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How to benefit from Cross Channel Advertising

Httpool introduced its cross channel approach at Czech Internet Forum, one of the most important Czech conferences covering internet, media and advertisement.

The ninth annual Czech Internet Forum was held on October  the 23rd in Prague. It focused on the key trends influencing the Czech online ecosystem. The conference featured more than 40 speakers, including Httpool’s founder and CEO, Aljoša Jenko.

Aljoša suggested agencies and marketers to holisticly approach digital channels and devices. He believes that cross channel advertising introduces convenience and efficiency in a highly fragmented digital advertising landscape. As customers use multiple channels and devices along their journey to purchase, cross channel advertising enables channel synergies, impacts the whole journey to purchase and lowers cost per conversion.

“While innovation in ad technology is constantly introducing new opportunities it also increases complexity. Existing fragmentation of advertising tools, inventory sources and ad products demands simplification. We believe the next generation of advertising solutions will connect the broadest range of devices, inventory sources and ad products and it will fully support advertising professionals in executing their cross channel and cross device advertising campaigns,” explained Aljoša.

Since the current solutions already provide access to multiple channels and enable partial optimization the main focus shall be on transition from the linear to cross channel approach. In fact, successful cross channel advertising is based on technology, methodology and access to the broadest range of ad formats, targeting options and inventory types.

As a conslusion, adopting cross channel approach will increase overall efficiency of advertising campaigns. Moreover, leveraging advanced solutions will not only simplify campaign management but introduce significant time savings as well.

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