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How can brands win with Spotify advertising?

By Anna Gorka, Global Spotify Partner Director, Httpool


Audio ads have risen in popularity as one of the most popular kinds of digital advertising today. Audio ads are a crucial component of the audio revolution that has taken the world of advertising by storm. They are served to listeners through various distribution channels, including smart speakers, audio search, music streaming services, and traditional radio.

Music plays a much more significant role in our culture than most people realise.

In 2019 the global music streaming market was worth 20.9 billion USD and was projected to rise at a CAGR of 17.8% from 2020 to 2027. During the forecast period, the rising popularity of digital platforms and the increasing adoption rate of smart devices are expected to impact industry development positively. Users can listen to audio, podcasts and watch music videos on sites offering music streaming services. Furthermore, these services include music suggestions, automatic playlist customisation, and hassle-free accessibility on smartphones and browsers, both of which are expected to attract end-user interest during the forecast period.

Many platform providers also let you try out their premium subscriptions for free. Promotional deals such as free monthly trials and price reductions in subscription models have also driven market growth in emerging markets. Similarly, as more customers opt for paid subscriptions, the market for music streaming services is projected to rise.


  • 100% Share of Voice
  • Up to 30’’ UNSKIPPABLE ads
  • 365M monthly active users across 178 markets
  • 70M+ tracks, 4B+ playlists



First, try to think of which KPIs you need to choose the right format to accomplish your goals. Second, we always recommend running a multi-format campaign on Spotify to drive more robust performance, thus reaching better results in brand awareness or Ad recall.



Try to understand your audience, think of their routine, and choose the right targeting. Spotify users listen across devices — in fact, Spotify Free listeners stream on average 2.5 hours each day. And because they’re logged in with a single identity, you can reach them through multiple devices such as mobiles, desktops, tablets, cars, connected devices, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles.



As audio is one of the key formats, try to use the whole length of its 30 second time slot – it is UNSKIPPABLE! Don’t be shy; talk to your listeners and include a VERBAL CALL-TO-ACTION. In addition to the audio spot, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit, allowing you to extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination. So be creative! You also have the option to immerse your audience in 3D Audio and reach higher engagement.