourite celebrities or influencers, and as a result, your brand is sure to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. For example, the popular Fast & Furious franchise utilised this notion before the release of F9 last year. They hosted a Twitter Space, giving fans an opportunity to connect with the film’s director and cast, and ask questions, and it was well-received by the public.

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4. Discuss Relevant Industry Topics and Host Virtual Panels

The regular sharing of expertise and industry knowledge with followers is an excellent way to build authority and maintain relevance in your industry. In turn, this will boost both your brand awareness and reputation, further ensuring the retention of loyal customers who value your brand and offerings. Taking a leaf out of Cowrywise’s book, brands could host sessions in which business experts share their knowledge. Alternatively, another great use of Spaces is the introduction of underrepresented voices, or thought leaders who operate in a niche market, as this will engage your Twitter community and provide them with valuable insights.

For more tips on how to elevate brand engagement using Twitter Spaces, check out the Spaces for Brands playbook.